Catamaran trips in Tenerife

Here you will find a selection of the most popular catamaran tours in Tenerife. The catamarans depart from the port of Puerto Colon. You can choose between a shared whale watching tour or renting a catamaran privately.

What is a catamaran?

Basically, a catamaran is a boat with two hulls. These two hulls are connected by a bridge deck. On Tenerife’s catamarans you will find seats and often lying places on the bridge deck.

In addition to their sails, the catamarans in Tenerife are equipped with a powerful engine. Depending on the weather, the sails are either used or not used.

For who is this the perfect choice?

The catamarans can take a considerable number of people on board. This means that tickets for the tours can be bought at low prices. Therefore, the catamaran tours are suitable for people who are looking for a nice cosy boat tour for little money.

Catamaran trips of Tenerife
Most popular catamaran tours of Tenerife