Flying Fish Tenerife

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Fra: 12,00 

Possibly from 10 to 65 years of age.
Minimum of 3 people per booking.
Fly fish activity takes 10 or 20 mins.
Valg af afgangstider.
Afgang fra: Puerto Colon.
24-timers gratis afbestillingsregler.
Wetsuit and life jacket included.
Aktivitet med garanti for den bedste pris.
Book by paying a deposit of 3€ p.p.

Costa Adeje aktivitet | Fremragende for adrenalinsøgere | Puerto Colón vandsport

Total price 12€ per person.

Total price 24€ per person.

Bestilling inden for 24 timer?

Kontakt os venligst først via: LiveChat eller WhatsApp: +34 604 105 055.


Flying fish vand aktivitet

This fun activity will give you the feeling of flying like a real fly fish in the air, jumping on the seawater.

Flying fish boat ride

The flyfish is inflatable and is pulled by a motorboat. Enjoy the water splashing in your face as you fly over the water with high speed and try to hold on!

Flyvende fisk vandsport

The flying fish water sport activity begins in the port of Puerto Colon, which is about a 26-minute walk from the Club Canary udflugtsbureau. The activity is possible from 10 years and older and can be experienced with three people at the same time.

Flyfish ride

We first travel by boat and then you can ride the flying fish, the total experience lasts about 10 minutes. Because it is a fairly short trip, many of our guests combine it with an another excursion in Puerto Colon.

Parasailing på Tenerife is definitely a must to combine on the same day with the Fly fish water ride.

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