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White Heaven Σκάφος Τενερίφη

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Temporary 30% discount included.
Boat length: 11 meters.
Ιδιωτική ξενάγηση αποκλειστικά για την ομάδα σας.
Επιλογή ωρών αναχώρησης κατά τη διάρκεια της ημέρας.
Αναχώρηση από: Costa Adeje, Puerto Colón.
4 ημέρες δωρεάν πολιτική ακύρωσης.
Μέγιστη χωρητικότητα έως 11 άτομα.
Snorkelling gear, drinks and lunch included.
Ιδιωτικό ταξίδι με σκάφος με εγγυημένη καλύτερη τιμή.
Κάντε κράτηση καταβάλλοντας μόνο μια προκαταβολή 80€.
Εκδρομή με σκάφος στο Puerto Colón | Καλή δραστηριότητα για να αποφύγετε τα πλήθη | Sunset boat trip edition availableΈνα υπέροχο δώρο για να δώσετε | Φιλικό προς το Instagram

Pay a deposit to reserve. The rest you pay on the yacht.

Κράτηση εντός 3 ημερών;

Contact us via: LiveChat or WhatsApp: +34 604 105 055.
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This is the amount you pay to reserve your place/date. The deposit, in this case, is a portion of the total amount to be paid and therefore will not be returned after the activity.


The remaining amount to be paid is noted as Arrival. You will pay this on the day of your booked experience upon check-in. This can be done in cash or via card unless your ticket states otherwise.

Your paid down payment, and the amount to be paid on arriving, will be listed on your E-ticket that you will receive after you place your order.

Charter the White heaven in Tenerife

The White Heaven is a beautiful boat located in Puerto Colon. The boat features gorgeous looking black sofas in the front. In the back of the White Heaven, you can sit very comfortably in the shade and socialize with your friends or family over a drink.

Private boat cruises aboard the White Heaven – top features

  1. The luxury yacht has 700 hp, which allows us to cruise very quickly to magnificent locations.
  2. When chartering White Heaven in Tenerife you will be served bites as well as drinks.
  3. Private boat trips on the White Heaven are guided by an experienced captain who will take care of his guests at all times. If you are a group of friends who want to have a boat party, or a family with children who want to have a fun and relaxing excursion, you will always be in good hands.

Hiring the White Heaven in Tenerife

The main reason why many people choose a private yacht charter on the White Heaven is because of the privacy. This is of course quite understandable, because you are exclusive with your private group and together you will experience unforgettable times on the ocean. White Heaven is ideal for families who want to discover Tenerife from the water and possibly stop somewhere to αναπνευστήρας.

Rent the yacht for a romantic getaway for 2

Club Canary rents out in 2022 the White Heaven on a weekly basis exclusively for couples. Because of the size of the boat and its elegant appearance it is a perfect boat for a romantic excursion for 2 in Tenerife.

Renting the boat for 5 hours or more is recommended

Note many couples choose a private trip with White Heaven of 5 hours or more, to have enough time to sail to the beautiful γκρεμοί του Los Gigantes.

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