Calima in Tenerife

You wake up and you feel the warm temperature but don’t see any clouds. You walk outside and you see layers of yellow or brown sand everywhere.. and the island called La Gomera, which you saw so clearly the day before, has disappeared. Chances are its Calima.

Calima is a type of storm that develops in the Sahara desert. And consists of warm and wet air and can lift the dust 5,000 meters above the Atlantic blanket, which covers hundreds of thousands of square kilometers of the eastern Atlantic Ocean with a thick cloud of Saharan sand, which reaches many times as far as the Caribbean.

Characteristics of the Calima is the hot air, oppressive dust and sand, and often poor visibility and lots of wind, in the area of the Canary Islands. Western Sahara is just 250km away from Tenerife so it is not surprising that sometimes the Sahara wind blows over. Calima can usually last several days. It is advisable to ask at your reception for updates or via the Club Canary live chat.

Important to know!
Many people do not respond well to the small sand particle and the most common problems are headaches, red eyes, sore throat and no energy. In any case, make sure you drink enough water and when you go outside, put on sunglasses and grease yourself well with sunblock. You may not see the sun but the UV rays are still sharp and many people burn during calima. Due to poor visibility and strong winds, it could happen that certain events are cancelled, public transport doesn’t leave or in the worst-case scenario, flights are cancelled.

What can you do during the calima?
Don’t let this ruin your wonderful holiday, there are still plenty of fun things to do. Some tips from us:

• Go relax in this beautiful spa:
• Visit one of our evening shows like
• Go on a bus trip and explore the island:
• Visit the wonderful zoo in the north of Tenerife:
• Challenge your friends in the indoor airsoft:

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  1. Thanks for your blog, very clearly written! And the next time we reach Calima Tenerife I know what we’re going to do 😉


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