Tenerife Carnaval 2020

Like every year, the Carnaval of Tenerife returns with its many parades, shows and of course, the Queen’s election. They really know how to throw a big fiesta here in Tenerife! You can’t miss out when visiting!

Pick out your costume and hit the streets with the locals! One thing is for sure, whether you are young or old, a party animal or not, you can’t escape the Carnival in Tenerife.

The Carnaval taking place in the capital of Tenerife dates back hundreds of years. It is the most anticipated date of the year. The warm weather on this island makes it the perfect place to celebrate Carnaval.

Read further to get to know about the dates of the Carnaval events and how to get there.

The Second most popular Carnaval in the world!
Every year, many people come together to Tenerife to party, dance and celebrate Carnaval like the locals.
The Carnaval that will be celebrated in the capital of Tenerife called “Santa Cruz” is the second most popular in the world, after Rio de Janeiro. It was however voted the “Carnival Capital of the World” beating Rio, Notting Hill and New Orleans.

The dates for the Carnaval
From February 19th until March 1st the streets of Santa Cruz will be full of parades and other fun things.

The first weeks are most likely dedicated to indoor activities and competitions where the Queen of the Carnaval will be elected. The last event will be the outdoor ones. The big Carnaval events will take place on February 22th and February 25th. If you want to see the whole agenda please click here.

The Main Carnaval Events
• February 21st, 2020 – The Opening Parade

The Cabalgata is the opening parade, starting from the Parque de la Granja, passing through Las Ramblas and ending at the Plaza de Europa.

• February 22th, 2020 – Carnival Saturday

During the event, there will be open-air concerts, ranging from mostly Latin music to other kinds of music the DJ’s will play. It is taking place at Plaza de España, Plaza de Príncipe and Plaza de Europa. It is an event that brings together the entertainers and dancers of the Santa Cruz Carnival.

• February 25th, 2020 – Grand Carnival Parade

This is the day that the capital of Tenerife will be transformed into a big fiesta. You can see the amazing large parade throughout the whole city. Enjoy people in costumes and taste local food from the food trucks. The dancers, attractions and music make this night an unforgettable experience that you should see at least once in your life.

• Wednesday, February 26th, 2020 – Burial of the Sardine

This is the first day of Lent and this day is for the event called Burial of the Sardine which officially closes the Carnival.

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  1. Hebben jullie er nooit aan gedacht een bus in te leggen op VRIJDAG 21 ? Dit is de openingsparade waar ALLE praalwagens langs komen > veel meer dan de zaterdag of de dinsdag !

  2. I booked the carnival transfer through you a couple of months ago, and it was great, thank you very much. I will come back to Tenerife to watch the carnival in Santa Cruz in 2021!


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