The Best Shopping Places in Tenerife

If you’ve thought about going on a little shopping spree during your stay in Tenerife, we’ve got you covered! Tenerife is a great place for shopping and we’ve listed some of the best places for that! Read further.

The North of Tenerife – Santa Cruz

Centro Comercial Meridiano
This shopping center is located in Santa Cruz, the capital of Tenerife. You can find more than 100 stores in this shopping center. It’s one of the most preferred places to go. Not only are there a lot of shops for every taste, but also many places for a food stop or a cinema for a nice afternoon movie. Some of the fast-food restaurants such as McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King are also located there on the outside.

El Corte Inglés
El Corte Inglés shopping center is located in Santa Cruz at the Tres de Mayo Avenue, right across the street from the big bus station, where you can find everything you need. There is a wide range of different kinds of shops such as electronic shops, but also beauty, fashion, and music. The shopping mall has 7 floors! On one of the floors, you’ll find a beautiful food area with many restaurants.

Santa Cruz City Center
Now that we’re in Santa Cruz anyway, why not visit the heart of the city? It is quite close to the shopping centers we’ve just mentioned but if preferred, you could take the tram from there. This massive square is filled with a lot of bars, cafes, and restaurants. It is a very lively and wonderful place to visit for a day out shopping. Soon enough you’ll recognize the “Plaza de España” with its nice lake in the middle. There is the Santa Cruz sign where people usually take pictures and it’s a lovely place to sit and enjoy the sun.

Photo Source: Diego Delso, License CC-BY-SA

The South of Tenerife

Siam Mall, Las Américas
Siam Mall is located in the South of Tenerife, near the water park “Siam Park”. This shopping mall is easily reachable by car and comes with a large parking lot. In addition to all the shops, the mall also hosts events every once in a while and there is as well a lovely playground for the children. There are also some restaurants on the top floor and cafes downstairs for a nice coffee break.

The Golden Mile, Las Américas
Located in one of the most touristic places of Tenerife, in the heart of Las Américas, you can find the shopping district called “The Golden Mile”. It is a street filled with a wide range of shops such as perfume shops, luxury brands, jewelry, and boutiques. There are many restaurants and bars and as well the Light and Music Fountain across the street from the Hard Rock Cafe. It is on every hour starting at 9 pm.

Plaza del Duque Shopping Center, Costa Adeje
This Shopping center located in Costa Adeje, the south of Tenerife stands for luxury and top quality and is also well known for the most individual attention. The shopping center has a wide range of shops such as fashion boutiques and accessories, jewelry and perfume shops. Downstairs you can find a nice cafe for a little coffee break and there are also some play areas for the children. On the upper floor, you can also find Club Canary’s office. Feel free to stop by our office for some sweet deals and amazing excursions! Ps: The first hour of parking is free under the shopping center.

Rosa Center, Playa Paraíso
This newly opened shopping center in Playa Paraíso has something for every taste with its shops, restaurants and leisure activities. The shopping center is home to 35 stores distributed over three floors. On the second floor, you can find many food places such as La Navaja restaurant, Burger King, Fratellos of Italian food and so on. Don’t forget to check out the game room on the upper floor!

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  1. Great shopping centers, always when I go to Tenerife I find something nice to buy! my favorites are Plaza del Duque and Siam mall


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