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Banana boat ride takes 10 or 20 mins.
Väljumisaegade valik.
Väljumine: Puerto Colon.
24-tunnine tasuta tühistamispoliitika.
Vesiülikond ja päästevest on hinna sees.
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Costa Adeje tegevus | Suurepärane adrenaliiniotsijatele | Puerto Colóni veesport | Fun water activity for large groups

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Banaanipaat Tenerife

A ride on the banana boat in Tenerife with friends or family is undoubtedly a enjoyable classical water sport activity.

What is a banana boat

The banana boat is an inflatable tube in the shape of a large banana. The banana boat is attached to a motorboat which pulls the inflatable tube forward.

Classic recreational water sports since 1971

There are several different designs of inflatable tube nowadays, but the banana boat is still by far the best known. This is probably because it is a popular classic water sport activity, which was invented in 1971 in California.

Tenerife banana boat ride

The banana boat ride is hugely popular mainly because it is a group activity. The banana boat in Tenerife can accommodate 12 people at a time per banana ride. This means that as a group you can laugh at the reactions of others and experience an action-packed banana boat activity together.

Banana water ride time

A ride on the banana in Tenerife on the ocean is a wild experience. There are many waves and the boat has a lot of power. Therefore, 10 minutes is often enough to have a great time on the sea. For those with a good fitness level, 20 minutes of banana water ride is also a wonderful experience.

Banana boat activity alternatives

For groups consisting of 3-5 people, the Tenerife Flying Fish is a very fun activity which is often a bit more rough. The banana boat experience is very short, therefore it is recommended to combine this with another activity that departs from the same port. Something you should definitely witness is a Vaalade vaatamise ekskursioon Tenerifel, other recommendations are: Tenerife jet ski ride as well as Parascending in Puerto Colon.

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