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Club Canary Team happy in the office
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Look at the awesome team of Club Canary – they are not just smart, they are superstars, chosen for their intelligence, imagination and love for what they do.

Living by the “Live Legendary” rule, they know how to have fun and create memories for life.

Rooted in the vibrant Canary Islands, especially Tenerife, our savvy team knows the local scene like the back of their hand. They’ll tell you all about the best spots in the islands. Don’t miss a thing – follow Club Canary on Instagram.

Team member Maria


Club Canary team on a boat trip
Team member Elliot



If you're not a fan of adaptable cancellation terms.

When superior service and engaging with locals isn't your ideal experience.

If you prefer your holidays to be less than spectacular.

Two of Club Canary Team members having fun in the office
Club Canary Team Member Dora


The vibrant and close-knit team, riding quad in natural surroundings. Each member is smiling and enthusiastic, sharing laughter and memorable moments.
Club Canary Team member Sara


Team members Dora and Maria in front of Plaza del Duque
Club Canary Agent Hanniel


"You only live once, so
Live Legendary"

The smiling and cheerful team, posing with their quads in the middle of nature, with a well-stocked picnic basket in the foreground.
Team member Dulce


Team member Kori with a glass of cava

Meet Club Canary, a top-dog tour company serving up the best experiences in the Canary Islands. We’re all about five-star service, fancy boat trips, custom tours, and epic company adventures.

We love it when you connect with new buddies, venture into the wild, brave your fears, and create memories that’ll never fade. Life’s a one-time ride – so make it legendary with us.

Club Canary Agent Dora
Team member Kori


Team member enjoying yacht tour
Team member Vito


Team members of Club Canary
Roy in a black suit


Club Canary Team members in the office looking at the screen of an iMac