Tours you can do when staying in Puerto de la Cruz
Tours departing from Puerto de la Cruz

Activities departing from Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz is a beautiful place in Tenerife to spend your holidays. There are a number of excursions from Puerto de la Cruz, information about these trips can be found on this page.

Most of Tenerife’s water sport activities and boat trips are not arranged from Puerto de la Cruz. If you are interested in these activities we recommend you to travel to the south of Tenerife.

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  • Loro Parque bus

    Bus to Loro Parque

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  • Freebird gliding on the sea towards huge rocks in Puerto de la Cruz

    Freebird Puerto de la Cruz

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  • Rented BMW X6 1 grey color front part in Tenerife

    BMW X6 Tenerife

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  • Audi Q8 in black color rented in Tenerife

    Audi Tenerife

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  • Masserati Levante Luxury SUV in black color Tenerife area

    Maserati Tenerife

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  • Tenerife Carnival 2024

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  • Tamaran Jeep to La Gomera

    Jeep Safari Tenerife

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  • Kissing photoshoot at the beach

    Photoshoot in Tenerife

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  • Siam Park VIP Tickets

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  • Bus tour to see Masca and Teide

    Teide Masca Tour Tenerife

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