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Looks like you’re a person with a compulsive desire for excitement and adrenaline. You never skip the chance to enjoy this life to the fullest! New emotions and risks are an indispensable part of your adventure. Tenerife is the best place to try new activities and challenge yourself to Live Legendary!

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Top water sports excursions

The best and most unforgettable experience in the Canary Islands

From 125€
85 Verified Reviews - 4.86

Jet Ski Tenerife

Jet skiing is one of the most popular activities in the Canary Islands as it is a mix of exploring the island with adrenaline action.

Jet ski speed 60 km

The newest jet ski brand Sea Doo GT 130 allows enjoying speed and adrenaline to the fullest. During the 2-hour trip, you will have enough time to explore the beaches, amazing bays and cliffs. The main destination is Las Galletas harbour, where you can give freedom to your emotions and go 60 km speed.

From 50€
45 Verified Reviews - 4.52

Wakeboarding Tenerife

Wakeboarding and water skiing are top activities for adrenaline junkie travelers. While wakeboarding you can enjoy not only the fun on the board but also explore the coastal views of Tenerife. 

Water ski Tenerife

Due to constant summer, the Canary Islands are perfect for water sports due to the warm water temperature and sunny weather. You have a unique opportunity to choose water skiing or wakeboarding and enjoy the most preferred activity.

You're not alone...

We're also adrenaline junkies!

Our Club Canary team also has a compulsive desire for excitement and bright emotions! We love trying all activities to choose the best ones and make sure that you can explore Tenerife from the best perspective.

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"I have a passion to water sports my whole life, that is why my big recommendation is jet ski. I really enjoyed the process of jet ski speed, ocean waves and freedom."

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"This summer I tried paragliding and I loved it! I enjoyed the best view of Tenerife from an aerial view. The whole excursion is full of adrenaline and  unforgettable emotions."

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"The best things that I have tried in the Canary Islands is buggy safari. During off-road safari you are full of adrenaline and feel like in a movie. Highly recommend to try with friends or your couple."


Top Excursions

From 90 €
46 Verified Reviews - 4.86

Tenerife Quad Tour

Forestal quad excursion is the best choice for adventure seekers. The excursion will be in the forestal crown of National Park el Teide. The tour includes 35 km off-road and three stops. In total, you will enjoy the 4 hours of adrenaline tour.

Tenerife Forest Quad

The tour includes a ride up 1800 meters from Chío to Mount Teide, then enter the forested crown of El Teide National Park and return via Santiago del Teide. The guide will make a stop to take the most unforgettable pictures of your team and visit a rustic restaurant to enjoy national tapas. 

From 145€
56 Verified Reviews - 4.84

Buggy off-road 

Awesome dune buggy tour is a great adventure both on and off-road in Tenerife. The model CF Moto buggy is well maintained for 3 hour trip.

Tenerife Buggy ride

The ride consists of an adrenaline off-road experience and a fun on-road safari, where you will discover the south part of Tenerife from another perfective. The off-road part of this excursion is the longest ride in Tenerife. It is done in an area full of hills, dunes, and lots of sand. Unforgettable emotions are guaranteed!

From 89€
97 Verified Reviews - 4.85

Paragliding Flight

Paragliding is one of the must-do activities in Tenerife. During the excursion, you will fly above the volcanic island and admire the extraordinary beauty around you.

Certified paragliding instructors 

You can choose an altitude from 800 to 2250 meters based on your preferences and adrenaline level. You will be instructed by the top experienced instructor with an official certificate from FELA and FAE.


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