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Exercise well to enjoy your life in Tenerife to the fullest

Life in Tenerife is great, but if you don’t exercise regularly, the temptations of cozy food and drinking spots everywhere might degrade your health very quickly. And presumably because of the very relaxed lifestyle, the Canary Islands have the highest level of obesity prevalence in Spain. Exercising is very important for our well-being and it is well-recommended for everyone. Even a 10-minute walk a day will make a difference. There is a great selection of workout equipment currently available for anyone that wants to improve their physical condition and strength. 

Start making a house gym

Nowadays, having a home gym is very popular and there are a lot of fitness communities where people share pictures and information about sports equipment and their garage gym. Training from home will allow you to work out without distractions but will also save your money in the long term. There are more awesome reasons why working out at home is great – just take a look here!

Start ordering gym equipment for your home in Tenerife

Most sporting equipment suppliers don’t ship to Tenerife. Even if they do, you normally have to wait quite long before the sporting goods finally arrive at your house. The next problem is the high shipping and import taxes that will be added extra to your order amount. This is all in the past now – ordering training equipment is these days is way more convenient because Club Canary partnered up with the official supplier of the sports brands “Compex”, “Azafit” and “Fittech”. This means that we can offer you a wide selection of weights, gym stations, muscle recovery, and cardio equipment. 

Delivery and installation at home

Order fitness material and benefit from delivery, installation, warranty, and local support not only in Tenerife but all over the Canary Islands. Stop looking for excuses and start improving your life! In the link below you can find the catalog.

Fitness equipment for sale in Tenerife

Things to do in Tenerife

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  1. I’ m living in Tenerife and I’ve been thinking about making a home gym for a while now because it has so many benefits. I’m glad you’re offering this as I’ve heard a lot of good things about Club Canary. I will definitely be in touch with you after the lockdown!

  2. Yeah, I had my own home gym in Hungary. Now I live in Tenerife. I’m definitely gonna consider buying fitness equipment for home. Working out at the house has so many benefits!


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