How to explore Tenerife?

Explore Tenerife
Tenerife is the largest of the seven Canary Islands and this holiday destination has many wonderful places to discover. Beautiful black sand beaches, stunning valleys, breathtaking stargazing spots, the peaceful Mercedes forest, and charming Canarian villages are just some of the highlights of Tenerife. All these wonderful locations make it the perfect combination for an adventurous road trip throughout Tenerife. In this blog post, we will share information and tips about all kinds of transportation in Tenerife.

Tenerife by bicycle
Rent your own bike in Tenerife and cycle along the coastline while exploring places like Costa Adeje, Las Americas, and Los Cristianos is a wonderful Tenerife activity because of the splendid views of the southern Tenerife beaches and happy tourists all around you. However, unless you are a professional cyclist, we don’t recommend cycling much further from the main tourist areas. This is due to the fact that there are not a lot of sidewalks for cycling and it can be very risky for people who are not familiar with the areas. For the expert cyclists, Tenerife has a number of challenging cycling routes which you can find here.

Tenerife by bus
A nice way to explore Tenerife is by bus and it is also relatively cheap. The name of the bus company is Titsa and in most cases, you can easily find a bus stop near your accommodation in Tenerife. There are also a few disadvantages when you travel by bus in Tenerife such as the buses being often late, there might be no available seats during rush hours and in some cases, the coach can be full and not accept new travelers. If you want to visit El Teide, Santa Cruz or Puerto de la Cruz, we recommend you to book a Tenerife bus transfer here. In terms of the total price, it doesn’t make much difference from public transport but it will save you a lot of trouble and waiting time.

Tenerife by taxi
You can find a taxi in Tenerife almost everywhere and they are easy to spot. You can see the available white taxis driving around with a green light on top of the car or encounter them at taxi stations. Taxi fares in Tenerife may vary during special events or times. To avoid surprises, it is recommended that you ask for an estimated price before getting in the cab. If you want to arrange a taxi beforehand, you can request it at your hotel desk but you can also easily arrange it yourself over the phone. They normally speak both Spanish and English. The cab prices and the South Tenerife taxi phone number can be found here.

Tenerife by car
Exploring Tenerife by car is perfect for people who want to discover the Canary Islands in the most flexible way. Renting a car is a safe option if you’re a self-insured car driver. That is because when driving in Tenerife, you will definitely experience the following – long search for parking spaces, stressful traffic situations, people with little patience, and narrow two-lane mountain roads in Masca. If you want to hire a car for a longer period, it is best to rent a car at Tenerife South airport. If you only need to rent a car for 1 day in Tenerife or a short period, then you can easily do so at the Club Canary office in Costa Adeje. All you need is your driving license and you’re ready to explore the island!

Tenerife excursions
What to see in Tenerife? This is a question you don’t have to ask during one of these island excursions. The local guides will share their knowledge and love for the island with you and make your day unforgettable. If you want to find out more about Tenerife’s history as you drive around the volcanic island, then a bus trip is a great option. Another popular way to explore Tenerife is with a quad, buggy tour. Or discover the island from the air, and choose a Tenerife paragliding or helicopter tour?

No matter how you travel, the journey will be wonderful and we hope we were able to answer some of your questions. If you have any tips or want to share the must-sees in Tenerife with other travelers, please leave a comment.

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  1. I can’t wait to explore Tenerife my husband and I are going to the island in October! I think we’re gonna do as much walking as possible. And maybe a nice Tenerife island tour and definitely a boat trip during the holidays.

  2. Beautifully written, we rented a car through you and explored the island. Thank you very much Roy for the beautiful route you advised us to take. But maybe you can write a blog on your website about a nice road trip route?

  3. Wij komen naar Tenerife en lezen dat we via jullie een auto kunnen huren voor enkele dagen en dat deze aan het hotel ( riu buena Vista) word afgezet en opgehaald.
    Kan u ons zeggen wat de prijs is voor 4 dagen aub of 2×2 dagen (we zijn 11 dagen in het hotel) all risk verzekering inbegrepen, en hoe we een reservatie kunnen maken?

    Met beleefde groeten
    Tony houtmeyers

    • Hallo Tony, bedankt voor je bericht over het huren van een auto in Tenerife. Ik heb je een e-mail gestuurd met alle details, hopelijk tot binnenkort in Tenerife!



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