Los Silos

Where is Los Silos located?

Los Silos is a small town in Tenerife, located in the northwest of Tenerife near Garachico. It is a must-see if you are looking for local towns in Tenerife without many tourists. The village is surrounded by beautiful mountains, vineyards and banana plantations.

What to do in Los Silos?

With its beautiful Canarian architecture, church and town hall, it’s an absolute pleasure wandering around the streets of this historic place. Another thing worth checking out is the 30ft whale skeleton monument, located at the coastline of Los Silos. The monument was placed there to create awareness for the environment.

Boreal Festival

It’s safe to say that the small village has a really nice atmosphere which is why many festivals are regularly held in the town square. The most famous festival in Los Silos is Boreal. Boreal is a festival in Tenerife dedicated to the environment. You can find there several art and literature activities, documentary cinema and exhibitions, recycling workshops, concerts, ecotourism fair, street markets, and much more! It is definitely a great festival in Tenerife to visit and it’s completely free. The festival takes place in the second half of September every year. If you want to know more about this, check out the boreal festival website

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  1. Beautiful place in Tenerife! I like to come to Los Silos for a nice walk along the coast line!

  2. We hebben Los Silos gevonden dankzij de club auto routes in Tenerife artikel. We waren erg blij met deze tip we hebben genoten van de kust en de prachtige natuur zwembaden van Los Silos die we daar gevonden hebben, we hebben een geweldige familiedag beleefd, bedankt!

  3. I have learned some truly interesting information about Los Silos, and I must say, it sounds like a hidden gem in Tenerife. The fact that it is a small town without too many tourists makes it all the more appealing, as I would love to experience the authentic charm of a local Canarian village.

    The description of Los Silos’ surroundings with beautiful mountains, vineyards, and banana plantations conjures up an idyllic image, and I can already imagine myself strolling through the streets, admiring the Canarian architecture, the church, and the town hall.

    I have never been to Los Silos or experienced the Boreal festival before, but after reading this article, I’m definitely going to make a trip there. Thank you Club Canary for sharing.

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