Discover the Best Things to Do in Puerto de la Cruz: Your Ultimate Guide

Spending vacations in Tenerife in Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz is a beautiful place in the north of Tenerife and was a very popular tourist holiday destination before the horrendous plane disaster in 1977. Nowadays most tourists visiting Tenerife stay in Costa Adeje, Las Americas or Los Cristianos since they’re located closer to the airport. However, as the nature in Puerto de la Cruz is greener, the temperature is usually a bit colder than in the south of Tenerife. Many people still choose Puerto de la Cruz as their holiday destination in Tenerife.

Things you can do in Puerto de la Cruz

If you are staying in Puerto de la Cruz or want to visit for a day there is plenty to do! Keep reading to find the best things to do in Puerto de la Cruz and learn about the nightlife, beaches and awesome events taking place there.

Activities in Puerto de la Cruz

You can find advertisements all around Tenerife with directions to the world-class zoo called Loro Parque, located in Puerto de la Cruz. This enormous zoo is known for its beautiful architecture and entertaining shows. Find information and tickets about the Loro Parque zoo here. If you would like to visit some of Tenerife’s must-sees such as Garachico and Masca.  There’s a great evening show in Tenerife called the Medieval show that does pickups in Puerto de la Cruz as well. Tickets for the Tenerife knight show can be easily ordered through Club Canary.

Bus tours from Puerto de la Cruz

A fun thing to do in Puerto de la Cruz is to take a bus tour and explore Tenerife. All Club Canary bus tours are taking place with a comfortable bus and can be organised in different languages. A nice trip would be to take the bus to Mount Teide from Puerto de la Cruz but another very popular choice is the Teide – Masca tour where you get to discover most of Tenerife’s highlights in one go. If you want to discover the wonderful nature in the north of Tenerife and the beautiful culture of La Laguna you should definitely consider Tenerife sightseeing bus trip. If you want to visit one of the best shopping malls in Tenerife, you can very easily arrange a transfer to Santa Cruz from Puerto de la Cruz.

Places to visit in Puerto de la Cruz

A great place to visit in Puerto de la Cruz is the old town where you will find Plaza del Charco. There’s a lot to do during the day and in the evening as well. Not far from Plaza del Charco, you can find Jardín botánico which is one of the most famous botanical gardens in Tenerife and is certainly enjoyable. Another great thing to do in Puerto de la Cruz is to visit the beautiful bathing place called Lago Martianez which is undoubtedly the most famous lagoon in Tenerife. Although it is not near the beach, you can still sunbathe, swim and have something to eat and drink.

Puerto de la Cruz beaches

The main beach of Puerto de la Cruz is called Playa Jardin which is a nice black sand beach. A bit further away from the centre of Puerto de la Cruz, you can find other beautiful beaches such as Playa de el Bollullo and Playa Los Patos. If you have a car, make sure to also visit one of the natural swimming pools in Tenerife for a day.

Puerto de la Cruz nightlife

In addition to all the fun things to do and see on the island, Tenerife is also a great place for partying. Although most of Tenerife’s nightlife takes place in the south of Tenerife, Blanco bar in Puerto de la Cruz is definitely the place to be for a nice drink and some dancing in the north of Tenerife. Besides this, you can find many pubs and bars near Plaza del Charco.

Puerto de la Cruz events

Carnival is celebrated big in Tenerife. If you happen to be in Puerto de la Cruz at the end of February, you get to experience the carnival opening parade in Tenerife which will turn into a big carnival party in Puerto de la Cruz afterwards. Every year at the end of August, Puerto de la Cruz also hosts Oktoberfest in Tenerife. During the beer festival in Puerto de la Cruz, you get to enjoy many performances, some tasty food and a big choice of beer.