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Tenerife medieval shows

The best action-packed medieval shows

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Popular knight show in Tenerife

Tenerife’s one and only knight show is held at the Castle of San Miguel. This evening show in Tenerife draws large crowds every week.

A must do night out in Tenerife

1) People can admire the castle on arrival, and have their picture taken with the costumed actors.
2) The audience is divided into teams, and each team is given knights who will do competitions for them. This also makes the audience very involved in the show.
3) During the show there is a lot of humor, there is a story line, and there are small performances in between.
4) There is a wonderful display of horse techniques demonstrated, and the audience is provided with food and drink.

Medieval castle on Tenerife

As the name suggests, the castle is located in San Miguel. And this is a replica castle built for events and not an authentic knight’s castle

Evening show with role play

It may not be a real medieval castle, but you can’t tell by the staff. The servants are dressed as well as possible and inside the castle you will find a round table, and even the king and queen’s crown room. The dressed-up royal couple themselves attend every medieval spectacle in Tenerife from their special VIP seats.

Medieval souvenirs

The entire castle of San Miguel is decorated with medieval objects. In addition, you can also find a nice souvenir store. In this store you can buy mementos of your knight show in Tenerife including for example toy swords.

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Gladiator battles in Tenerife

During this show you can enjoy a mix-grill while admiring the gladiators’ battles. At the show you will see special horse skills, and weapons from the time of the gladiators.

Spectacular Tenerife South evening program

Enjoy the performance and the adrenaline as you watch the knights fight for your entertainment on horses in fire and more. These well-trained actors will give you the thrill and natural feeling of watching an authentic gladiator show in Tenerife. Don’t miss it!

Hípica Xanadú evening shows

The evening show of Gladiator takes place in Hípica Xanadú this is an equestrian center with a restaurant attached. The restaurant is located around the arena like a big grandstand. Centro Hípico Xanadú is known for its good food and great location.

Horse Ranch Xanadu

During the day it is a family friendly equestrian center, but at dinner time it turns into an evening show arena hosted by Gladiators. Enjoy dinner overlooking the arena and have a great time with your family and friends.

Tenerife comedy shows

Humor, song and costumes


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What is a drag show?

A drag show is a form of entertainment that involves a number of performances by drag artists. These artists perform with glittery and colorful costumes and makeup, often imitating well-known personalities and singers of the opposite sex.

Drag performances

Drag performances include singing, dancing, comedy and much more. They are engaging, full of energy, rich with laughs and fun is guaranteed!

MHT Tenerife location

Previously, the drag show was located in the heart of Playa de Las Americas, but the organization has decided to move the show to a new location. In 2022, Tenerife’s drag show can be admired in a show location along Las Americas go-kart track.

Popular night show

The very famous drag show of MHT in Tenerife needs no introduction. It has been known for years as a great drag show for young and old, and will undoubtedly be a successful night out in Tenerife.

Exciting events to fill your nights in Tenerife

Flamenco shows

The finest Tenerife dance performances

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Dance show in the San Miguel castle

The organization of the famous knight show in Tenerife has also started its own Flamenco show in 2022. The castle owner has provided his private club called the Coliseo nightclub especially for this purpose.

Flamenco evening entertainment in southern Tenerife

The name of the Flamenco show is “Tablao Flamenco show”. They have a wonderful group of Flamenco dancers from the north of Tenerife. During the show you can admire beautiful costumes, and great dance skills and music.

New dance show in Tenerife

Flamenco show Tablao is a great show, only the level of performance is a little lower than A Compás Flamenco Show. That might be because they just opened, but they make up for it with their very attractive ticket prices.

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Best rated flamenco show of Tenerife

The Compás flamenco show is undoubtedly the most famous flamenco show in Tenerife. Previously it was known as the Carmen Mota which at the time took place along the Hard Rock café in Pirámide de Arona.

New venue in summer 2022

A Compás Flamenco began 2022 by hosting their evening show at Green Eleven Eventos in Golf Del Sur. But since the end of June 2022 they have changed location to the ViVO show bar in the heart of Playa de Las Americas.

Fran Chafino top Spanish Flamenco dancer

The show will be held in style and as always led by top Flamenco dancer Fran Chafino. Fran Chafino and his dancers will convey their passion for Flamenco dance to their audience in an extraordinary way.

What is Flamenco dance?

Flamenco is considered a form of cultural heritage. Flamenco, an art form based on the various folkloric music traditions of southern Spain, is the richest form for learning about and understanding Spanish culture and music.

Visit a flamenco show during your vacation

Flamenco shows in southern Tenerife are one of the best ways to start your vacation. Flamenco is a traditional dance and song accompanied by dance moves. Famous for its emotional transmission and spectacular theatrical. Dress up and enjoy a wonderful Tenerife evening entertainment program, and be inspired by the culture.

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Tenerife dinner shows

Las Vegas style shows

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Rat Pack dinner show Tenerife

The Whack Pack full live show is a new show in Las Americas, Tenerife. The singers and the band bring the comedy and songs of The Rat Pack as a tribute to them.

Evening shows in Tenerife

This show starts in the evening. To begin, you will enjoy a delicious dinner. There is a red carpet arrival to meet the singers. During the show, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. will perform classic songs.

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Who is Frankie Mack?

Frankie Mack is a singer showman whose main musical style is swing. This is a Vegas style show based in Tenerife south. He also performs other music styles, such as rock ‘n’ roll and pop hits. Frankie Mack is accompanied by a band, therefore it is a full live show.

Dinner show Tenerife

This show in Tenerife includes a 3 course delicious dinner. The doors open at 19:00h. and the dinner will be served at 19:45h. After this meal, the show will start at 20:00h.

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Tenerife evening entertainment guide

If you are looking for entertaiment in Tenerife then you have come to the right place at Club Canary. On this page you will find the top evening entertainment on the island. In addition, you can find some of the best upcoming events in Tenerife.Tickets for Tenerife evening shows or events can be easily ordered through our website. If you prefer to do this in person, you can visit the Club Canary office in Costa Adeje every day between 09:00 and 22:00. 

Live music in Tenerife

In the south of Tenerife you will find live music in several places. As you walk along the boulevard, you will come across different street musicians, and people performing in the restaurants and bars. Some places where you can expect nice live music performances are the Dubliner and the Hardrock cafe.

Things to do in Costa Adeje at night

There are tremendous things to do around Costa Adeje in the evening. For example, you can find in Costa Adeje the Aqua spa and the cinema Xsur. But for the tourists a nice walk in for example the street “Golden mile” near Costa Adeje is a nice activity to do in the evening.

What’s on in Tenerife

There is always a lot of things on in the south of Tenerife. If you are looking for special events like Carnival parties or things to do at Christmas, Club Canary has some great recommendations for you. On our separate page about Tenerife events, you will find the best parties and activities that are going on.

Club Canary offers the widest selection of activities in Tenerife. Make sure you don’t miss out by checking out our entire select range.

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