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Looks like you’re searching for something unique during traveling to Tenerife!  You prefer exclusivity, and privacy, while comfort and quality are your main priorities. Tenerife is the perfect island to experience high-quality service and a large variety of activities. 

Luxury yachts

The best and most comfortable yachts in the Canary Islands

From 549€
29 Verified Reviews - 5.00

Exclusive Private Charter Tenerife

An Antares 42 is the most exclusive private charter available in Tenerife. This motor yacht is 13.5 meters long with a capacity for 10 people, which makes it very comfortable.

Private trip on the south coastline

The elegance of interior design, the highest service level, and the fully equipped boat will guarantee a legendary experience with maximum comfort Food and drinks are included.

From 2190€

The most luxurious yacht in the Canary Islands

The model of the yacht is Superphantom Italversil 80, one of the largest luxury yachts in the Canary Islands (nearly 24.4 meters). The boat’s capacity is up to 10 people to allow each person to enjoy comfort and exclusivity.

Luxury Charter Paladio

Paladio has 6 luxury yacht charter packages for each occasion and celebration. Each food preference will be satisfied with a VIP experience, the highest product quality, and top service.

Private excursions

From 255 €
19 Verified Reviews - 4.82

Private Stargazing

Mountain Teide is one of the most popular places in the world to see the Milky Way and stars. Due to the fact, that this is the highest point in Spain, you have a unique opportunity to see 83 constellations out of 88 existing.

Tenerife Stars watching

During the VIP excursion, you will be picked up from your hotel in Tenerife South and transported to the location. On the excursion are included a dinner with Canarias tapas menu, champagne&wine. After the sunset, the guide will explain everything about stars and constellations. The tour lasts 4 hours minimum with a guarantee for the best emotions.

From 98€
57 Verified Reviews - 4.90

Helicopters Tenerife

The helicopter model is Jet Ranger Bell 206. Inside can fit 4 passengers on comfortable seats with a seat close or next to the window.

Tenerife helicopter rides

There are 5 different routes, which range from 20-120 km and cover different destinations in Tenerife. During the flight, each passenger will enjoy the breathtaking 360 ° Tenerife panorama view.
Moreover, there is a chance to book a private flight to another Canary Islands.

From 849€
13 Verified Reviews - 5.00

VIP Quad tour Tenerife

A private quad tour is a perfect choice for a group of friends, partners, or family, who would like to explore the island most funnily. The instructor will pick up your group from the hotel in Tenerife South and drop you off after the excursion.

Quad tour to El Teide 

The duration of the tour is 3-4 hours. The private tour gives you the availability to choose the route with a combination of traditional on-road and adrenaline off-road tracks.
At the sightseeing locations, you will have a chance to make a stop and take amazing shots of your group.


Water Sports Activities

From 439€
14 Verified Reviews - 5.00

VIP jet ski tour

A private jet ski tour gives you the ability to explore the south part of Tenerife in a group of your friends or family only. This is the perfect chance to have a lot of fun and feel the adrenaline of a new adventure. During the whole duration of the tour, the guide will be around to ensure the trip‘s safety.

2 hours private jet ski

The highest and newest jet ski models will be provided for a private group. At the specific areas, you will be allowed to drive for more than 60 km across the Atlantic ocean. The most recommended is a 2 hours safari, which is the perfect duration to explore the harbor of Las Galletas, the rocks around it, and the stunning southern coastline.

From 429€
11 Verified Reviews - 4.82

Tenerife Fishing Charters

The No Limits team is one of the most qualified on the island with fully equipped fishing boats. Whether you are a professional fisherman or an enthusiastic beginner, the team will guide you through the process.

Rent Fishing boat

The marine life of the Atlantic Ocean is very diverse, so there is a high chance of catching interesting species. Cooking fish is also possible depending on the time left.
Lunch and drinks are included