The 6 most amazing natural swimming pools of Tenerife – 2021!

The nice warm weather in Tenerife makes it ideal to go visit the natural swimming pools and take a refreshing swim! We’ve listed some of the best natural swimming pools in Tenerife for you.

El Caleton (Garachico – North)
“El Caleton” is one of the best places to go when you want to visit a natural swimming place. It is located in the North of Tenerife, in the municipality of ‘’Garachico’’ with several natural pools and puddles where you can take a swim, formed along the lovely coast which is created by lava cooling off ages ago. The place is very popular among tourists. Nearby the pools, you’ll have the option to go for a cooling drink. It’s very suitable for children, just keep in mind to not enter the waters when it’s wild, this could be dangerous!

Charco del Tancón (Santiago del Teide)
This cave will absolutely amaze you. We recently wrote a post about it which you can find on our Facebook page. You can find the cave in “Puerto Santiago” – a coastal town in the municipality of Santiago del Teide. It’s quite easy to reach by car but there are also a few public buses going to Puerto Santiago. Once arriving, you’ll just need to walk to the La Pergola Restaurant, then head to the seafront. As you’re facing the sea, follow the road to the right until reaching the children’s park and then you have to walk down the rocks until finding the cave. This natural wonder will surely stay in your memories so don’t forget to visit when you’re in Tenerife!

Photo Source: Marcos Herrera

Charco de Los Chochos (Los Silos)
An amazing swimming pool that can be found in the municipality of ‘’Los Silos’’. Enjoy the beautiful coastline created by volcanic eruptions and take a bath in one of the pools. It is an absolute pleasure and the environment is lovely too! From this pool, you’re able to see the impressive view of the Cliffs of La Culata and on clear days all the way to the El Teide.

Charco de la Laja (San Juan de la Rambla –Northwest)
Charco La Laja is a breathtaking wonder of nature by San Juan de la Rambla on the Tenerife Northwest coast. It’s easily accessible by car and once you’ve arrived you just need to follow the stone stairs and you’re there. It’s recommended to bring food and drinks because there is no place nearby to get it from.

El Pris Piscina Natural (El Pris, Tacoronte, North)
This pool is considered one of the most beautiful and best equipped on the island! The pool is located on the rugged coast of the fishing village called ‘’El Pris’’. It’s easily accessible since there is a bus stop nearby, but you could also just go by car. Enjoy the beautiful sunsets with El Teide in the background. It is the perfect pool to visit with the whole family. The seawater raft is designed so that both older and younger children can enjoy the sea without the danger of the waves. Along the coast of the town, you can find several bars and restaurants where you can enjoy some lovely fresh fish after.

Piscinas Naturales de Mesa del Mar (Tacoronte –North)
This is the perfect place to watch the sunset while you take a nice dip in the seawater. Located on the coast of Tacoronte, these natural swimming pools are mainly popular among the locals. This small town has two pools, one of which is only filled in summer, while the other is used all year round. It’s quite easy to access and even has a place to park your car.

Have you ever visited one of these natural pools before? We would love to hear about your experiences or if you’ve got any photos to share!

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  1. We heard about the Tenerife cave pool in Puerto Santiago through your blog. We went there on a quiet sunny day. We stayed there for about an hour and a half, swam a bit and made some nice pictures. The water was very calm in Tenerife on this day, I can imagine when the water is restless it can be dangerous to go there. But we had fun, hopefully you can share more beautiful places in Tenerife with us in the future.

  2. The natural swimming pools in Tenerife are really a miracle! I can’t wait to explore them together with my partner!

  3. De natuurzwembaden in Tenerife zijn prachtig! Het is jammer dat niet iedereen op de hoogte is van het bestaan ervan.


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