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Bloggers & Influencers: Shine in the Canaries! 📸

Club Canary Partnerships Across the Canary Islands

Join Club Canary’s expanding network. As we grow in Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, and Lanzarote, we’re seeking dynamic partners, from influencers to journalists and bloggers. Let’s explore how we can elevate our mutual goals.

Bloggers: Dive into Canary Delights 

Love blogging? Ready to share the Canary Islands’ magic? Partner with Club Canary for special experiences or local tips. All we ask is a shoutout or link on your blog. Great deals may await depending on your reach!

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Instagram Influencers: Frame the Island’s Essence

We value quality over quantity. If you have more than 700k followers and resonate with a niche that aligns with our audience, we’re excited to collaborate. However, if you’re a smaller but influential profile, especially niched towards the Canary Islands or travel, don’t hesitate to reach out. We have a specially curated guide for influencers, detailing our offerings based on engagement, reach, and more.

Influencers in Tenerife

Are you coming to Tenerife on holiday, and you are good at taking photos and making videos? If so, Club Canary can offer you different excursion packages targeted specifically to social influencers. In exchange, you will only have to share the photos and videos you made during the activities. Contact us with your social media profile and activities you would like to do.

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Excursion & Tour Providers: Let’s Co-Create Experiences

Do you offer a captivating experience in the Canary Islands? Interested in Club Canary listing and endorsing your service? We’re always on the lookout for innovative and engaging offerings to enhance our portfolio. However, collaboration isn’t guaranteed. Our primary considerations include brand alignment and ensuring no disruption to our esteemed partners. Verified legality is a must for a successful partnership.

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Affiliate Partnerships: Selective and Strategic

Club Canary stands as the leading tour company in the Canary Islands, celebrated for our superior offerings, unmatched prices, and a sterling reputation. Our significant investments in advertising—spanning online platforms, social media, events, local magazines, and billboards—underpin our visibility and reach. Given this backdrop, we’re discerning in choosing our affiliates. We seek partners who can tap into fresh audiences and guarantee substantial volume. As a benchmark, we expect potential affiliates to drive at least 15k in annual sales. Anything below this doesn’t align with our operational efficiency goals. Those who rise to our standards receive our utmost attention and unmatched support.

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Press & Media Collaborations: Share the Canary Stories

Journalists, media outlets, or even local storytellers, if you’re covering the Canary Islands, we’re here to provide insights, information, and maybe even an experience. Let’s craft compelling stories together.

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