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No License? No Problem! A Captain is Included!

Boat Rental

⚓ Picking a private boat trip in Lanzarote is a breeze with our 6 clear options! Discover the right one for fun, parties, or chill times. Want to sleep onboard? Check below! We promise the best prices & cool cancellation terms. Quick help? Chat or call us!

Just Pick and Go! 6 Best Boats Await!
🚀 Booking Made Fun! Ready in <5 Mins! 🚀
🎖️ Most Loved
👥 Up to 12 people.
📍 Departs: Playa Blanca.

Lanzarote Private Boat Trips: F40 Catamaran Adventure

Sail Lanzarote’s stunning waters with the F40 catamaran, blending speed and luxury for up to 12 guests. Explore top spots like Playa Quemada and Playas de Papagayo. With expert sailor David Vera leading the way, you’re set for a memorable trip. Dive into Lanzarote’s best with Club Canary.

🔥 Be The Captain
👥 Up to 5 people.
📍 Departs: Playa Blanca.

Day Boat Hire Lanzarote: Freedom on the Waves

Navigate Lanzarote’s pristine coastline with a self-drive boat! No need for a license, just hop on and sail to beautiful spots like the Papagayo beaches. Sunbathe, play music, and enjoy a day of freedom. A unique, fun-filled boat trip awaits with Club Canary.

🎉 Party Time
👥 Up to 46 people.
📍 Departs: Puerto Calero.

Party Boat Trips Lanzarote: Elevate Your Celebration!

Join the ultimate boat party in Lanzarote! With space for small and large groups, enjoy the ocean with kayaks and paddle boards. Go beyond with a BBQ on trips 4 hours or more, featuring delicious dishes and refreshing drinks. Dive, snorkel, and capture the essence of Puerto Calero. Choose Club Canary for the island’s best boat celebration!

😎 Be the Boss
👥 Up to 4 people.
📍 Departs: Playa Blanca.

Boat Hire Playa Blanca Lanzarote: Your Exclusive Sea Adventure Awaits!

Looking for an exciting private boat trips Lanzarote? Choose our swift vessel from Marina Rubicón in Playa Blanca for your private boat hire Lanzarote experience. If you hold a basic boat license, you’re all set to captain the journey yourself. Booking is straightforward, and should you wish, we’re ready to provide a skilled captain to guide your adventure.

Private Boat Hire Lanzarote: Tailored Sea Freedom

Embark with us for an unforgettable time on the water, where every moment is tailored just for you. Dive into the heart of boat hire Lanzarote and discover the freedom of the seas like never before.

🌴 For Special Times
👥 Up to 10 people.
📍 Departs: Playa Blanca.

Boat Hire Playa Blanca: Lanzarote Catamaran Adventures!

Ever dreamt of a thrilling sea adventure in Lanzarote? Discover our White Beach catamaran, a splendid and spacious vessel ideal for small groups seeking a comfortable journey. Whether you’re looking for a brief escape or an extended exploration, morning or afternoon, our experienced captain is ready to guide you to Lanzarote’s most breathtaking spots.

Sail, Savor, and Celebrate: Unforgettable Lanzarote Voyages

Enjoy a selection of delicious drinks, snacks, and full meals to satisfy your cravings during the voyage. Boat hire in Lanzarote has never been more inviting. Prepare to set sail, indulge in fun, and create unforgettable memories with us. Dive into the ultimate catamaran experience with boat hire Playa Blanca – where every journey promises adventure and luxury on the waves of Lanzarote.

🚤 Classic Cruiser
👥 Up to 12 people.
📍 Departs: Playa Blanca.

Hire a Boat Lanzarote: Ultimate Chill Out Yacht Cruise

Set sail on the ultimate Chill Out Cruise in Lanzarote, aboard a 16-meter yacht that promises pure joy for up to 12 guests. With Hire a Boat Lanzarote, dive into the beauty of Papagayo, snorkel in crystal-clear waters, or enjoy a sizzling BBQ onboard. Tailor your voyage with extra delights: choose from delicious tapas, an exciting fishing adventure, or simply bask in the sun’s warmth.

Lanzarote Yacht: Crafted Magic for Your Perfect Sea Day

This yacht shines for special events, offering endless moments of magic the longer you stay. Discover the perfect day at sea with our boat hire Lanzarote service, where every detail is crafted for your enjoyment.


💍 Just the Way You Want It:

Celebrating a birthday? Thinking of a wedding proposal on the sea? Or just looking for a calm boat ride? Whatever it is, let us know. With our boat hire Lanzarote service, we're here to make it special for you.

💰 Easy Payment Options:

When you rent a boat in Lanzarote with us, we offer flexible payment options to suit your needs. Choose to secure your booking with an initial deposit and then pay the remaining balance closer to your departure date, or if you prefer, pay the full amount upfront.

⚓ We Sail, Not Just Talk:

Some companies just talk about boat rentals, but our local Canary team actually sails! Every year, we have fun team trips on yachts to really know what we're offering when you hire a boat Lanzarote.

🪨 Our Best Price Guarantee is Solid with Boat Hire Lanzarote!

Find a lower price for hire a boat Lanzarote? We refund the difference!

Yacht Rental Lanzarote: Discover Your Perfect Day Charter

Looking for a top-notch sailing adventure in the Canary Islands? Check out our yacht holiday charters below. Jump in and kick-start your dream voyage with boat hire Lanzarote!

How to Make It Happen:

  • Talk to Us: Want the ultimate yacht holiday? Give us a shout. We’ll chat about what you’re looking for and find you the perfect yacht and crew.
  • Book Early: These trips are special, so booking early is a must. That way, we make sure you get the best yacht and crew for your adventure.
  • We’ve Got the Crew: Your fun and safety are our top priorities. We promise an expert crew for a smooth sail.

Good to Know:

Yacht holidays are an amazing way to see the Canary Islands. They take a bit of planning, but the result is an adventure just for you. Our booking process is straightforward, but because these holidays are so personalized, it takes us a little time to get everything just right. Trust us, it’s worth it for a once-in-a-lifetime trip!

Set Sail with Club Canary: Your Dream Yacht Charter Awaits

Ready for an adventure? Get in touch to plan your yacht charter holiday with Club Canary. Let’s make your sailing dream come true with our services including boat rental Lanzarote, Lanzarote yachts, and private boat trips Lanzarote.

👥 Up to 11 people.
⏰ Minimum of 7 days.

Yacht Rental Lanzarote: Sail with Gatsby

Join a special adventure with Gatsby yacht in Lanzarote. Rent it for at least a week. Take family or friends and explore hidden spots only boats can reach. The Gatsby is a big Bavaria Cruiser 56. It’s modern, built in 2015. There’s room for 11 people with 5 cabins. The yacht starts from Arrecife. From there, see other islands and beautiful sunsets. If you don’t know how to sail, get a skipper. You can bring your own food or get a chef. Make your holiday special on the water!

👥 Up to 7 people.
⏰ Minimum of 7 days.

Lanzarote Yacht Charter: Sail with Tinto

Discover Lanzarote’s beauty with the Tinto sailing yacht. Rent it for a week or more. It’s perfect for family or friends. The yacht has 3 cabins and space for 7 people. It starts from Arrecife and lets you explore hidden beaches. If you can’t sail, you can hire a skipper. Food isn’t included, but there’s a kitchen or you can hire a chef. Enjoy a special Lanzarote adventure on the sea!

👥 Up to 12 people.
⏰ Minimum of 2 days.

Private Yacht Charters Lanzarote: Dive into Luxury with Us

Experience the allure of Lanzarote from the sea. While many of our luxury yachts are anchored in Tenerife, Gran Canaria, or Fuerteventura, we can arrange for them to journey to Lanzarote for your special vacation. Share with us your travel dates and group details, and we’ll tailor the perfect yacht experience for you. Simplify luxury and explore Lanzarote in style. Let’s set sail together!

🔄 Flexible Bookings for Private Boat Trips Lanzarote!

Book your boat charter without worries with Club Canary. Need to change or cancel? We’ve got you covered, usually at no extra cost. Check the policy on the boat charter you pick for full details. At Club Canary, it’s not just about boat rentals in Lanzarote. We extend our expertise across the Canary Islands, including Tenerife, Gran Canaria, and Fuerteventura. As specialists in the region, we pride ourselves on being your local expert for all things maritime.

Navigate with Confidence: Your Trusted Lanzarote Boat Hire Partner

Whether you’re looking to hire a boat in Lanzarote, rent a yacht for a luxurious escape, or embark on private boat trips across the Canary Islands, you can trust us to deliver an unparalleled experience. Our deep understanding of the local seas ensures that we know exactly what we’re doing. You can rely on us for those special moments on the ocean, ensuring safety, fun, and unforgettable experiences.

Sail the Canary Dream: Your Ultimate Boat Rental Experience with Club Canary

Choose Club Canary for your next sea adventure. With a wide range of options including boat hire Lanzarote, Lanzarote yachts, and boat rental Lanzarote, we guarantee the perfect match for your needs. Experience the beauty of the Canary Islands with us, where every trip is tailored to your dreams.