Refund policy

Club Canary’s refund policy includes free cancellation for certain experiences within a specific time frame, refund for experiences that do not meet your expectations, cancellation and no-show policy with additional charges for failing to cancel on time or not showing up, refund for ignoring website notifications, and the right of Club Canary to refuse services with no refund policy. Special conditions and additional cancellation charges may apply for exclusive and VIP excursions.

Free cancellation policy

At Club Canary, we understand that plans can change, which is why we offer a free cancellation policy for many of our activities. When you book an experience with us, you’ll only need to pay a deposit upfront, and each experience comes with its own unique cancellation policy, which you can find in the experience information. Generally, cancellation terms are between 24 and 72 hours, depending on availability and exclusivity. Please note that luxury boat rentals for larger boats may have special conditions that must be respected. The cancellation time counts from the agreed meeting time or opening time of a particular park. If you need to cancel within the specified timeframe, simply send us an email to or contact us via WhatsApp at +34 604 105 055. To ensure a valid cancellation, please include your order number and use the same phone number or email address that you used to place the order.

Refund for an experience not to your liking

Club Canary is responsible for the booking process, but we are not present on the day of your experience. As a result, we cannot comment on any issues that may occur during the activity. During the experience, our partners’ rules, permits, and policies apply, and if you have any complaints, you should discuss them with the service provider on-site. If our partner decides to issue a full refund in response to your complaint and contacts us, we will refund your deposit accordingly. Please note that if our partner offers you a monetary refund or a gift such as free photos, and you accept it as a solution to your complaint, your issue has been resolved, and no further claims will be considered. It’s important to understand that Club Canary cannot provide refunds for any incidents that occur during your excursion, and any complaints should be directed to the partner.

Club Canary’s cancellation and no-show policy

Club Canary has strict policies on cancellations and no-shows to ensure the smooth operation of their excursions and to prevent financial losses. Failure to cancel on time or arrive late may result in additional charges or penalties, which are outlined in the policy. Special conditions may also apply to exclusive and VIP excursions, and failure to show up without notice may result in a 40% charge of the total amount paid, with a 20% increase for each week of non-payment.

Refunds when you ignore our website notifications

Club Canary works with more than 120 partners, many of which only take bookings over the phone and update their availability logs every 5 minutes. Due to this, advance reservations are required and clearly stated on our website. If you violate this rule and ignore the booking notice, and your booked experience is not available, the following conditions apply:

  • Reschedule the activity to another day
  • Discuss alternative excursion options with our agent
  • Request a refund of 60% of the total amount paid or receive it as a Club Canary discount code for next time.

Please note that if you choose to reschedule or book an alternative excursion, cancellation for a refund is not an option. The pick-up service is the responsibility of our partner, and Club Canary is not obligated to cover any fees if the service is not available or if your accommodation is outside the free pick-up service zone.

Club Canary right to refuse service and no refund policy

Please note that Club Canary and our partners reserves the right to refuse service to you or to discontinue dealing with you. If we refuse you as a client, we will not be obligated to provide a refund. Reasons for refusing you as a client may include if we determine that your behavior is disruptive, threatening, abusive, or damaging to property. Additionally, if you upset, annoy, disturb or endanger other excursion participants, our staff or agents, whether in person, by telephone, or in writing, this may also lead to us refusing you as a client.

For more information check out our: terms and conditions.