Tenerife whale and dolphin watching tours

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Sailing Boats

Departure from Puerto Colón, Costa Adeje

50€ | Tour duration 3 hours
Up to 10 guests on board.
48 Verified Reviews - 4.93

Whale watching trips on the largest sailboat of Costa Adeje

The Atlantic Star is a Beneteau Cyclades 50.5. The boat is 15.68 meters long, making it the largest sailing yacht in Costa Adeje.

Tenerife boat trip with whale sighting guarantee

Club Canary offers you a 100% whale sighting guarantee on this boat tour. If you do not see any whales during the cruise, you can go again for free or get a full refund. 

Popular whale watching trip for everyone

This boat trip is for everyone, including couples and families. If you are with your partner, this is a great option to live an out of the ordinary adventure. A whale watching tour might not feel as private or romantic. But, there is no doubt whales will raise a smile from you. This boat trip is also recommendable for families, as it is suitable for kids of all ages and no one is left behind. 

Booked out quickly

As this tour gets booked fast, we recommend booking in advance.

50€ | Tour duration 3 hours
Up to 11 guests on board.
31 Verified Reviews - 4.73

Magnificent sailing boat

The Kailani is a Dufour 410 that has earned a reputation as one of the top yacht models in Europe. The boat is 12.35 meters long and is one of the newest sailing yachts in Costa Adeje.

Whale watching trips organized by Kailani

Kailani’s daily whale watching trips are guided by a master captain. The captain is an expert in finding whales and dolphins. He will also be able to tell you everything about the wildlife of Tenerife.

Perfect boat trip for nature lovers

The boat trip is suitable for nature lovers of all ages. The daily Kailani whale watching trip has great reviews and is often booked. Therefore, try to book this unforgettable sailing trip as soon as possible.

45€ | Tour duration 3 hours
Up to 11 guests on board.
11 Verified Reviews - 4.90

About the Skyline sailboat in Tenerife

The Skyline is a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 37.2. The boat is 11.40 meters long. Skyline has cushion to lie on in the front of the boat and seating in the back in shade. 

Sailing boat with a lot of experience

The Skyline sailboat has been operating in Tenerife for many years. They are hugely experienced in organizing excursions to spot whales. The boat itself may not be huge, but the crew knows how to make every trip an unforgettable experience for their guests.

Low-cost whale watching experience

The Skyline sailboat is our most economical sailboat whale watching tour from the selection. For people who don’t like being on a catamaran with lots of people but also don’t want to spend too much money, this is a top pick.

Motor Boat Trips

Departure from Puerto Colón, Costa Adeje

From 50€ | Tour duration 3 hours
Up to 16 guests on board.
23 Verified Reviews - 4.70

Whale watching on a luxury rib

The Opera 60 is an inflatable boat that measures 18,3 metres, a large size considering it is a rib model.

Boat trip in style

The Opera 60 has been organizing whale safaris in style for a long time. But to avoid disappointment, it is important to mention that the boat can take a maximum of 16 customers per trip. Because of this reason, there is not always a guarantee to have sitting/lying places at the front of the boat.

Opera 60 is booked up quickly

This boat trip is recommended for young couples and groups of friends. Please note that during the summer and vacation periods, the Opera 60 is often fully booked 5 days in a row, so be sure to secure your spot as soon as possible.

From 60€ | Tour duration 3 hours
Up to 11 guests on board.
18 Verified Reviews - 4.88

Tenerife Sea Safari boat trips

This amazing fast boat from Sea Safari Tenerife offers a great package. The speedboat is the only boat in the port of Puerto Colon that goes to Los Gigantes and Masca and back in 3 hours.

Whale watching in Tenerife by zodiac

Besides the advantage that you are going to see some beautiful highlights of Tenerife, this boat is also very suitable for spotting marine life. Considering the fact that the boat is positioned quite low on the ocean, you can get very close to whales and dolphins.

Boat trip with water sports toys

One of the highlights of the sea safari boat trip is the availability on “blade fish” these are kind of underwater scooters that you may use during the snorkel break in Masca.

Whale Watching on a catamaran

Departure From Puerto Colón, Costa Adeje

From 37€ | Duration 3 or 4.5 hours
Approximately 75 people per trip.
20 Verified Reviews - 4.76

Tenerife Freebird catamaran boat trips

The Freebird boat company has 3 catamarans at its disposal. All catamarans have a VIP area, an open bar, toilets and also  a comfortable seating area. 

Different boats available

Depending on the tour and the number of bookings, you will travel in one of the following catamarans:

  • Freebird One flagship: 28 m x 20 m 
  • Freebird F13: (Tahití 75) 22 m x 10 m 
  • Freebird F15 One4You: (Tahití 75) 22 m x 12 m

Whale watching on a Freebird boat

The catamaran company Freebird has extensive experience in organizing Tenerife whale watching excursions. Freebird catamaran is still the most famous provider of catamaran trips on Puerto Colon in 2022. The trips on the Catamaran are always a success, the only disadvantage is that there can be a lot of people present on the Catamaran during vacation times.

From 65€ | Tour duration 3 hours
Approximately 20 people per trip.
19 Verified Reviews - 4.94

Monte Cristo whale watching tours

A whale watching tour on this boat is a great choice for those looking for a shared tour where quality and service is also important. The catamaran sails out with a minimum of 2 staff and always has fresh snacks and drinks on board.

Medium-sized catamaran in Puerto Colon

Monte Cristo catamaran is a luxury medium-sized catamaran in Puerto Colon. The catamaran has lying areas and front is equipped with sitting benches.

Popular boat trip

Because of the pleasant atmosphere on board, quality food and drinks and good service, the Monte Cristo is often booked. This is both the regular trips and the private boat trip version so book well in advance.

From 65€ | Tour duration 3 or 6 hours
Up to 11 guests on board.
5 Verified Reviews - 4.93

Excursion on the Abrazo boat

The Abrazo Catamaran has been organizing whale watching tours in Tenerife for many years. But in 2022 the boat was completely refurbished. The boat now has a new look and even new additions.

Catamaran with underwater glass

One of the new spectacular new additions on the Abrazo catamaran is the glass on the deck. Besides the elegant look, with a little luck you can admire underwater life through this glass.

Catamaran with top service

Abrazo only takes a small group of tourists on each trip. This allows them to offer the quality and service of each Tenerife whale watching excursion at the highest possible level.

From 30€ | Duration 3 or 5 hours
Approximately 75 people per trip.
14 Verified Reviews - 4.73

One of the largest catamarans of Puerto Colon

The Maxicat Catamaran was built in La Rochelle, France, and came to Tenerife in 2000. After the Freebird boat, it is the largest catamaran in Puerto Colón. 

Sociable way of whale watching

This boat trip is a good choice for families and friend groups. The catamaran has some areas to sit in the shade and to sunbathe. It makes very little noise, which allows you to observe the whales in silence. 

Different tours from Maxicat catamaran

Maxicat catamaran offers 2 different whale watching tours. The normal trip takes 3 hours and is normally enough to spot wild life. The 5 hour trip continues to Masca providing a unique whale watching experience.

  1. A 5-hour trip with drinks and buffet included. 
  2. A 3- hour trip with drinks and snacks included.
From 45€ | Duration 3 or 5 Hours
Approximately 70 people per trip.
7 Verified Reviews - 4.83

Whale watching tour on a eco Catamaran

The White Paradise is an eco-customized catamaran for sustainable sailing designed by Fountaine Pajot with a length of 20 meters and a maximum capacity of 74 people.

Catamaran powered by wind energy

The White Paradise Catamaran from White Tenerife is a Fountaine Pajot model and it is one of the most modern Catamaran in Tenerife. Powered by wind energy and solar panels, it is a fully ecological catamaran, the only one that can boast an electric drive unit to reduce its carbon footprint.

Listen to whales during the boat excursion

The White Paradise has an underwater sound system and Bose speakers on deck for listening to cetaceans (also suitable as a music system) and it is very convenient. It has a large sun deck with nets for sunbathing and a terrace with benches overlooking the sea with sun beds.

Boat trips available

The White Paradise offers 2 tours including a 3 hour whale-watching trip, which includes delicious snacks and drinks. In addition, a 5-hour whale-watching trip with paella on board. During the 5 hour boat tour you sail from Puerto Colon to admire the beautiful cliffs of Los Gigantes and swim in Masca Bay.

Theme Ships Excursions

From 40€ | Duration 3 or 4.5 hours
Approximately 90 people per trip.
10 Verified Reviews - 4.86

Whale watching on a boat with underwater vision

Royal Delfin is the only catamaran in Tenerife that allows you to observe whales and dolphins underwater. Should you be lucky enough to observe marine life from underwater it can turn out to be a truly unique experience.

Royal dolphin has a total of 16 panoramic underwater windows

The catamaran with its 16 panoramic underwater windows is a perfect choice for everyone: from lovers of marine life to curious children.

Different boat tours

Club Canary offers you online the 2 most popular options of Royal Dolphin. You can choose between a 3 hour trip or a 4,5 hour tour where you will also discover the beautiful bay of Masca and the cliffs of Los Gigantes.

From 22€ | Duration 2 or 3 hours
Approximately 50 people per trip.
6 Verified Reviews - 5.00

Whale watching in Tenerife on a pirate boat

The Peter Pan is a Portuguese Goleta from the last century. The boat has a length of 18 meters. Because of this authentic look, the boat is also known as the pirate ship of Tenerife. A whale watching trip on a pirate ship is very suitable for families with small children.

Boat trips on the Peter Pan

Please note the Peter Pan departs from the port of Los Cristianos and not from Puerto Colon like many of the boats mentioned above. The Peter pan pirate boat offers 2 fun tours.

  1. Departs at 10:00 am on a 3 hour tour. Drinks and lunch included.
  2. Departure at 13:30 on a 2-hour tour. Drinks included.
Temporarily not available!
From 32€ | Duration 3 hours
Approximately 80 people per trip.
4 Verified Reviews - 5.00

Tenerife boat trip on a viking boat

The Ragnarok is a Viking boat anchored in the port of Los Cristianos. This themed boat trip excursion began in 2017. With its striking design and crew dressed as vikings, it became a hit among families.

Tenerife Ragnarok experience

The viking boat experience is not just about spotting whales and dolphins. You can also enjoy viking games, including archery, sword fighting and much more.

Whale watching excursions in Tenerife

The pleasant water temperature and abundant food sources make the waters around the Canary Islands a haven for whales, dolphins and a huge variety of marine wildlife.

Admire and study wild life

Club Canary is specialized in organizing boat trips in Tenerife. The purpose of this a unique experience is to admire and study these magnificent animals in their natural habitat.

We only work with licensed partners

All the boats we work with adhere to environmental regulations and have been awarded the Blue Flag, which recognizes their ecological compliance. This recognition means that you can observe whales and dolphins in a sustainable and respectful way.

Tenerife whale watching season

The whale watching season in Tenerife lasts all year long so we are able to offer these boat excursions 365 days per year. With this in mind we advise that you book your whale watching trip in advance whatever the time of year. During the high season the boat trips can be booked up for several days in advance so you need to book before to ensure a place on board.  In the low season prior booking ensures we have the minimum number of people required to run the whale and dolphin watching experience Tenerife.

Luxury boat charters

If you are looking for a private boat excursion or Tenerife yacht charter, rather than a shared boat trip, then check out our rent a boat in Tenerife page.

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