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Jet Ski Tenerife

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🏆 2-Hour Safari Highlights:
🚕 Free pick-up and drop-off.
✨ Temporary 30% discount.
👥 Group discount for 3+ jet skis.
⏰ 2-hour jet ski tour.
🕒 10:00 | 12:00 | 14:00 | 16:00.
⚓️ Port: Marina del Sur, Las Galletas.
👧🏻 Children 7+ can join.
👱🏻‍♂️ From 16 years, you can jet ski.
🆔 Under 24? Don’t forget your ID!
🚀 2022 jet ski models.
🔄 24-hour free cancellation.
🔥 High demand. Limited availability.
🌟 Optional: Private jet ski tour.
⭐ 4.9 stars from 90+ reviews.
💯 Best price guaranteed.
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Click or scroll for all the info on our Jet Ski adventures in Tenerife. Club Canary brings you more than a quick spin; we offer an epic Jet Ski Safari along the coast. Ready for the thrill?

Tenerife Jet Ski

Jet Ski Tour Tenerife

Can you go on a jet ski safari when you are pregnant?

If you are pregnant for just a few weeks you can ride a jet-ski, but still it’s not recommended. It’s a very dynamic activity that can stress the body of a woman.

Can you hire jet ski in Tenerife?

Nowadays, jet-ski rental in Tenerife is no longer allowed. Some years ago it was possible, but after problems caused by customers such as disrupted boat traffic, disturbed wildlife, etc. they preferred to avoid renting jet-ski, offering the valid alternative of a safer Jetski Safari.

How old do you have to be to ride a jet ski?

Children from the age of seven may ride together with an adult that has to be with them for all the duration of the activity, while you can ride your own jet-ski from the age of 16 without any permission.

Do you need to wear a wetsuit?

Wetsuits are not necessary, a normal swimsuit is enough. You can also wear sunglasses and a t-shirt if you want to avoid getting sunburnt.

How to drive a jet ski?

Jet Skis are very easy to drive, you have a throttle to speed up and to slow down you just have to release it. 

Speed of jet skis?

Our jet skis are the brand new model SeaDood GTI 130, fast and secure. They have 130hp, but they are locked to reach a maximum of 50/60km/h. This is still tremendously fast on the open ocean, to have serious fun and fly over waves. A higher speed is not allowed without a boat license. And even though you have a boat license the jet ski company will not give you the faster key due to safety reasons.

What is the maximum weight allowed per jet ski?

A jetski, whether single or double jetski, can handle a weight of 220kg, maximum two people. 

Where to jet ski near me?

Club Canary provides Tenerife jet ski tours near you for people staying in Playa Paraíso, La Caleta, Costa Adeje, Playa de las Américas, Los Cristianos, Palm Mar and Las Galletas.

How many people are allowed on a jet ski in Tenerife? 

In some countries it is allowed to jet ski with 3 people at a time. In Tenerife this is not allowed, a double jet ski (2 people sharing a jet ski together) is the limit. No exceptions are made in this.

Can you spot dolphins while jet skiing?

If you are lucky you can spot some dolphins because they are very curious animals, but the main goal of the activity it’s not to encounter wildlife and we try our best to not disturb them. If you would like to do some whale-watching you can reserve with us a boat trip, 100% whale-sighting guaranteed: https://clubcanary.com/tenerife/whale-watching-atlantic-star-costa-adeje/.

Can you get sick on a jet ski?

It is very difficult to get sick on a jet-ski, that’s why this activity is also recommended to people who suffer from sea sickness. In any case, try not to eat anything during the two hours prior to the activity. 

Can you cruise fast during the safari?

If you prefer more action you can stay behind your group, slow down, then speed up and drive a bit faster. Remember to hold the necessary distance from the other jet-ski as your safety is our biggest priority.

Can you take a go pro with you on the jet ski?

You can take a GoPro with you if you want, but be aware that the guide on the motorboat will be there to capture amazing photos of you riding the jet-ski that you will be able to purchase for only 20 - 30€ after the activity. 

Safari Jet Ski Tenerife

Jet Ski Safari Tenerife

  1. Do not forget your Club Canary ticket. You can have it on your phone or printed out.
  2. Wear swimwear and bring a towel and sunscreen.
  3. The jet ski crew speaks several languages.
  4. A maximum of 8 jet skis can participate in this safari.
  5. Try not to eat anything 2 hours before going on the jet ski.
  6. Children 7 years and older may join a jet ski with an adult.
  7. From the age of 16 you are allowed to jet ski in Tenerife. You do need permission from your parents or guardian.
  8. You will be asked to remove your shoes. Shoes and slippers will be kept in a storage box in the harbor.
  9. You may choose whether you want to wear a wetsuit or not.
  10. Not recommended during pregnancy.
Only for people who will not be picked up
  1. Meeting point: Marina del Sur, Pantalán 4, 38631 Las Galletas, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
  2. You should attend at least 10 minutes before departure time.
  3. The guide will pick you up in front of the gate, and then escort you to the jet ski's.
  4. In front of the port of Las Galletas is a large parking lot. You can park here for free but we recommend you to be on time because from there it is still a 5 minute walk to the starting point.
  5. Open the location on google maps, find here the departure location and the office of Club Canary
  6. If you come to the departure point by yourself and want to use the drop-off service afterwards, indicate it on the order note.

Tenerife Jet Ski Safari Policy

  1. Jet ski safari depends on good weather. If we have to cancel because of bad weather, you can choose another date or get a full refund.
  2. If you want to cancel or change the trip, you can do it for free up to 24 hours before the trip. Send us your request by email: office@clubcanary.com.
  3. If you book 3-5 jet skis, the free cancellation period extends to 48 hours.
  4. If you book more than 5 jet skis, the free cancellation period extends to 72 hours.
  5. If you are under 24, remember to bring your ID. This is very important.
  6. If you do not cancel in time, or if you are not on time on the day of the tour, you will not get a refund.
  7. Customers who arrive drunk or behave very badly will not be allowed to join and will not receive a refund.

We want everyone to enjoy the jet ski safari. That's why we have these rules. Thank you for understanding.

Looking for more information? Check out Club Canary’s FAQ page.

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Enjoy Jet Ski in Tenerife

Come and have fun with jet ski in Tenerife. At Club Canary, we don’t just offer a short 20-40 minute ride. We want to give you a special experience. That’s why we have the Tenerife Jet Ski Safari. It’s not just a ride around some buoys, it’s something much more.

Discover Tenerife on a Jet Ski Safari

Our Jet Ski Safari is the number one choice for visitors wanting to jet ski in Tenerife. This ride takes you 60 kilometers along the island’s coast. It’s not just about driving the jet ski. It’s about enjoying the open sea, riding the waves, and seeing the views of far-off beaches and rocky spots. We make sure all of this is done in a safe way that also respects nature.

On this 2-hour ride, you’ll be on some of the newest and fastest jet skis. You won’t be alone. A guide in a motorboat will be with you. The guide will look after your safety and will also take great photos. These photos will look great on your Instagram page. Remember, the sea has a lot of marine life, but seeing them depends on luck and isn’t something we can promise. Still, the ride itself is full of fun and excitement.

Start Your Journey in Las Galletas

Every adventure starts somewhere, and our Jet Ski Safari starts in Las Galletas. This beautiful place is close to Costa Adeje and Playa de Las Americas. It’s a nice break from busy tourist spots. We offer a free pick-up service from your hotel in the south of Tenerife to Las Galletas, if you book with Club Canary.

Here, your 60-kilometer jet ski adventure begins. This journey is not just thrilling, but also beautiful. You’ll ride on the open ocean and marvel at the stunning south Tenerife coastline. Sometimes, if you’re fortunate, curious dolphins may approach your jet ski. If this happens, we stop and simply enjoy this unique encounter from a safe distance without disturbing them. However, please remember, seeing dolphins is a chance occurrence and not guaranteed.

This 2-hour trip is a fantastic activity for families, older individuals, and couples. It’s been a much-loved water sport in Tenerife for many years.

Choose a Longer Safari or Try Jet Ski Hire

Our 2-hour Jet Ski Safari is a good choice because of its fair price and good amount of ride time. But we also have other options. If you want a shorter ride, try our “Tenerife Jet ski hire“. This gives you a fun jet ski experience for 1 hour.

If you want to try something different, we also offer jet ski safaris in other parts of the Canary Islands. Try the “Jet ski safari Gran Canaria” or “Jet ski safari Fuerteventura“.

With Club Canary, you get more than just a ride. You get a full jet ski adventure. Book your place soon, and get ready for a fun time!

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