Top 12 Water Sports in Tenerife

Costa Adeje - Playa de Las Américas - Los Cristianos

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Most exciting on-water activities

From 115€ | Tour duration 2 hours
59 Verified Reviews - 4.86

Don’t miss our most popular water sport activity: 2 hours jet ski safari. You can live this experience alone or share it with your friends.
Experience a unique rush of adrenaline or enjoy a fun ride along the southern coast of Tenerife riding our brand new Sea Doo GT 130 that can reach up to 60 km/h. We will pass by beautiful bays and beaches, we will rest a bit, so you don’t have to worry, these two hours will fly.

From 90€ | Tour duration 1 hour
16 Verified Reviews - 4.92

Ocean experience like no other

1 hour of jet skiing is the perfect option for those looking for action and fun. You get to drive the new Sea-Doo GTI 130 jet ski models. You are free to choose whether you want to ride the jet ski alone or share it with your friend. The jet ski can handle a weight of up to 220 kilos.

Water sports activity with action

The jetskis have 130hp, but they are locked to reach a maximum of 60km/h. But don’t worry this is fast enough to fly over the waves and to experience an unforgettable ride.

From 45€ | Tour duration (40 minutes)
43 Verified Reviews - 4.77

Parascending in Tenerife is one of the most popular water sports. When you book this experience in advance through Club Canary, you will also receive a free pick-up service from your accommodation in Costa Adeje, Playa de las Américas, Los Cristianos or the surrounding area.
From 35€ | Lesson duration 2 hours
25 Verified Reviews - 4.83

Are you ready for a new adventure on the ocean? Then register now for group or private surf lessons! This surf school is located in Playa de las Americas near one of the best surf spots of Tenerife.

Snorkel with turtles & spot dolphins

From 45€ | Tour duration (90 minutes)
27 Verified Reviews - 4.56

Tenerife’s turtle snorkeling excursion departs by boat from Los Cristianos and is definitely a must do water sport! If you book the snorkeling tour in advance, we can organise a free pick-up service from your accommodation in the south of Tenerife.

From 40€ | Tour duration 2 hours
36 Verified Reviews - 4.79

Tenerife kayaking excursion

Enjoy our 1.5 hour kayak trip with a snorkelling break of 30 minutes in a snorkelling site near Palm Mar well known for the presence of marine turtles and rays.

Appropriate water sport activity for families

Atlantis kayak trip is a perfect family water sport activity where you will also have the chance to see dolphins from up close and to snorkel with turtles.
Even though it is not always possible to see these animals, the Atlantis Diving School will do its best to make this trip a lifetime experience. We will provide you all the equipment you need and you can choose kayaking alone, in couple or in three people.

Activity that requires some fitness

Please Note. For this water sport activity a good physical condition is required and sometimes, even if very rarely, the weather might affect the excursion. So, if you prefer a more relaxing activity we suggest booking our Tenerife turtle safari.

From 45€ | Tour duration 1 hour approx.
24 Verified Reviews - 4.59

Diving trips from the south of Tenerife

We work together with Cressi and Atlantis dive center. Both dive schools are located in Los Cristianos and have qualified divemasters. 

Great dive sites to explore

Tenerife has great diving spots for both beginners and experienced divers. It is to be observed that you do not have to be a certified diver to enjoy this experience.

Tenerife fishing trips

From 70€ | Tour duration 4 hours
27 Verified Reviews - 4.76

Fishing excursion from Costa Adeje

The team at No Limits have been fishing these waters and organising fishing excursions in Tenerife for more than 20 years. The captain is multilingual and extremely experienced in taking groups of fishermen out to the best fishing spots in Tenerife.

Ocean activity with a sociable vibe

Although fishing is about luck, the team at No Limits often manages to catch a big fish just about every trip with the help of its guests. Should you be less lucky, you can still enjoy a drink and have a good time on the ocean with fellow anglers. 

An exciting water sport activity in Tenerife

You are provided with your own full fishing equipment and bait. Depending on the season you will have the chance to catch marlin, tuna, bonitos, sea bream, barracuda and many more species. 

From 429€ | Tour duration from 4 hours
2 Verified Reviews - 5.00

Rent a fishing boat in Tenerife

Experience the sport of fishing at its best and rent your own fishing boat with everything included.

Great water sport activity to bond friendships

No doubt, a fishing trip with friends or family is a great ocean sport activity to enjoy together. Looking for big fish while enjoying the sun, drinks and lunch brings everyone peace of mind.

Big game fishing charter

Although fishing is always a surprise, there is plenty to catch in Tenerife. The captain and crew of the private fishing boat will therefore motivate you to join them in the search for tuna and marlin. These are big fish, and will be enormously rewarding to catch.

Playa de las Américas water fun

6 Verified Reviews - 4.80

Trendy water sport activity

Flyboarding is still a fairly new water sport activity, but this amazing trend has taken the world by storm. In plain English, you stand on a board and are forced into the air by water pressure, and depending on your skill level, you can reach up to 15 metres high!

5 Verified Reviews - 5.00

Extreme water joy

The flying fish is a great water sport activity that takes place in Playa de las Americas. It takes about 10 minutes and this adventure is popular mainly among families and groups of friends. If you prefer to do some real fishing or spot them underwater, then it’s worth taking a look at the great range of fishing trips and diving excursions in Tenerife offered by Club Canary.

4 Verified Reviews - 5.00

Most classical water sport activity

The banana is a classic water sport activity that is particularly fun to do for children or families. A ride with the banana must be booked in advance and the departure is from Costa Adeje. Need help? Then feel free to contact us through the live chat by selecting the chat icon on the bottom right.

Water sports in the south of Tenerife

Surrounded by the crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and blessed with wonderful weather all year round, Tenerife water sports are very popular with visitors who come from all over the world to enjoy the best water sports experience in the south of Tenerife.

Club Canary offers a huge range of water sports in Tenerife with a best price guarantee.  Perhaps you would like to explore the coastline and get in some adrenaline action with a Tenerife jet ski safari

Or maybe you’d like to go for a surf in Playa de las Americas.  Whether you want to go snorkelling with turtles, go kayaking with dolphins, get a bird’s eye view of the beaches with a parascending trip or learn to fly board – Club Canary can arrange it all for you.

We work with the best official companies and will get you the best price on any Tenerife water sports.  

These activities are quickly sold out, so you should book in advance. If you want to rent a boat, join a whale watching tour or go on an exciting excursion to the volcano Teide, click on one of the categories below.

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