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From 580€

Rent a Maserati in Tenerife

Maserati is a luxury car brand developed in Italy in 1914. One of the brand’s most popular car models today is the Maserati Levante which announced its first line in 2006. The entry price for this luxury Italian sports car today is around 98,000€. This price is justified by the tremendous level of comfort and the magnificent finish of the car. This car can be rented when staying near Costa Adeje. Club Canary rents this car mainly to families who want to go on a comfortable road trip or to business people who want to get from point A to B in an elegant way.

From 435€

Rent a Jaguar in Tenerife

Jaguar is one of the perfect cars to rent in Tenerife. It is a brand of the British multinational automobile company Jaguar Land Rover. The F Pace was born in 2015 and is the first model to be built by Jaguar in the SUV class. Pricing starts from €63,000 for base model. With the capacity for 5 people, it’s a perfect car model to tour the island in total comfort or to do hiking in Tenerife and load all the necessary equipment. 

From 395€

Rent a Lexus in Tenerife

Lexus is one of the premium cars to hire in Costa Adeje. It’s a luxury Japanese automobile brand. The new RX 450h hybrid offers you dynamic performance and a spacious interior and the price is around 89.000€. This high-performance car is ideal especially for families or groups. With the capacity for 7 people, it is absolutely one of the most comfortable and spacious cars to rent in Tenerife. Don’t hesitate to rent this car to go on a Tenerife road trip

From 500€

Rent a Mercedes in Tenerife

If you want to hire a convertible car in Tenerife, then this Mercedes model is for you. Mercedes – Benz is a German luxury and commercial vehicle automotive brand established in 1926. Those who choose this brand, choose safety, beauty, elegance, high level service packed into this name. The Mercedes E convertible is suitable for a couple who want to discover the island in a fun way. In addition, it is an idiaal car to rent to visit one of the shopping centers of Tenerife.

From 410€

Rent a Mercedes in Tenerife

Mercedes has decided to renew its SUV range and has created the GLE coupe model. The new 2022 model starts at a price of 93,000 euros. The spacious cabin with two rows of seats offers leg and headroom for 5-7 passengers. Rent this amazing SUV in Tenerife to spend a vacation in comfort and relaxation. In addition, this car is often rented to visit one of the Tenerife beaches.

From 640€

Rent an Audi in Tenerife

Audi is a German automotive manufacturer of luxury vehicles based in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany. This brand makes different types of models, just choose if you want a sporty, luxurious, or  a compact one. Leading the Audi SUV lineup is the Audi Q8, with its captivating design and powerful performance with the price starts from 84.000€ for the base model. Rent this Audi model in Tenerife to go to business meetings or to meet important people. For people having a vacation at the Hard Rock Hotel in Tenerife, this car model will perfectly suit your stay. You will certainly not go unnoticed.

From 400€

Rent a BMW in Tenerife

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, abbreviated as BMW is a German multinational manufacturer of performance luxury vehicles and motorcycles based in Munich, Germany. Was founded in 1910 by Gustav Otto. It is one of the most established brands in the automotive world. The fourth generation BMW X5 arrived in showrooms in 2019 to upgrade an SUV that was originally launched in 1999. The price of the BMW X5 is high ( starts from 74.700€ ) as befits a vehicle of its size and performance. In Tenerife you can rent this car and drive around the island in total comfort.

From 445€

Rent a BMW in Tenerife

The BMW decided to upgrade the basic X5 model and create the faster version , calling it X5 4.0. This model is ideal for those who love speed and at the same time do not want to give up comfort and a spacious car. With its 5 seats, it is the ideal car for a family or for a couple who wants to load everything they need to explore the wildest places on the island and maybe stop over the cliffs to admire the breathtaking sunsets that Tenerife offers. If you want to rent this car in Tenerife, just contact Club Canary team and they will take care about it. 

From 420€

Rent a BMW in Tenerife

The BMW X6 presents more than ever an independent and self-confident character. The price of this model starts from 86.600€. The X6 combines the attributes of an SUV with the stance of a coupé, a good compromise for those who want a big and elegant car at the same time. You can rent this car with Club Canary when you stay in Tenerife. Enjoy your vacation in a legendary way!

Car rental is very popular!

Make sure you rent a car in time.
Due to the great demand, we recommend booking your luxury car at least 7 days in advance.

Tenerife sports car rental

To rent this car, please contact us

Ferrari 488 Spider

From 1450€

Rent a Ferrari in Tenerife

The Ferrari is an Italian luxury sports car manufacturer based in Maranello, Italy and founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1939. The company has been noted for its continued participation in racing, especially in Formula 1, where it is the oldest and most successful racing team. The Ferrari 488 Spider is the best open-top performance in the history of ” Cavallino Rampante”. This is one of the most luxury and classiest cars that you can rent in Tenerife. The new 448 Spider model price starts from 364.911€. Know that in Tenerife you can rent this Ferrari and afford it for much less without having to buy it. With Club Canary anything is possible!

Lamborghini Huracan Spyder

From 1450€

Rent a Lamborghini in Tenerife

The Lamborghini  is an Italian brand of luxury sports cars and SUVs based in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy. Founded by Ferruccio Lamborghini in 1963 to compete with Ferrari. This brand always thinks in the revolutionary way: whether we talk about aviation-inspired design or technologies such as the V12 engine or the use of carbon fiber, going beyond commonly accepted limits. Those who own a Lamborghini know that they have something special and rare on their hands. With us you can rent the Lamborghini Huracan in Tenerife for your legendary holiday. This model is the ideal compromise between technology and design. Treat yourself to the emotion of driving a revolutionary car with the starting price of 235.000€.

Luxury car rental FAQ

Luxury car rentals in Tenerife can cost from 400€ to 640€ per day for premium cars. When talking about sports car rental, the price is 1450€ per day.  

A luxury car rental is a selection of premium cars from luxury brands which you can rent. Some of these brands are Maserati, Jaguar, Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Lexus.

If you crash a rental car enterprise, the technician will evaluate the severity of the accident and then the price will be fixed to repair the damage.

Yes, you can ensure a rental car. In fact, all our premium cars are insured.

No, not anyone can drive drive a rental car. Premium cars can be driven by persons of at least 32 years of age and at least two years of driving experience. Whereas sports cars can be rented from the age of 23 if you have two years of driving experience.

You can get a rental car from the age of 32 for premium cars and 23 for sports cars in Tenerife. Additionally, you must also have at least 2 years of driving experience with a type B driving license.

No, it is not necessary to clean a rental car. However, we expect you to return the car in good and clean condition.

Yes, most rental cars have GPS trackers. This is because of company policies, for example it is used to prevent cars from being stolen. This tracking can also help you in case of an accident.

No, you don't need a GPS in Tenerife rental car since there is a GPS already integrated into most of the rental cars. This GPS will help you get to every place on the island more easily.

Yes, you can pick up rental cars at Tenerife south airport. Even if the car rental office is not at the airport, you can still arrange to have the car delivered there.

No, you don't need a rental car in Tenerife. However, by renting a car you can get to each place faster and at the time of your choice. Otherwise, you can get around the island by public transport (bus), taxis or bus tours.

With the premium cars you can drive 350 km a day. Meanwhile, by renting sports car, you can drive 150 km/day. Each extra kilometer costs 5€ extra.

Yes, you can drive to other islands with the rented cars. It means you can take the car from Tenerife to other Canary Islands by ferry.

Yes, you can pay the deposit in cash in our office. Find Club Canary office here:



Yes, you can rent 2 drivers in the car. It is possible to make the contract for 1 or 2 drivers.

Rent a luxury car in Tenerife

Tenerife has wonderful roads to drive on, and what better way than in a luxury car. Most of the cars available are SUVs, which provide you with greater comfort due to the spaciousness of these cars. A cabriolet is also available to feel the breeze while driving.

Convertible car hire Tenerife

A convertible car is a great option to hire in Tenerife. Specially in the south of Tenerife, there is good weather almost all year round. This way, you can better enjoy the wonderful scenery that the island has to offer. The Mercedes E Cabrio is a dynamic car with a modern design, in addition to extraordinary comfort.

Tenerife supercar hire

It is also possible to hire a supercar in Tenerife. However, such cars have to be booked further in advance. A Ferrari 488 Spider and a Lamborghini Huracan Spyder are available for rent. The minimum age for renting these cars is 23 years old. Rent a supercar and get from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3 seconds.

Cooperation with Oxmar Rental Tenerife

Club Canary is an Oxmar partner, which is an exclusive rent a car in Tenerife well prepared to offer you the best luxury cars. We cooperate with Oxmar offering the best price guarantee on the most luxury cars in Tenerife.

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