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Sailing boats for hire

From 549€ | For Up To 10 Passengers
18 Verified Reviews - 5.00

The sunset cruise is an exclusive private boat trip organized by Club Canary. You will get onboard the most luxurious and spacious sailing yachts of Costa Adeje. Depending on the availability, the journey will be on a Beneteau Cyclades 50.5 or a Dufour 410. The two boats have sunbathing mattresses, sitting areas in the shade, changing room and a toilet. 

An experienced captain and a crew member will accompany you throughout the journey. You will be served unlimited drinks and delicious food while the captain looks out for whales and dolphins. When the time comes, he will take you to a magical location from where you can watch the sunset

The sunset cruise is a great option for those who want to enjoy a pleasant day out. It is one of the most romantic activities you can do in Tenerife. Therefore, this private boat trip is often booked to celebrate anniversaries or to make marriage proposals. 

From 289€ | For Up To 10 Passengers
22 Verified Reviews - 4.91

Atlantic star is the most rented yacht from the selection Club Canary offers. 

The sailing yacht is a Beneteau Cyclades 50.5. It is the most spacious yacht for rent in Costa Adeje. It has comfortable cushions for sunbathing, a toilet and sitting areas in the shade. 

For an affordable price, you will enjoy an unforgettable journey on board this luxury yacht. Delicious snacks and unlimited drinks are included in the price. The crew members will give their best to make your trip pleasant. The captain of the boat has 30 years of experience with nature trips and will lead you to excellent locations with great views of marine wildlife. Thanks to the captain’s wide experience, during 3-hour private tours or longer ones, you are guaranteed to spot whales and dolphins. If this is not the case, you can choose between a full refund or rescheduling for free.

This boat trip is for anyone looking to have a good time: families, couples, groups of friends. You are all invited to enjoy this amazing adventure.

From 429€ | For Up To 10 Passengers
6 Verified Reviews - 5.00

The Kailani yacht is a perfect option for sailing enthusiasts. It is a Dufour 410, a first quality sailboat on which you will have a wonderful private sailing experience. 

The captain of the Kailani is very keen on the sport of sailing. He will make sure you enjoy your trip to the fullest and even if you have no sailing experience, you can help him sail the boat.

Board the Kailani yacht and indulge in a unique combination of whale watching and sailing. Get up close to Tenerife’s marine life. The afternoon is yours to hunt for whales at your own pace.

From 299€ | For Up To 10 Passengers
2 Verified Reviews - 5.00

The Skyline yacht is a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 37.2.This is the smallest boat from the sailboat charter collection. The Skyline has comfortable sunbathing mattresses for up to 6 people and sitting areas in the shadow. 

The charter of the Skyline is suitable for smaller groups that want to sail privately with the boat. The captain of the Skyline will ensure you a unique experience for little money.

Hire a motor boat

From 1800€ | For up to 12 passengers
5 Verified Reviews - 5.00

The name of this outperforming boat is Tigresa. Tigresa is an Azimut 60 Flybridge motor yacht built in the year 2017, designed by: Stefano Righini.

The yacht is equipped with everything you could possibly need. There are 3 toilets, showers, powerful music system and a fully equipped kitchen. Besides the luxury that is offered to you, the Tigresa yacht ensures you a very smooth cruise. This is because the Tigresa has a Seakeeper Gyroscopic Stabilizer, this technology ensures that the boat will have a perfect balance on the ocean and hardly move.

If you are looking for a dream boat trip in Tenerife, this is the boat you are looking for. There are 3 packages to choose from. Packages can be customized, but the minimum charter time for the yacht is 3 hours.

From 750€ | For Up To 25 Passengers
5 Verified Reviews - 4.80

If you want to rent a spacious motor boat, the Opera 60 is a good choice. This large rib with elegant red seats can be hired either for whale and dolphin watching tours or for private parties. 

Opera 60 rib has 740 HP. It includes a quality stereo system to bring music to you on the water and crew members that will offer you unlimited drinks, snacks and snorkel equipment in case you need it.

From 640€ | For up to 12 passengers
1 Verified Reviews - 5.00

This 14 metre, luxurious motor yacht is moored in Puerto Colon, one of the most prestigious marinas in the Canary Islands.

This beautiful boat is the perfect vessel to take you on a tour of the south western coastline of Tenerife.  Comfortable and stylish, Seaduction offers plenty of spaces in which to relax and unwind.

Top up your tan on the comfy bow sunbathing area.  Relax with a long, cool drink in the spacious stern seating area or head up to the flybridge and take in the incredible views from this wonderful vantage point.

From 650€ | For Up To 7 Passengers
3 Verified Reviews - 5.00

This beautiful Quantum of Solace Sunseeker is from the year 2012 and has received a major refurbishment in 2021. The boat is 11 meters long and can take 7 people in all the comfort on a private trip.

This is currently the only Sunseeker in Puerto Colon that you can rent through Club Canary. The boat is perfect for people who want to explore the ocean in a luxurious way.

The Sunseeker does not have a blue flag at the time being. However, the boat does have a unique feature that the other boats do not have, which is a barbecue stand!

From 449€ | For Up To 8 Passengers
8 Verified Reviews - 5.00

For running whale watching tours in Tenerife, boats have to be certified with the Blue Flag. This yacht has not been granted this certification yet. Therefore, the boat is only suitable for pleasure cruises along the shoreline. Either way, if you are lucky, you may spot dolphins along the way and stop at some point for swimming and snorkeling if the opportunity arises.

The elegant design of the yacht makes it ideal for a romantic getaway. Thanks to the nice seats, you can comfortably talk to each other while you enjoy free drinks and snacks. This is also a good option for families and friends reunions.

From 325€ | For Up To 8 Passengers
6 Verified Reviews - 4.83

As this speedboat does not have a permit to access the whale watching area, it is suitable for those interested in crusing along the coastline of Tenerife.

The boat is equipped with lounge seats in the front  and sitting areas in the back. The captain of the speedboat is at your disposal to take you anywhere you want to go, whether it is to Los Gigantes or to a beautiful snorkeling spot

Rent a Catamaran

From 980€ | For Up To 23 Passengers
3 Verified Reviews - 5.00

The Monte Cristo catamaran is the perfect choice for groups from 8 up to 23 people who want to cruise around the south of Tenerife. 

The catamaran has an elegant exterior with comfortable areas to sit and lie down. The service provided by the crew of Monte Cristo stands out from the rest of the local companies for offering exquisite food and high standard service. 

From 599€ | For Up To 30 Passengers
2 Verified Reviews - 5.00

Although the Eden catamaran can take up to 50 people on board, it is not a very big boat. For this reason, it is advisable to gather groups of a minimum of 13 and a maximum of 30 people. 

The advantage of having a great capacity is that it is an affordable private boat if each person pays individually. The disadvantage is that it will be crowded, and there will be no space to relax.

From 1450€ | For Up To 85 Passengers
0 Verified Reviews

Maxi Cat is one of the biggest catamarans of Puerto Colón harbour. This spacious catamaran has comfortable sitting areas and nets off the bow to lie down. It also has restrooms, a bar and a quality stereo system. The ship sails with professional crew members who deliver excellent service. 

To help keep the communities safe from COVID-19, there are capacity restrictions. The groups must be of at least 25 participants and the maximum capacity is 85 per tour.

From 1498€ | For Up To 128 Passengers
0 Verified Reviews

The Freebird catamaran is the largest boat you can rent in Tenerife. It has a lounge area, music system, crew members, toilets and an open bar. 

We recommend hiring the Freebird catamaran for special occasions, boat parties or family outings. We also recommend gathering groups of between 30 and 100 participants.

Hire a boat in Tenerife

Club Canary offers 12 boats for hire departing from Puerto Colón harbour, in Costa Adeje. All yachts we offer for hire include, captain and staff. If you wish, food, drinks, snorkeling equipment and pick-up service can also be included.

The boats can be rented for short or long trips. We offer all kinds of boat tours, from whale and dolphin watching activities to boat parties. Book in advance and secure your place onboard with only a down payment. 

Should you wish to hire a private yacht for a few days, do not hesitate to contact us.

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