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Motor Boats for hire in Tenerife

From 1800€ | For up to 12 passengers
13 Verified Reviews - 5.00

Azimut 60 Flybridge

The name of this high performance luxury Tenerife motor boat is Tigresa. She is an Azimut 60 Flybridge super yacht built in the year 2017 and designed by Stefano Righini.

Luxury yacht

The luxury yacht is equipped with everything you could possibly need for an amazing private yacht charter in Tenerife. There are three W.C.s, showers, plasma TVs, a powerful music system and a fully equipped kitchen. There is also ample sunbathing space, a shaded flybridge and a hydraulic swimming platform on the stern.

Seakeeper Gyroscopic Stabiliser

In addition to all the awesome luxury, this private yacht rental comes equipped with a Seakeeper Gyroscopic Stabiliser. This modern piece of technology keeps the Tigresa yacht well balanced in the ocean and reduces the pitching and rolling that can make some people a little queasy.

Luxury dream boat trip in Tenerife

If you are looking for a luxury dream boat trip in Tenerife then this is the private yacht charter for you. There are three packages to choose from.  These packages can all be customised to meet your exact requirements. The minimum charter time for the Tigresa motor yacht is three hours.

From 685€ | For up to 15 passengers
9 Verified Reviews - 4.75

Largest rib boat in Spain

If you want to rent a spacious motor boat, the Opera 60 is a good choice. This large rib with elegant red seats can be hired either for whale and dolphin watching tours or for private boat parties. 

Motor boat charter with the full package

Opera 60 rib has 740 HP. It includes a quality stereo system to bring music to you on the water and crew members that will offer you unlimited drinks, snacks and snorkel equipment in case you need it. In a nutshell, the luxury rib has the whole package for an unforgettable Tenerife private boat excursion.

From 695€ | For up to 12 passengers
15 Verified Reviews - 4.79

Luxurious motor yacht

This 14 metre, luxurious motor yacht is moored in Puerto Colon, one of the most prestigious marinas in the Canary Islands.

Comfortable and stylish

This beautiful private yacht called Seaduction is the perfect vessel to take you on a tour of the south western coastline of Tenerife.  Comfortable and stylish, Seaduction offers plenty of spaces in which to relax and unwind.

Admire the scenery from the flybridge

Top up your tan on the comfy bow sunbathing area. Relax with a long, cool drink in the spacious stern seating area or head up to the flybridge and take in the incredible views from this wonderful vantage point.

From 710€ | For up to 10 passengers
0 Verified Reviews - 5.00

Private luxurious yacht

The No Worries motor yacht allows you to discover the fantastic coastline of southwest Tenerife aboard the luxurious Antares 42. With its sophisticated design and top service, you will receive a luxurious experience.

Private trip with the No Worries boat

No Worries boat departing from the port in Puerto Colon, can be rented for different hour possibilities. A more exclusive option is a visit to La Gomera during a half-day trip.

No Worries boat is fully equipped 

This motor yacht located in the south of Tenerife provides an elegant interior space and maximum comfort. The Fly Bridge is designed for cruising comfort with large space for the saloon and sun deck, turning it into the ideal place to relax.

From 600€ | For up to 11 passengers
10 Verified Reviews - 4.78

Luxury Italian made motor yacht

Discover the incredible coastline of southwest Tenerife aboard the luxurious Azimut 39 Poker motor cruiser. This Italian designed craft oozes style and sophistication, and at 1.99 metres is the perfect size for exploring the secluded coves and beaches that populate this beautiful region.

Range of private motor boat tours

Choose from a range of excursion durations and enjoy the great facilities that this private yacht charter Tenerife has to offer. Top up your tan on the comfortable sundeck, take a dip in the refreshing ocean or watch the whales and dolphins from the Poker yacht’s shaded flybridge.

Onboard barbecue

Your experience captain will show you the best locations the area has to offer with plenty of opportunities for swimming and snorkelling. You will be provided with refreshments throughout your trip or why not make your Tenerife private boat charter a real occasion and upgrade to an onboard barbeque?    

Sailboats for hire in Tenerife

From 425€ | For up to 10 passengers
43 Verified Reviews - 4.85

Sunset cruise exclusive private boat trip

The sunset cruise is an exclusive private boat trip organised by Club Canary. Enjoy an amazing Tenerife sailing boat charter on one of the most spacious and luxurious sailing yachts of Costa Adeje’s prestigious Puerto Colon marina. You will be welcomed aboard either a Beneteau Cyclades 50.5 or a Dufour 410 – both beautiful boats with sunbathing cushions, shaded seating, changing rooms and toilet facilities.

Views and spotting marine life

Your captain and crew speak multiple languages and have an expert knowledge of the coastal waters around Tenerife. They will accompany you throughout the journey and take you to the best locations for amazing views and spotting the local marine life. 

Experience a magnificent sunset

During the private sunset cruise you will be served delicious food and unlimited drinks as your captain keeps an eye out for the wild dolphins and whales that live in this area. When the time comes he will take you to a magical location to watch the breath-taking beauty of a Tenerife sunset.

Romantic private boat trip

The private boat trip during sunset is a fantastic day out with a very special ending and is one of the most romantic things to do in Tenerife. It is no wonder that this private Tenerife boat trip is popular with couples celebrating their anniversaries and those who are about to propose.

From 375€ | For up to 10 passengers
32 Verified Reviews - 4.73

Most popular sailboat for charter

Atlantic Star is the most popular rented sailing yacht from the selection offered by Club Canary. This sailing yacht is a Beneteau Cyclades 50.5 and is the most spacious sailing boat for rent in Costa Adeje at the Puerto Colon marina.

Luxury sailing yacht

Built with comfort in mind, this luxurious craft has a sunbathing area with cushions on which to relax and top up the tan. It also has shaded seating areas, changing rooms and toilet facilities.

Top private boat trip experience for little money

Hiring this boat in Tenerife comes at a really affordable price and offers an unforgettable journey along the magnificent south west coast of the island. Tasty snacks and unlimited drinks are included and the professional crew members will do their best to ensure your private Tenerife boat trip is the best it can be.

Guarantee on whales or dolphins

The captain has more than 30 years’ experience and will guide you to the best locations where you can see the abundant marine life that visits Tenerife’s coastal waters. The captain’s knowledge of this region and its natural wildlife means you can guarantee seeing whales or dolphins during your three-hour, or longer, private tour. If for some reason you don’t spot whales or dolphins you can choose between a full refund or a rescheduled trip for free.

Renting from Atlantic Star is a good idea for everyone

Renting the Atlantic Star boat is perfect for people of all ages including families, couples and groups of friends. You are all invited to enjoy this amazing adventure.

From 375€ | For up to 11 passengers
9 Verified Reviews - 5.00

Perfect boat to rent for sailing enthusiasts

If you like sailing then you are going to love an afternoon onboard this private boat charter in Tenerife.

The Kailani is a Dufour 410 – a top quality sailboat that is the perfect option for sailing enthusiasts and beginners alike.

Sailing experience is not necessary

The captain of the Kailani sailing boat is a keen sports sailor who will ensure that you enjoy your Tenerife boat charter to the maximum. Don’t worry if you don’t have any sailing experience he will show you how to help him sail the boat. The sailing experience is an option, many people also just want to enjoy being on the boat and enjoy exploring and sunbathing the choice is up to you.

Lovely day of navigation on the Kailani charter

Once aboard this private sailing boat the afternoon is yours to enjoy a combination of whale and dolphin watching, sailing, sunbathing and snorkelling. Kick back, relax and discover the coastal waters of Tenerife at your own pace, during the charter period of the Kailani boat.

From 325€ | For up to 11 passengers
8 Verified Reviews - 4.83

Hire the Skyline sailboat

The Skyline yacht is a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 37.2. This is the smallest boat from the sailboat charter collection. The Skyline has comfortable sunbathing mattresses for up to 6 people and sitting areas in the shadow. 

Most economical private boat trip

The charter of the Skyline is suitable for smaller groups that want to sail privately with the boat. The captain of the Skyline boat will ensure you a unique experience for little money.

Speed Boats for hire in Tenerife

From 530€ | For up to 7 passengers
12 Verified Reviews - 4.70

Rent a Sunseeker boat

This beautiful Quantum of Solace Sunseeker is from the year 2012 and has received a major refurbishment in 2021. The Sunseeker is 11 meters long and can take 7 people in all the comfort on a private speed boat trip in Tenerife.

Sunseeker in Puerto Colon

This is currently the only Sunseeker in Puerto Colon that you can rent through Club Canary. The boat is perfect for people who want to explore the ocean in a luxurious way.

Popular boat to rent in 2022

Although this beautiful boat is not being actively chartered until about 2022. The feedback that Club Canary has been receiving from its guests regarding the captain and the entire private boat journey on the Sunseeker been outstanding.

From 380€ | For up to 11 passengers
18 Verified Reviews - 4.88

Perfect boat to rent for a pleasure cruise

For running whale watching tours in Tenerife, boats have to be certified with the Blue Flag. This yacht has not been granted this certification yet. Therefore, the White Heaven boat is only suitable for pleasure cruises along the shoreline. Either way, if you are lucky, you may spot dolphins along the way and stop at some point for swimming and snorkeling if the opportunity arises.

Romantic private getaway

The elegant design of the yacht makes it ideal for a romantic getaway. Thanks to the nice seats, you can comfortably talk to each other while you enjoy free drinks and snacks. This is also a good option for families and friends reunions.

From 325€ | For up to 11 passengers
11 Verified Reviews - 4.89

Unforgettable speed boat trip

A trip with the private speed boat Opera 33 is the secret recipe for a nice day out with your friends or loved one. The speedboat leaves daily from Puerto Colon and can be rented for 2 hours and more.

Cruise with the private speed boat to Los Gigantes

The boat is equipped with lounge seats in the front  and sitting areas in the back. The captain of the speedboat is at your disposal to take you anywhere you want to go, whether it is to Los Gigantes or to a beautiful snorkeling spot

From 300€ | For up to 6 passengers
10 Verified Reviews - 4.75

Maxum 2700 SE rental in Tenerife

The name of the boat is Armani, and the brand of the boat is: Maxum 2700 SE.

Romantic private boat trip

Despite the boat not being huge, the motor boat is very suitable for a romantic private boat trip for couples. The reason for this is because the Armani has beautiful front cushions for lying in comfort.

Freshly made food for every trip

The captain prepares each trip perfectly with tasty freshly made snacks and speaks the languages: English, Lithuanian, Russian and Spanish.

Catamarans for hire in Tenerife

From 850€ | For up to 11 passengers
5 Verified Reviews - 5.00

Luxury mid-sized catamarans in Tenerife for hire

Abrazo is a 14-meter chill-out catamaran designed by Keenex that has a unique luxury glass floor for observing marine life or simply lying down in an original way.

Enjoy quality food on board

With the exclusive on-board catering service, you don’t have to worry about anything. You will be served an assortment of canapés, a high-quality seafood paella or you can order the type of food you prefer.

Create your own private catamaran trip

Abrazo is known for allowing its guests to customize their trips to make them unforgettable. The celebration of all kinds of events can be organized on board: daytime celebrations, anniversaries, birthdays, work events, bachelor parties or just a chill excursion with your friends, the boat is at your command.

From 1150€ | For up to 23 passengers
10 Verified Reviews - 5.00

Private catamaran cruise

The Monte Cristo catamaran is the perfect choice for groups from 8 up to 23 people who want to cruise around the south of Tenerife. 

Rental only for 3 hour frames

The Monte Cristo is an enormously popular catamaran, which is why they only do 3-hour boat trips. In this way they can perfectly plan the whole day with tours.

Catamaran that distinguishes itself

The catamaran has an elegant exterior with comfortable areas to sit and lie down. The service provided by the crew of Monte Cristo stands out from the rest of the local companies for offering exquisite food and high standard service. 

From 1050€ | For up to 50 passengers
10 Verified Reviews - 4.88

Rent the Eden Catamaran

Although the Eden catamaran has the capacity to carry up to 50 passengers. Although if you want a comfortable private boat trip, it is recommended to rent this catamaran when your group consists of between 13 -30 people.

Cozy private boat party

This way you will have plenty of room to relax, sunbathe, socialise and enjoy the boat’s facilities. Because of the Eden catamarans smaller capacity, it is especially suited to business meetings, private celebrations and hen and bachelor parties.

From 1250€ | For up to 74 passengers
3 Verified Reviews - 5.00

Modern catamaran in Tenerife

White Paradise is located in the port of Puerto Colon. The boat is 20 meters long and was designed by Fountaine Pajot. The catamaran is equipped with the latest technology.

Great sound system on board

The catamaran has an underwater sound system to listen to marine life. In order to make these sounds come through beautifully, the boat has spent a lot of attention in installing speakers on the deck. In addition to listening to animals, these speakers can also be used to play music.

Private ecological catamaran trip

The canopy of the White Paradise catamaran is equipped with solar panels. The boat is therefore able to function completely ecologically. This allows you to enjoy your private boat trip in Tenerife in a natural friendly way.

From 1350€ | For up to 85 passengers
8 Verified Reviews - 4.67

Rent a large ecological catamaran

Maxicat is one of the largest yet most ecological catamarans located in the Puerto Colon marina. This impressive boat has a lot of space with large lying area nets and a comfortable shaded seating area. The catamaran also has restrooms, a bar and a fantastic sound system.

Many reasons to rent the Maxicat catamaran

Popular with large groups and private parties, the Maxicat is also perfect for corporate events and celebrations. Partly because of its attractive price and the option to add pick-up service to the catamaran charter.

From 1450€ | For up to 120 passengers
12 Verified Reviews - 5.00

The perfect catamaran to rent for an unforgettable experience

If you are looking for the perfect private boat rental in Tenerife for large group activities, corporate outings, bachelor and bachelorette parties or corporate events then a Freebird catamaran is the right choice for you.

Comfort and service on board

For groups between 30-100 people, the spacious Freebird offers comfort and great facilities with sunbathing areas, a bar, shaded and comfortable seating, a lounge area, restrooms, a music system and viewing decks.

Charter a boat in Tenerife via Club Canary

Club Canary is an expert company in organizing luxury trips in Tenerife with an eye for details. Club Canary distinguishes itself with 365 days a year from 09:00 to 22:00 opening hours. Therefore the customer service located in the luxury shopping center Plaza del Duque just 10 minutes from the yacht harbor is always available to you. The team at Club Canary speaks 9 languages and are besides highly educated selected for creativity and excellent problem solving skills. In addition to good service, the client receives the best price guarantee, and the possibility to customize certain private boat trips.

Trusted by luxury concierges and celebrities

Club Canary is regularly approached by luxury concierges around the world to help put together a special package for their VIP clients. In addition, Club Canary has been able to organize unforgettable experiences for several celebrities, where privacy and safety are taken into utmost respect.

Great selection of boats for rent in Puerto Colón

Club Canary offers a wonderful selection of 16 top quality boats – including sailboats, motor yachts, speedboats, ribs and catamarans for rent from the port of Puerto Colón, in Costa Adeje.

Boat charters with everything included

Whatever type of rental boat you choose, you will benefit from the services of a captain and crew, as well as food, drinks and snorkeling equipment for when the boat is anchored in a secluded bay.

Short and long private boat trips

You can book the Tenerife private boat tours for short or long trips, and we offer a variety of different boat excursions, including whale and dolphin watching trips and Tenerife boat parties.

Secure the date for private boat trips

We know it can be a large sum of money to pay for everything at once. But it is tremendously important to book the date of your private boat trip far in advance, which is why we ask our clients to only pay a deposit to secure the date for private boat trips in Tenerife. The remaining amount is normally paid on the day at the boat or transferred a few days before departure. Each yacht offered by Club Canary has its own cancellation policy which can be found in the boat listing.

If you would like to hire a private yacht for a few days, do not hesitate to contact us.

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