Luxury Yacht Charters Tenerife

Paladio Yacht

Only 730€/Hour!

The majestic yacht Paladio offers 7-hour private charters during the day. This is the perfect luxury yacht charter in Tenerife to share with friends or family. During this private boat trip you can enjoy total privacy and excellent service. Customize your trip on this super yacht and decide whether you will see Masca Bay and the cliffs of Los Gigantes or change the route and see the southeast coast of Tenerife.

Only 828€/Hour!

Paladio Tenerife

Explore the ocean on the Paladio super yacht, and live like a Rockstar. This legendary charter will make your wet dreams come true. Throughout the charter, a Michelin chef will prepare the most exclusive dishes for you. The deck crew is completely at your disposal and will stop by with appetizers such as oysters and caviar. If you feel like water sports, the crew will bring out the water toys.

Tenerife luxury boat trip

If you feel like making love with your partner on a super yacht then the master bedroom is available for you, whatever you want it is your day and we will make it an insane memory. Remember the slogan of Club Canary is “Live Legendary”, our team lives to give people the best moments, we will not let you down.

Only 847€/Hour!

Paladio yacht

Get ready for a Tenerife dining experience like never before. This luxury super yacht charter is all about fine dining. This is not a regular dinner but one with a theme of your choosing. The food will be prepared by a Michelin chef and you can choose the theme: Italian, Spanish, French and Asian.

Luxury boat trip Tenerife

The atmosphere will be completely determined by the theme you choose, from the food served to the clothing worn by the crew of Paladio. A great idea to celebrate your birthday in a different way or celebrate an important event with your family.

Only 774€/Hour!

Paladio yacht Tenerife

A luxury yacht charter where privacy and romance are neutral. This exclusive sunset cruise is perfect to impress your partner with a marriage proposal or just to celebrate a special occasion.

Luxury yacht trip Tenerife

During this 4-hour sunset cruise on the Paladio boat you will have the entire luxury yacht with staff just for you. Imagine yourself having dinner on this beautiful yacht while admiring Tenerife’s magnificent sunset. If you want to gift a dream to your better half, this is the most unforgettable gift!

Day yacht charters Tenerife

Discover the true joy of yachting

Only 175€/Hour!

Paladio boat

From Tenerife to La Gomera on a trip on the Paladio boat. This is undoubtedly the most VIP La Gomera experience available. This luxury yacht charter is perfect for those wondering what spending 24 hours on a luxury yacht feels like. Let the Club Canary team give you a hint it is absolutely spectacular!

Luxury yacht hire Tenerife

You will enjoy delicious food, tranquility and luxury from start to finish. Arriving in La Gomera, you will have the choice to stay aboard the Paladio yacht or perhaps utilize a very special accommodation (also discussable via us) on the island itself.

Only 175€/Hour!

Paladio yacht charter

Looking for the ultimate luxury vacation in the Canary Islands, then the Paladio yacht charter is what you need. During this long yacht charter, you will have the entire Paladio boat including staff to yourself for a minimum of 2 days.

Luxury boat hire Tenerife

You can expect to be spoiled every day with the most delicious food and to use the water toys whenever you want. Please note that these special trips must be booked far in advance. Whatever your requirements, you can rest assured that you are in good hands with the Club Canary team.

Book in advance if you want to customise your trip

Don’t miss this opportunity and have the trip of your dreams. Let Club Canary know all your requests in advance in order to guarantee all the services you most desire.

Add VIP services

Contact us to include these VIP services or any special request you may have

Tenerife luxury yacht charters

New trend – charter of boats

Private boat trips have become extremely popular in Tenerife partly as a consequence of the Covid phase. People sought experiences where they could avoid crowds and families, groups of friends and even couples began to rent boats more and more frequently. Most individuals here were very pleased with this new trend, and began to make it a habit to rent a boat during every Tenerife vacation. Currently Club Canary offers a selection of boat hire Tenerife which consists over 30 boats.

Luxury boat charters in Tenerife

Before the arrival of the yacht Paladio in Tenerife, no top-level luxury yacht charter had yet existed on the island. Paladio with its 24.5 meters is the largest luxury motor yacht in Tenerife and is able to provide its guests with an unforgettable on-board gastronomy experience in addition to an amazing yachting trip.

Story of Paladio boat

Paladio has competed successfully for years on the luxury yacht charter scene in Mallorca, and is used to the very highest standards. Although the yacht owner is based in Tenerife, and the yacht industry here has become more in demand he has decided to make his yacht available for charter services in Tenerife.

Why book with Club Canary

Club Canary has a contract with the yacht owner regarding prices, they cannot vary and no discounts can be given. The Club Canary company does not own any yachts themselves as the team focuses all their attention on taking care of bookings. Club Canary rents out several boats daily and also organizes boat trips in Tenerife to spot whales and dolphins. Club Canary’s agents handle these bookings and regularly arrange special requests such as wedding proposals, Tenerife company outings and birthday parties.

The Club Canary agents are selected for high education and their problem solving skills. For private charters for the Paladio, from start to finish you will be assigned to your own experienced agent who will put together your luxury dream private boat trip according to your wishes. It is therefore safe to say that you are in very good hands here at Club Canary.

Exclusive collaboration

Paladio has formed an exclusive partnership with Club Canary regarding the rental of this luxury yacht. This comes as it is known as the most popular local company in the Canary Islands in organizing yacht charters. Club Canary is committed to increasing the luxury yacht theme in the Canary Islands and will hopefully, with the help of Paladio Tenerife, give itself a luxury service to the island that has been there before.

Are you staying on one of the other Canary Islands?

Although Paladio is based in Tenerife, it is possible to organize yacht charters starting from other Canary Islands. This luxury yacht offers its service to any of the Canary Islands, although reservations must be made well in advance and additional fees will be added. If you are interested in a private boat trip on the Paladio and are not staying in Tenerife, please contact us. We can let you know in a quick time if it is available and what the extra cost will be to cover the extra gasoline.

Future of yachting in the Canary Islands

Currently, Club Canary is committed to raising the level of yachting in the Canary Islands. The team at Club Canary believes that the arrival of Paladio is a new beginning of a high-end marine lifestyle on the Canary Islands, and will give a positive boost to luxury tourism. More high class yachts are expected in the future, in addition, the owner of Club Canary is starting a new company in 2023. This new company is called Dream Writers and will be dedicated to selling luxury eco-boats on the Canary Islands under the slogan “Welcome to the new chapter of yachting.”