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Siam Park Ticket Prices: Dive into Savings!

Discover unbeatable fun at Tenerife’s renowned water park, Siam Park, with Club Canary. Find the best Siam Park ticket prices for top attractions without overspending. Our tickets offer great value, including fast-track entry, allowing you to jump right into the excitement. Ideal for both solo adventurers and groups, secure your access to an unforgettable water adventure in Tenerife with these cost-effective options.

🍔 Ticket + Food Voucher
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Siam Park Premium Experience: The Full Package!

Tenerife’s Siam Park is the pinnacle of water park excitement. Opt for a Siam Park premium ticket and immerse yourself in a world of aquatic fun, topped with exclusive advantages. With Club Canary, your premium ticket comes with tempting food vouchers, ensuring you refuel at the Beach Club after your adrenaline-filled escapades. Relish tasty choices like chicken, burgers, and more. Beyond just entry, enjoy added benefits like complimentary towels, lockers, and swift access, bypassing those lengthy entrance queues.

⚡ All-Day Fast Pass
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All-Inclusive VIP Splendor at Siam Park

Unlock an unparalleled adventure at Tenerife’s Siam Park with all-inclusive VIP tickets from Club Canary. This isn’t merely an entry ticket; it’s an all-access pass to the park’s elite offerings.

Exclusive Benefits & Unlimited Access

Enjoy priority park entry and all-day fast pass privileges for minimal waiting. Indulge in unlimited access to most restaurants, refreshments including soft drinks and beer, and the convenience of included locker, towel, and complimentary bus service. Experience luxury and adventure with everything at your fingertips.

🏝️ Cabana (up to 6)
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VIP Cabana Luxury at Siam Park

Experience Siam Park’s thrilling rides and retreat to the luxury of an exclusive VIP Cabana. Nestled beside The Wave Palace, each cabana offers a private oasis with Thai-themed designs: Phuket, Chaing Mai, and Rataburi.

Exclusive Comfort & Privileged Access

Enjoy amenities like towels, a terrace shower, TV, sofa, and a stocked minibar, enhancing your experience with unparalleled comfort. With a special bracelet for unlimited fast pass access, navigate the park effortlessly. Designed for up to 6 guests but priced for 4, our VIP Cabanas combine luxury with value. Book 10-15 days ahead to secure your slice of paradise at Siam Park.

🏠 House (up to 10)
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Siam Park’s Elite VIP House Experience

Discover the ultimate luxury at Siam Park Tenerife with our exclusive VIP House, located in the serene Siam Beach area, offering stunning views of the wave pool. This elite retreat is perfect for special celebrations or simply elevating your park experience to unparalleled levels of luxury and privacy.

Unmatched Luxury & Exclusive Perks

With only two houses available, enjoy the modern comforts of sun beds, a solarium, private shower, TV, and a minibar. The terrace jacuzzi adds a layer of relaxation, and a personal float ensures immediate ride access. Benefit from swift ride entries with an All-Day Fast Pass and savor exquisite meals with our selective all-inclusive restaurant service. Accommodating up to 6 guests with the option to extend to 10 for an additional charge, the VIP House at Siam Park offers an exclusive escape into comfort and thrill.

🌆 Villa (up to 15)
7 Reviews - 4.86

Dive into Grandeur at Siam Park’s VIP Villa

Celebrate in style at Siam Park Tenerife with our VIP Villa, the epitome of luxury and exclusivity for any major event or corporate gathering. This villa isn’t just about enjoying the water park; it’s about immersing yourself in an unparalleled level of luxury.

Luxury, Thrills, and Unmatched Comfort

Securing the villa offers an all-inclusive experience, with prime dining at the Beach Club and Thai House. An unlimited fast pass for each guest cuts down wait times, blending adrenaline-fueled fun with moments of peace. Designed for comfort and luxury, the villa features modern amenities, a luxurious bathroom, TV, and a private solarium with a jacuzzi. While ideal for 8 guests, it accommodates up to 15 for an additional fee, making it perfect for larger groups seeking a blend of excitement and relaxation. Children under 3 enjoy free entry, ensuring a grand experience for all. Step into Siam Park’s VIP Villa for an unforgettable celebration.

💫 Summer 2024 Open!
26 Reviews - 4.81

Magic After Dark: Siam Water Park Tenerife

Dive into Siam Park’s enchanting night edition this summer! Illuminate your evenings with attractions glowing under the starry sky. This special summer edition runs from 20:00 to 00:00, exclusively on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays in July and August. Enjoy fewer queues, a vibrant beach bar atmosphere, and music that sets the night alight. Secure your spot with Club Canary!

🎢 2 Parks, 1 Ticket!
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Siam Park & Loro Parque Twin Tickets:

Double your adventure in Tenerife with Club Canary’s Twin Ticket! Experience the thrills of Siam Park and discover Loro Parque’s zoological wonders. This combo allows you to enjoy both parks over 90 days, and you save 10€ by bundling. Plus, get hassle-free transportation between attractions. Make memories, save time, and money with Club Canary!

🚌 Bus from Puerto de la Cruz
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Puerto de la Cruz to Siam Water Park

Travel effortlessly from Puerto de la Cruz to Siam Park via Club Canary’s bus service. Enjoy group discounts and the unique option to book transfers separately. Pick-ups begin at Panorámica Garden Hotel at 8:10 a.m., with returns from Siam Park at 17:00. A free Siam Park bus is also available in the south. Book your spot with Club Canary now!

Thrilling Siam Park Rides

These are the slides at Siam Park where you can feel the most adrenaline rush:

Ride the Tower of Power Siam Park: Ultimate Thrill

Experience the thrill of the Tower of Power at Siam Park, a heart-stopping slide that’s a must-try for adventure seekers. The Tower of Power Siam Park slide plunges you into an exhilarating descent, culminating in a spectacular journey through a shark-filled aquarium. It’s not just a ride; it’s an iconic feature that embodies the essence of Siam Park’s adventurous spirit. Don’t miss out on this signature attraction, the Siam Park Tower of Power, for an unforgettable adrenaline rush.

Siam Park Singha Water Slide

Dive into the thrilling Singha at Siam Park, a unique water roller-coaster. This ride is renowned for its rapid ascents and exhilarating descents, all while navigating through twisty curves. For those seeking an adrenaline-packed adventure, Singha is a must-try. Note: Participants must stand at least 1.25 meters tall to embark on this watery journey.

Siam Park Dragon Slide

Brace yourself for the exhilarating Dragon Slide at Siam Park. As you speed down a steep slide, a massive dragon’s maw awaits you. The climax? A gravity-defying whirl inside a gigantic funnel. This attraction accommodates up to four adventurers on a single float. Remember, riders must be at least 1.25 meters tall to confront the Dragon.

Siam Park Volcano Slide

Plunge into the heart of Siam Park’s Volcano attraction where you’ll descend in total obscurity. The thrill intensifies as laser lights, mimicking bolts of lightning, illuminate your path within this cavernous slide. Designed for a shared adventure, the slide accommodates floats for groups of four. Please note, participants must be at least 1.25 meters tall to experience this electrifying ride.

New Slide Alert: Saifa at Siam Park

Get ready for Saifa, Siam Park’s newest slide! Starting from a sky-high 82 meters, this double slide zips you down at a lightning speed of 10 meters every second. “Saifa” means “lightning” in Thai, and the ride truly lives up to its name. As you race down its 306 meters, expect heart-pounding turns and excitement. It’s set to become a favorite for thrill-seekers everywhere!

Lazy River at Siam Park Tenerife

Seeking a tranquil experience? The Lazy River at Siam Park Tenerife caters to everyone. Perfect for family bonding, it’s a serene choice for visitors of all ages. When you’re done drifting, head over to Siam Beach. With its natural sandy shores, it’s an oasis of calm—until it occasionally transforms into a thrilling wave pool! Relax and enjoy the best of both worlds at Siam Water Park Tenerife.

Height Guidelines at Siam Park

Safety is paramount at Siam Water Park, and certain rides have height restrictions to ensure it. While many of our thrilling attractions require a minimum height of 1.25 meters, the adrenaline-packed Tower of Power has a stricter limit, setting the bar at 1.40 meters. Always check the ride specifications to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience at Siam Water Park.

Boost Your Fun with the Siam Park Fast Pass

Given the immense popularity of Siam Park, it’s not uncommon to encounter lengthy queues. But why wait? With the Siam Park Fast Pass, you can breeze past the crowds and make the most of every exhilarating moment. Invest in convenience and spend more time enjoying the rides than standing in line!