Club Canary Internship: Tenerife's Finest!

Grow and Shine in Luxury Tourism 🚀

🎓 Dive into a 350€/Month Internship Support Fund!

Earn 350€ each month on our 6+ month internship – that adds up to 2100€! And don’t forget the extra bonuses and a fun 250€ activity pack on the side!

Collage of diverse scenes from the Canary Islands: the imposing Teide volcano rising against a blue sky, a close-up of papas arrugadas accompanied by vibrant red mojo sauce, the pristine sands of Fuerteventura beach stretching towards the horizon, an ancient fort standing sentinel in Gran Canaria, and joyful visitors raising glasses in a toast during a wine tasting session

🎒 Uni Perk: Every Student Wins a 250€+ Excursion Pack on Us!

Join hands with us for lasting rewards! Simply add a link to Club Canary’s internship page on your uni website. This way, all your students, now and in the future, get our special Tenerife adventure pack. This pack includes a fun island tour, boat trip, and cool activities. It’s worth over 250€, and every student can get it. Together, let’s make memories for years to come.

Club Canary Costa Adeje

🗣️ Tourism Intern:

📆 Minimum Term: 90 Days.
⏰ 2 Slots Still Available for 2024.
🏢 Work Station: Office Only.

Tourism Internship Tenerife

  • Compensation: Interns receive no compensation for internships less than 5 months, 225€ monthly for 5-6 months, and 350€ monthly for 6+ months, along with potential tips and sales bonuses.
  • Duration & Hours: 90 days minimum, preferably 6 months. 20-35 hours/week, 5 days/week.
  • Role Overview: Engage with clients, manage bookings, respond to live chats, emails, and phone inquiries. Enhance sales skills and handle high client interactions.
  • Experience: Advanced role challenging your daily skills.
  • Requirements: Fluent English, good Spanish a plus. Minimum age 20. Prior knowledge about luxury spots in Tenerife. Well-groomed appearance.
  • Perks: Potential team events and a chance for a permanent position at Club Canary based on performance.
Tenerife Dream Writer office interior

📈 Marketing Intern:

📆 Minimum Term: 120 days.
⏰ 1 Slot Still Available for 2024.
🔄 Hybrid Option: Part-office & Remote.

Marketing Internship Tenerife

  • Compensation: Interns receive no compensation for internships less than 5 months, 225€ monthly for 5-6 months, and 350€ monthly for 6+ months, along with potential tips and sales bonuses.
  • Duration & Hours: Minimum of 4 months due to the dual role, encompassing tasks from the Tourism internship as well. 30-35 hours/week, spanning 5 days.
  • Role Overview: Engage in digital marketing, content creation, online ad campaigns, and more. You’ll also be handling many of the same tasks as Tourism interns, including responding to live chats, telephones, emails, and interacting with clients. Tasks vary based on one’s experience with content and advertising. Familiarity with Canary Islands needed for effective content creation.
  • Experience: Advanced digital marketing level required.
  • Requirements: Fluent English, bonus for good Spanish and other languages. Minimum age 20. Proficiency in social media, multitasking, teamwork, and positive attitude.
  • Perks: Assignments from senior team members, potential job openings for top performers.
Dream Writers office, exuding modernity and elegance. A prominent gold inscription on the wall reads, 'Welcome to the New Chapter in Yachting,' adding a sense of anticipation and adventure to the atmosphere of the space.

💻 ICT Intern

📆 Minimum Term: 150 days.
⏰ 1 Slot Still Available for 2024.
🌐 Remote Option: Available.

ICT Internship Tenerife

  • Compensation: Interns receive no compensation for internships less than 5 months, 250€ monthly for 5-6 months, and 375€ monthly for 6+ months.
  • Duration & Hours: 5-month minimum due to the extensive training and onboarding process. 30-35 hours weekly over 5 days.
  • Role Overview: Assist with tasks like web design, SEO, speed optimization, landing page creation, and troubleshooting.
  • Experience: Essential experience with Wordpress, Elementor, and HTML. Background in E-commerce is a must.
  • Requirements: Fluent in English, additional languages a bonus. Minimum age 20. Adept at multitasking, teamwork, and handling stress.
  • Perks: High likelihood of a job offer (full/part-time) post-internship for standout performers. Club Canary is always in need of adept ICT professionals.

Tenerife Internships

  • Trusted Partnership: Club Canary maintains a special relationship with the University of La Laguna.
  • Benefits for La Laguna Students: We are more flexible with minimum internship periods and other criteria. This is largely because La Laguna students are already familiar with the island, and we have faith in the quality of candidates their tutors recommend.
  • Local Knowledge: Knowing the ins and outs of the region enhances service quality and overall experience.
  • Adventure, Not Vacation: If you’re joining from abroad, remember this isn’t just a holiday. It’s an opportunity filled with challenges. The early days especially demand commitment, as you get acquainted with the island and our operations.
  • Recommendation Letter: A recommendation letter from your head teacher is mandatory. We especially value candidates with a connection or understanding of the Canary Islands but are always open to outstanding international students.
  • Accommodation Guidance: While we don’t provide direct accommodation, we’re here to assist you in finding a suitable place.
  • Selective Transition: Club Canary gets numerous applications. Only the best of interns might get a job offer. To give perspective, in 2022 – 2024, just 3 out of 12 interns moved to full-time roles.
  • It’s Multifactorial: Securing a job post-internship depends on various factors including your performance, the company’s needs, and available positions. It’s essential not to take decisions personally or feel offended if a job isn’t immediately offered.
  • English is Essential: Our primary mode of communication is English. Every candidate should be proficient in it.
  • Additional Languages: We serve clients from The Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, and Russia. Proficiency in any of these languages is a definite plus, but not mandatory.
  • Spanish: It’s beneficial but not crucial. Team meetings are primarily in English. The only exception might be if all attendees are native Spanish speakers.
  • More than Just a Job: At Club Canary, your work extends beyond a regular day-to-day job. Every day, we have the privilege of orchestrating the most pivotal moments in people’s lives – from heartwarming marriage proposals and unforgettable parties to facilitating transformative experiences where guests overcome challenges or even find lifelong friends and love during activities booked with us.
  • Professional Excellence: Given our esteemed clientele, which includes luxury concierges and celebrities, it’s imperative that we maintain the highest standards of professionalism and dedication. We take pride in our responsibility and understand the gravity of what we do.
  • Living the Slogan: Our ethos is captured in the slogan “Live Legendary.” It’s not just a catchphrase, but a philosophy we abide by. It serves as a reminder that life is fleeting and should be lived to the fullest, creating legendary moments along the way. As a member of our team, you’ll be expected to embody this spirit, ensuring that every interaction with our clients is legendary in its own right.
  • Team Dynamics: Beyond skills and qualifications, it’s paramount that you harmoniously blend with our close-knit, fun, and dedicated team. We’re not just colleagues; we’re a family that stands by our mission and each other.
We receive a ton of applications. Please be patient. We aim to respond within 1-5 days. If you forgot to include your introduction video in your application for Tourism or Marketing roles, or sent documents in a language other than English or Spanish, we typically won’t reply at all.

🚨3 Reasons NOT to Apply for an Internship at Club Canary

It's Not a Holiday:

Don’t expect to chill by the pool! We're here to work hard and make memories for our clients.

No Skipping Homework:

You've got to finish our onboarding course before starting. No "learning as you go" here!

We're Open When Others Celebrate:

Our office is open even on New Year's and Christmas. Expect to possibly work on these days.

📝 Begin Your Legendary Journey: Internship Sign-Up

Join Our Team

1. Gather Your Stuff:

  • Put together your CV.
  • Write a letter explaining why you want to work with us. This can be in English or Spanish.
  • Make a short video (0.5 to 5 minutes) where you tell us about yourself and why we should pick you. Show us how you talk and behave! (Note: If you’re applying for ICT, you can skip this.)

2. Email Us:

  • Send your CV, letter, and video (through a WeTransfer link) to
  • Tell us: The date you can start, how long you can stay, which role you’re applying for: Tourism, Marketing, or ICT and do you have any ties you have to the Canary Islands. For example, do you know the area well? Or have family here?

3. Interview Time:

  • If we like your stuff, we’ll invite you to chat.
  • Live in Tenerife? Come to our office.
  • Elsewhere? We’ll Zoom call.
  • We’ll chat about why you want to be in Tenerife and ask you some basic questions.

Heads Up: Communication is big for us. Except for ICT roles, we really want to see how you talk and act. It helps us decide if you’re a fit.