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Club Canary Team 2022

The LiveChat

During the Club Canary internship period, you will spend quite a bit of time on the LiveChat. You will have your own avatar and will help customers on our website. This is a great way to discover both our customers and our online services right away.


The Club Canary office is not only a place of work, but also a place where clients and partners can visit us. It is expected of our interns that you can communicate well with people, possibly in their own language and otherwise by default in English (which every employee should be able to manage at a high level). Since we regularly have clients who pay more than thousands of euros to have certain matters handled through us, it is expected that the employees and interns in the office are always well dressed and neat.

Organize events

The Club Canary team is regularly approached by companies, movie studios, luxury concierges and even celebrities. This usually involves special requests or exclusive activities that they entrust to us. As an intern, you will potentially assist experienced agents to carry out these bookings carefully and in detail.

Positive-minded team

Club Canary has a talented young team from different countries with lots of great energy. The team shares a passion for travel, new experiences and a common thought of living life to the fullest.

Club Canary Team 2022

Team meetings

Weekly, Club Canary holds in-office team meetings. During these meetings the week is discussed, and possibly certain trainings are given or new services are announced on the website. These team meetings are anything but boring, because there is an extensive lunch arranged for the staff, among which sushi and pizza are some favorites. In addition, sales targets are often announced which give the opportunity to earn great bonuses. The language spoken during meetings and trainings is English.

Experience the activities yourself

As an intern, you can experience some of the excursions for yourself. At Club Canary, interns will be gifted at least 1 activity per month. These activities may include boat trips, water sports activities, evening shows and other popular excursions.

Schijvens rides an orange jet ski

Team outings and promotional events

Club Canary has many team outings each year. In addition, there will also be luxury promotional outings which will be used for marketing material. Should it be possible in terms of work, interns are also invited to participate.

Club Canary in Tenerife internships 2022

worker smiling while talking on the phone

Office Intern

Last 2 spots available for summer 2022.

Compensation of 250€ - 750€ per month

Top Tenerife internship in tourism

  • Depending on your language knowledge, education and age, a compensation ranging from 250€ up to 750€ per month is being offered.
  • Opportunity to earn additional bonuses that depend on your performance.
  • 25 till 30-hour work weeks.
  • Monthly one free activity such as jet skiing, boat trip etc.
  • Participation in special Club Canary team events that take place during your internship period.
  • After the end of your internship period, depending on your performance, you may be offered a work contract at Club Canary. This can be either part time in addition to your study or full time upon completion of your degree.

Internship for students from university of La Laguna

Club Canary has a contract with the University of La Laguna, to make the progression as smooth as possible. Your assigned coach at Club Canary will help you with any internship assignments that need to be processed for your studies.

Tenerife internship program for students abroad

Club Canary is open to new collaborations with universities. We ask the person in charge of the schools internship program to contact us in order to potentially establish a long term collaboration.


  • To provide proper training and to provide supervision, we never take on more than 3 interns at a time.
  • Each intern is assigned their own coach within the Club Canary team. This person has a full work contract and a good academic degree. Coaches will never take on more than 1 intern.
  • Weekly job performance meeting with your coach.
  • Special tasks within the company assigned to you by your personal coach.

Working hours

  • 5 days a week, at the Club Canary office in Plaza del Duque.
  • 5 or 6 hours standard working days.
  • Shifts from 09:00 to 15:00 or 16:00 to 22:00.
  • Weekly you will spend 1-2 hours attending certain team meetings.
  • 2 additional days off each month.

Everyday tasks

  • Answering phones.
  • Answering emails.
  • Reviewing and transmitting customer orders.
  • Managing the website LiveChat.
  • Office walk-ins sales (if our salesperson is not available).

Specialties – possible tasks

Club Canary has a huge number of projects underway. With each project we try to involve the whole team to some extent. By agreement, interns will be given certain responsibilities under:

  • Social media platform.
  • Writing website content.
  • Photo content.
  • Client hotel meetings.


  • Attending a highly respected Digital Media & Marketing or Tourism education program.
  • Minimum age of 20.
  • Before you begin you will need to complete a video training course of approximately 25 hours.
  • Fluent English writing and speaking is required. Additionally, good Spanish is appreciated and additional language skills are a plus.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Multi-tasking.
  • Teamwork.
  • Proficient in social media.
  • Positive attitude.
  • Responsible person.
  • Good ability to handle stress and solve problems.
  • Knowledge of luxury restaurants, hotels and nightlife in Tenerife.
  • Club Canary operates in the luxury sector. Therefore you are expected to come to work well groomed and well dressed.

Students from abroad

Club Canary expresses preference to hire local students. The reason for this is that we hope to find excellent potential employees who are already familiar with the area. However, we are open to good candidates from abroad, although the expectations are higher and you will need a letter of recommendation from your head teacher. Club Canary does not have any accommodation available, but we can help with this if required.

Note Club Canary receives a tremendous amount of applications from interns. We are grateful for anyone who is interested but due to the limited number of places available we will only select the best candidates for an interview.

Please send us by email your Curriculum Vitae and motivation letter. Possibly you can add the following as well:
– Letter of recommendation.
– Recent grade list.
– Available internship period.
– Your present living location.
email:  [email protected]

Bonus Points

Make a video in which you tell us something about yourself, and why we should hire you for an internship program in Tenerife. The video may be half a minute till 5 minutes long, and you may send it via a WeTransfer link together with your Curriculum Vitae.

Internship work location

Apply for this tourism internship position in Tenerife

Please send us by email your Curriculum Vitae and motivation letter, and possibly be invited for an interview: [email protected]. The documents you send may be in English or Spanish.

Bonus Points

Make a video in which you tell us something about yourself, and why we should hire you for an internship program in Tenerife. The video may be half a minute till 5 minutes long, and you may send it via a WeTransfer link together with your Curriculum Vitae.

After your registration

We are extremely grateful if you are interested in joining Club Canary.

We receive many internship requests

We receive a lot of internship applications from students at different universities. Unfortunately, since we have to go through a huge amount of resumes, we don’t have time to give feedback to candidates who unfortunately weren’t invited for an interview.

Within 5 days you will receive an email

We strive to at least let everyone who applies to be an intern know if they have been invited for an interview or not. Depending on how busy we are, this may be 1-5 days after an email is sent.

Invitation to an interview

For people living in Tenerife, this interview will take place at the Club Canary office. For people who do not live in Tenerife, the interview will take place via Zoom. During the interview we will look at your language skills, we will ask why you want to do an internship in Tenerife, furthermore the interview will be filled with basic interview questions.

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