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From Teide to La Palma and Beyond!

Tenerife island tours

Guided bus tour in your language
🌟 Tour duration: 8 hours
59 Reviews - 4.81

Most booked Tenerife bus tours

This is the most comprehensive bus tour of Tenerife that Club Canary can offer you. It is perfect for people who want to discover the island.

Visit the most iconic places of Tenerife

The first stop is the Teide National Park, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you can take a peaceful walk in the middle of nature. Then the gran bus tour will go to Icod de los Vinos with its famous Dragon Tree and next to Garachico where you can admire the unique natural swimming pools. The last stop will be in the village of Masca where you can enjoy possibly the most beautiful view Tenerife has to offer.

Leisure time during the Teide Masca tour

During this approximately 8-hour excursion you will visit several beautiful locations. At each location you can enjoy free time and you do not have to stay with the group. Because of this reason many people choose to participate in the Tenerife Gran tour instead of renting a car.

Discovering the whole island during your vacation

Should you like to get to know the whole island, you can add a bus tour. The best tour to see the whole island, and not overlap places, is to book in addition to the Teide – Masca tour also the Tour to the North of Tenerife.

🌟 Tour duration: 8 hours
35 Reviews - 4.71

New Tenerife island tour

This bus trip has been specially added for people who would like to avoid visiting El Teide, or do so via another Tenerife excursion. Since this bus trip skips the volcano Teide, we have lots of extra time to explore other unique locations on the island.

Visit Candelaria and La Laguna

The Tenerife tour will take you to the essence and history of the ancient north of the island. The island tour begins in Candelaria where you will visit the sacred basilica commemorating Tenerife’s patron saint. The bus excursion then goes to the colorful town of La Laguna which has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Unique bus trip locations

This is the only Tenerife bus trip that also visits La Orotava which is known for its impressive ‘House of balconies’.

Visit Garachico and Masca

The Tenerife island bus trip also stops at the natural pools in the town of Garachico. After a stop for lunch, the Tenerife bus tour takes you to the last location which is Masca. At Masca you can enjoy breathtaking views before returning to your hotel.

🌟 Tour duration: 8 hours
43 Reviews - 4.70

Discover the northern part of Tenerife

This Tenerife bus tour takes you to the north of Tenerife, where you will discover the modern capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Besides a visit to the current capital of Tenerife, you will also visit the ancient capital of Tenerife known as La Laguna. La Laguna is known as a colorful student city with a lot of fascinating history.

Tour to the green part of Tenerife

Many people do not know that Tenerife also consists of a beautiful nature reserve known as Anaga Park, which was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. In this beautiful natural area you can take a short walk before the tour continues to Taganana where the trip stops at a traditional Canarian restaurant.

🌟 Tour duration: 8 hours
45 Reviews - 4.71

Guided Tenerife wine tour

This guided half-day tour in Tenerife will let you sample both Tenerife and its most typical flavors.

Includes a visit to a banana plantation in Tenerife

After the pick-up, the tour will start at Finca Las Margaritas, a banana plantation where the history, the cultivation of this fruit and other interesting facts will be told, you will also get some free bananas at the end of the tour.

Visit the wineries of Tenerife

The Tenerife bus tour continues to one of the most famous wineries of the island called the Mencey de Chasna where a fun and interesting tour will be done along with wine tasting.

A wine bodega in Vilaflor with beautiful views

As you continue your journey to another winery you will have the chance to admire the beautiful view of Vilaflor. The bodega is called ‘Lagar de Chasna’ where you will also get to taste a typical Canary lunch along with the wine tasting.

Stargazing tours

Depart on a bus trip to El Teide for stargazing
🌟 Tour duration: 6 hours
21 Reviews - 4.90

One of the best stargazing tours in the world

Come to the Teide National Park and behold the magic of the stars. The Teide National Park is a starlight tourist destination, which means it is one of the best places on earth to see the stars.

Professional astronomer

Each stargazing tour is accompanied by a professional astronomer who will answer all your questions and give information about the astronomical spectacle using lasers, among other instruments.

Romantic tour

During this Tenerife tour, we will first stop to enjoy the sunset from the Park with a glass of cava. Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to accompany the experience with dinner at over 2,000 meters. Later, the unique Stargazing activity will begin and you will have the opportunity to view planets with the help of professional telescopes. The feeling of seeing the sky face to face will be hard to forget. We guarantee you an unforgettable experience.

🌟 Tour duration: 4 hours
19 Reviews - 4.84

Private Teide stargazing trip

For people who are looking for an unforgettable stargazing experience, this private trip is very well suited.

Your own astronomer

You will be picked up from your hotel in southern Tenerife for the private trip and then the driver will take you to a beautiful stargazing location.

VIP stargazing trip

During this exclusive stargazing trip, you will have your own telescope at your disposal. This allows you to view the stars and planets at your own pace while the guide explains the milky way and interesting facts about the universe.

Tenerife bus transfers

2-way guided transfers to highlights
🌟 Tour duration: 8 hours
47 Reviews - 4.70

Bus trip to El Teide

This bus trip in Tenerife will give you a unique experience. You will get to admire the highest peak in Spain and the highest volcano in Europe: El Teide.

Discover the national park

You will have time for a walk in the beautiful National Park of el Teide, declared UNESCO World Heritage Site, located at about 2000 meters above sea level. A walk in this location, will feel very unique as the landscape is regularly compared to the landscape of planet Mars.

Take the cable car up

During this Tenerife tour, you will also have the opportunity to take the cable car up Teide and enjoy stunning views of the island and the volcano. Please note that cable car tickets can be purchased in conjunction with this bus tour.

🌟 Tour duration: 8 hours
26 Reviews - 4.65

Trip to Santa Cruz

Join this bus excursion to the lovely and modern capital of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. This Tenerife tour with only a few stops along the way is perfect for those who want to discover this city and go at their own pace, as you will be free all day.

Day of shopping in Santa Cruz

Take a walk through the main streets of Santa Cruz, in this beautiful area you can enjoy shopping at a decent price. Santa Cruz is known for its extensive shopping centers, with a large selection of brands and stores.

Tenerife history tour

Besides the many things you can do in Santa Cruz, the city is also a wonderful place for lovers of history and culture. In the city you can visit, among others, the Museum of History and Archaeology, or a museum entirely dedicated to the famous Tenerife Carnival. You will also find an African market and a “Palmetum”, a famous botanical garden known for one of the largest collections of palm trees in the world.

Bus tours to other Canary Islands

Depart by ferry from Los Cristianos and explore islands
🌟 Tour duration: 10 hours approx.
78 Reviews - 4.79

Day trip to La Gomera

Board the ferry and discover the ancient island of La Gomera. On this excursion, you will depart from Tenerife and reach the neighboring island after a ferry ride of approximately 50 minutes.

Culturally rich island to explore

During this day excursion, you will discover the iconic places of this small but friendly island, such as the Hermigua Valley, the capital San Sebastián de la Gomera, the evocative La Laguna Grande. La Gomera has a reputation as a calming island, where time stands still. You can see this reflected in the locals and the architecture.

Nature of La Gomera

La Gomera has a beautiful National Park called Garajonay. In Garajonay you can find hundreds of different species of flora, a nature reserve that has been declared a world heritage site by UNESCO. During the bus trip we will have a stop here, and people who want can take a nice walk in this nature park.

🌟 Tour duration: 11 hours approx.
36 Reviews - 4.66

Day trip to La Palma

This bus tour is perfect for those who want to spend a day on beautiful La Palma and discover the most iconic places of this island.

Wonderful La Palma day tour

Arriving on La Palma, the first stop will be the capital and most modern city, then we will go to the historic castle of Santa Catalina and admire in the rainforest the beautiful waterfalls of La Palma. After that you will be taken to the beautiful natural swimming pools called Charco Azul, similar to those of Garachico in Tenerife and then to the beach known as Playa Puerto Espindola where you will visit the famous rum factory and have a guided tour.

Famous volcano eruption in 2021

In late 2021, the natural disaster in the island of La Palma made world news. The long-lasting volcanic eruption called Cumbre Vieja eruption affected a large part of the west side of the island of La Palma. During this bus tour you can find some traces. But the emphasis of the bus tour is on discovering the culture and nature of La Palma.

Private Tenerife bus tours

Discover Tenerife in an exclusive way
🌟 Tour duration: 5 hours approx.
16 Reviews - 4.75

Private excursions to the volcano El Teide

If you are looking for a more exclusive way to visit the Teide, this private tour is a great choice to give you a unique experience to the Teide National Park. The natural park of this volcano is an eye-catching destination, either during the day or at sunset. A day trip to Teide is more often booked, because the views at this location are breathtaking. Meanwhile at sunset, one of the best sunsets in Tenerife can be seen fro the Volcano Teide.

Teide private tour route

After picking you up at your hotel, we will stop in Vilaflor, a little beautiful village. Here it is possible to see the famous and old Pino Gordo tree. Throughout the tour we will visit different breathtaking viewpoints. Los Roques de Garcia is the most remarkable place in Teide National Park. Another important stop is at Pico Viejo, the second highest peak in Tenerife.

Cable car option

During the private Teide tour, it is also possible to take the cable car up Teide. It is a great option, since from here the views will be even better. You will have to arrange your own tickets and we can advise you a time to choose.

🌟 Tour duration: 8 hours approx.
25 Reviews - 4.68

Private tours Tenerife North

This is the most exclusive way to visit the North of Tenerife, where you will receive greater comfort and a professional guide. During this tour, you will have the opportunity to visit the most important points of La Laguna, Anaga, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Candelaria.

La Laguna city tour

La Laguna is the first destination of this trip. Here you will have enough time to admire the beauty of the architecture of the place, while enjoying a delicious ‘barraquito’ coffee.

Private hiking tour in Anaga

During the journey through Anaga, it is possible to have a very pleasant walk in an amazing green environment.

Santa Cruz guided private tour

The first stop in Santa Cruz will be at Las Teresitas beach, one of the most famous beaches in Tenerife. Later, you will visit the capital city, where you will have time for a break to visit the African Market.

Transfer to Candelaria

This beautiful village is recognized for being the most important religious center in the Canary Islands. Candelaria also stands out for its caves and natural beaches.

🌟 Tour duration: 5 or 8 hours.
16 Reviews - 4.75

Private island tour to the west of Tenerife

During this private tour, you will discover the amazing volcanic landscapes that were formed after volcanic eruptions. You will have the opportunity to visit the island in a more exclusive way.

Private tour to Masca village

In Masca there are deep ravines and cliffs that end up in the Atlantic Ocean. During the stop at the viewpoint of Masca, spectacular photos of the landscape can be taken.

Private tour to Garachico

Garachico has an extensive historical and artistic heritage preserved for the enjoyment of its inhabitants and visitors. Here you will visit important spots.

Masca and Garachico tour

The Small West Tenerife island tour will be a shorter tour, but with everything you need to discover the West part of the island. During this tour you will not visit the Teide, therefore you will have more time to enjoy the highlights.

Masca, Garachico and Teide tour

On this Extended West Tenerife island tour you will also have time to visit the highlights of Masca and Garachico. After visiting these two important villages, we drive towards the Teide National Park.

Tenerife bus trips

Guided Tenerife bus tours

The best way to see Tenerife and the neighbouring islands is with a guided bus tour from Club Canary. You will be picked up from the vicinity of your accommodation in the south of Tenerife or Puerto de la Cruz and dropped off after the tour has finished. The nice thing about this is that these bus tours are accompanied by an experienced guide in your chosen language. 

About the buses

For the Tenerife bus tours, good quality buses are used with an average capacity of 30 people per tour. These buses do not have a toilet, as they are slightly smaller to be able to drive through the mountain roads of the Canary Islands. They do have air conditioning, enough leg room and storage space for two wheelchairs. In addition to an experienced bus driver, a guide accompanies each bus trip.

Large selection of Tenerife bus tours

Many people who visit Tenerife are unaware of how wonderful the Canary Islands are in terms of scenery. There are many other wonderful things to see besides the volcano El Teide. These include local villages, natural parks and natural swimming pools. Hence, there is a great selection of Tenerife tours that are all individually focused on seeing certain highlights and beauties of the Canary Islands.

Tenerife VIP tours

Club Canary is known as the top provider of luxury private boat trips in Tenerife. To fulfill certain wishes of luxury travelers, we also have a selection of private island tours in Tenerife available. These private island tours can be customized and give you the option to explore the island together with a licensed guide.

Best Tenerife island tours

In this selection of island tours you will find the most popular Tenerife bus tours. There are several ways to explore the island as you can find in the selection of Tenerife excursions, among which quad tours are a very popular choice among tourists. Still, the bus tours are the best options for people who would like to receive some information from a guide. If you would also like to go hiking, there are Tenerife hiking trips that take you deeper into the nature of Tenerife.