Natural Pool Garachico

El Caletón in Garachico

One of the most beautiful natural swimming pools in Tenerife is El Caletón which is located in the beautiful Canarian village of Garachico. These volcanic pools in Tenerife are created by the last eruption of the Trevejo volcano back in 1700. It buried a lot of the Garachico town and as the lava reached the sea it formed these natural swimming pools, which are now one of the must-sees in Tenerife. The natural swimming pools of Garachico are one of the safest natural pools in Tenerife for swimming and even jumping off the rocks because the water is quite calm and there is a good overview of the area.

What To do in Garachico

Not only should you pay a visit to Garachico because of the “El Caletón” natural pools, but you’ll also be able to see a part of one of the most beautiful historic centers of Tenerife. In this lovely village, you can find shops and nearby restaurants which are mostly specialized in seafood. Also in Garachico, you can find the cliffs of La Culata. La Culata is an authentic fossil marine cliff in which natural and rural elements are mixed. You can visit Garachico on one of our most popular Tenerife bus tours! Click here to read more about it.

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  1. I’ve been here with my wife and son and it was fantastic. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful natural swimming pools in Tenerife. My son wanted to jump in the water, so he was able to do so here and he loved it. Thank you very much for this article!


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