Why You Can’t Swim with Dolphins Tenerife: Understanding Ethical Wildlife Encounters

There are many reasons why you can’t swim with dolphins in Tenerife. However, we are going to show you the 3 most ethical options for dolphin encounters and the most similar to swimming with dolphins. In Tenerife, you can observe dolphins and even whales all year round. Moreover, the sea channel between the islands of Tenerife and La Gomera is home to a wide variety of animals. Of the 80 marine mammals listed in the world, 23 are found in these waters.

Four dolphins swimming in formation underwater, with light from the surface illuminating their sleek bodies

Can you swim with dolphins in Tenerife?

Swimming with wild dolphins is not permitted in Tenerife, as it can significantly impact their natural behaviors and safety. Close human interactions can make dolphins more susceptible to threats like boat collisions, entanglement in fishing gear, and even intentional harassment. Moreover, scientific studies have shown that such encounters can lead to habitat desertion, reduced reproductive success, altered activity patterns, and increased stress.

Penalty for swimming with dolphins Tenerife

Any act of pursuit that may disrupt the behavior of a marine mammal is prohibited by law. Swimming with resting bottlenose dolphins can be “harassment” under the Marine Mammal Protection Act. If you do it, you are breaking the law and must pay a costly fine. Swimming with dolphins is not ethical or responsible tourism, and it is critical that tourists be aware of this.

Tenerife Swim With Dolphins During A Boat Trip

In Tenerife there are many options for boat trips where you can see whales and dolphins from the boat. The dolphins like to swim next to the boat, it’s like a game for them. So this is a similar way to swim with dolphins in Tenerife, as you will be very close to them, but respecting their natural habitat.

If you are an animal lover and respect animals and nature, the best way to appreciate these amazing creatures is to watch them from a Tenerife dolphin watching tour on a boat with a blue certificate. The blue flag certificate guarantees that whale watching activities are legal while contributing to marine life protection, conservation and environmental awareness.

Swim With Dolphins Tenerife: The Only Way

Although swimming with wild dolphins is not allowed in Tenerife, you can go in the water with dolphins and meet them at Aqualand. Aqualand Tenerife offers interaction programs with dolphins that are designed to be educational and engaging for visitors, while prioritizing the welfare of the dolphins. These programs are typically conducted in controlled environments, such as dolphin enclosures within the park, where the dolphins are cared for by professionals.

Another way to get up close to the dolphins is at the Loro Parque. This zoo offers a unique experience with their dolphin shows. A unique feature of the dolphin show at Loro Park is the opportunity for a selected group of audience members to board a motorboat that enters the dolphin pool. This is a special segment designed to provide an up-close experience with the dolphins in a controlled environment.

Swimming With Dolphins in Tenerife: What Should You Do?

In conclusion, while the allure of swim with dolphins Tenerife is understandable, respecting their well-being and natural habitats takes precedence. Facilities in Tenerife offer educational encounters that highlight the importance of dolphin conservation, but the most ethical and respectful choice is to admire these intelligent creatures from a distance, such as during a boat trip. By prioritizing responsible wildlife tourism, we contribute to the protection of dolphins and their ecosystems, ensuring they remain a source of wonder and inspiration for generations to come. Have a responsible holiday in Tenerife!

Girl with inflatable dolphin pretending to swim with dolphins Tenerife