What to wear to a boat party

Boat party outfit

What comes to mind for many people when they are invited to a party is mainly not the venue, but the fun, excitement and celebrations. Considering that many parties take place in the evening, you always think of formal wear and something that can look glamorous in the bright, spinning lights. In such a situation, what do you wear to a party on a boat?

Boat parties are different, they can be more fun and can take place at any time of day. Not forgetting that you will often be jumping off the boat for a little swim in the sea.

So the sailing outfit for a yacht party will be a little different to what you would wear for a simple party.

Girls having lunch on boat party

How to dress for a boat party

In general, dress codes for nautical parties vary from casual to smart depending on the event. We think the key is to choose a fairly casual outfit. Flowing dresses and skirts, soft trousers and comfortable shirts are ideal. 

Don’t forget that you can always use a stylish one-piece swimming costume, such as a bodysuit to wear under shorts, trousers or a skirt and a bikini top to offset any bottom style. Just make sure the swimming costume is simple if you plan to wear it as an outing outfit.

For the men, the choice is less varied, but we advise you to opt for an equally casual outfit as the women.

Go for a plain t-shirt and swimming shorts or if you want something a bit more formal, a polo shirt or linen shirt and trousers will do the trick.

Most importantly, don’t forget to bring your swimsuit! 

Boat trips are all about having fun, so don’t feel like you have to dress up. A simple, casual outfit is perfect for a boat trip.

What kind of textiles to wear and what about colours

The nautical colours of black, blue and white will work wonders when complemented with bright colours such as green, yellow and bright red. These are the colours that make you feel relaxed and ready to party.

Did you know that many people’s favourite summer fabric is linen? Linen clothes will keep you cool and stylish, even if they get wrinkled. Pair linen with nautical shorts to bring out a cute, sailor-inspired look.

Trust us, with our tips you’ll be perfect for your party!

Girls on a boat party at sunset
Two girls sitting on sun pad cushions on a boat and enjoy some sushi

What to bring for a boat trip

If you want to have a perfect boat trip, don’t forget this:

  1. Your towel
  2. A pair of sunglasses
  3. Sun cream
  4. Your swimming costume
  5. A change of clothes

A change of clothes is not compulsory, but is often recommended. You never really know what can happen on board a boat and it is better to be prepared in case your clothing gets wet.

When you take a boat trip or go to a boat party, you enter a new world! The world of infinite freedom awaits you, with its fresh sea breezes and endless expanses of water. Savour the beauty of the sea beaches and immerse yourself in the sea water for a divine feeling. A boat ride is simply exotic and rejuvenating when you sail with your friends or family members. Go ahead and make unforgettable memories on your boat ride!

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