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Consulting with Roy Schijvens - Elevate Your Canary Islands Tour Business

Gain valuable insights with Roy Schijvens in tailored consulting sessions, ideal for anyone looking to start or enhance their excursion business in the Canary Islands. Perfect for discussing tour business strategies, marketing, and industry trends. Choose between an insightful coffee chat or a comprehensive lunch meeting for a deeper exploration of your business ideas. Available in-person or online for your convenience.

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Expert Consulting with Roy Schijvens – Navigate the Tour Industry with Confidence

Meet Roy Schijvens, CEO of Club Canary, and your guide to mastering the tour industry in the Canary Islands. Specializing in Tenerife, yet well-versed in Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, and Lanzarote, Roy offers invaluable insights for launching or enhancing your excursion business.

Comprehensive Industry Insights

Roy Schijvens brings a wealth of knowledge in pricing, marketing, tourist preferences, language importance, and eco-friendly practices. With his experience in managing an annual ad spend in the six-digit range and collaborating with over 100 partners, Roy offers expert advice to help your venture not only succeed but also stand out in the competitive tourism market.

Tailored Consulting Sessions

  • 30-Minute Coffee Consult: Engage in a casual yet insightful chat over coffee, ideal for succinct advice (459€).
  • 90-Minute Lunch Consult: Delve into an extensive lunch meeting with thorough discussions and pre-session data preparation (895€).

Roy prefers face-to-face sessions at Plaza del Duque, Tenerife, to add a personal dimension. Nonetheless, online consultations are available for greater flexibility. Fluent in English and Dutch, Roy is also comfortable conducting sessions in Spanish or German.

Customized Group Sessions and Travel

Roy is available for presentations and group sessions at different locations, with custom quotes based on specific requirements.

Pricing and Policy

No discounts; prices subject to a bi-annual 10% increase, reflecting the significant value and potential savings from avoiding costly mistakes. Roy’s insights can save you thousands by sharing lessons learned from Club Canary’s extensive partnerships and substantial ad spend.

Consulting for Global Tour Companies

Roy’s expertise extends globally, particularly for tour companies competing with platforms like Viator or Get Your Guide. He focuses on leveraging local advantages, standing out online, handling copycats, employee training, website SEO, and strategies to outperform bigger competitors and copycat businesses