Calima in Tenerife

Prepare yourself for Calima in Tenerife

You wake up and feel the warm temperature, but don’t see any clouds. You walk outside and see that everything is covered in sand. Everything suggests it is calima.

Calima in Tenerife, yellow skies

FAQ: What you need to know about calima

What is calima?

“Calima” is the name that the local people of the Canary Islands use to describe the Saharan Air Layer―a burst of dusty, warm wind from a Saharan storm that crosses over from the African desert. It’s a hot, dry fog that irritates the airways, reduces visibility and deposits a layer of fine dust over everything.

How often is there calima?

This phenomenon can happen at any time of year but it is usually associated with the hot air found on the islands during the summer months.

How long does calima last?

Usually, calima ranges in time scale from a few hours up to a week. After that, the sky starts to clear up and the visibility improves gradually.

What is the weather like when there is calima?

When there is calima, there is usually a big shift in temperature. Tourists are delighted with such weather, especially during the winter months. However, it’s important to point out that spending long periods of time outside when there is calima can affect your respiratory system, especially if you’re allergic.

What causes calima?

It is caused by a dust storm that is stirred up by high winds in the Sahara and is then driven over the Canary Islands by south easterly winds.

Does calima make you feel sick?

Calima can cause eye redness, respiratory problems, sore throat, lack of energy and headaches.

How to prepare yourself for Calima

  1. Drink enough water


  2. Stay indoors as much as possible


  3. Wear sunglasses and sunscreen


  4. Wear suitable clothing and stay in the shade



Fun things to do in Tenerife during a sandstorm

Don’t let this ruin your wonderful holiday. There are still plenty of fun things to do. Some tips from us:

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