Mastering Tipping in Tenerife: Your Essential Guide to Generosity

How much do you tip in Tenerife?

If you’re visiting the Canary Islands for the first time, you might wonder about the etiquette of tipping in Tenerife and its neighboring islands like Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, and Lanzarote. Unlike some countries where gratuities are almost mandatory, tipping in Tenerife and the other islands is not compulsory but is certainly appreciated. A tip of at least 10% on top of your bill is a common way to show appreciation for service received, though it’s important to note that this is separate from the 7% IGIC (Impuesto General Indirecto Canario), which is the local sales tax equivalent to IVA on the mainland.

This guide was created in response to many inquiries from Club Canary clients, who often ask whether it’s customary to tip for activities or services during their stay in the Canary Islands. We understand that navigating tipping customs can be confusing for tourists, and we hope this guide provides clarity and helps enhance your vacation experience in the Canary Islands.

give tips in Tenerife

Where Tipping in Tenerife is Expected: Navigating Gratuities Across the Islands

Give tips in restaurants

The hospitality industry is very well known in Spain for its amazing gastronomy and opening long hours. You will be able to see any bar open almost 24 hours in Spain, with the kitchen being open in many places up to 21:00 or 22:00, differently than in other countries such as the UK for example. Hospitality workers work long hours, to be able to serve customers breakfast, lunch, tapas, and dinner until late time. Therefore, if you had a good service a 10% is much more appreciated for hospitality staff.


Tipping in the Canary Islands always depends on how generous you are, always optional but very welcomed. The price of the taxi in Tenerife, is very cheap if you compare with other countries. Approximately around 1 euro / minute.

If you want to know how much tip you should give, and if you would like to reward your driver you will be welcome to give around 10% also.


Guides in the Canary Island are the people in charge of making your holiday unforgettable. The person you will remember when you come back home. In the tourism industry we do our best to make peoples life better and work hard for you to disconnect while you are on holiday. If you think the person did an excellent job; do you have to tip in Tenerife? The guide will be very grateful if you do it. 

Another way of tipping in Tenerife to the guides is buying the pictures of the excursion. It is a popular system in the Canary Islands on how the guides get their “tips” as a way of the percentage sold on the pictures. So, this is another way of giving a tip to your guide in Tenerife.

Tipping at private charters in Tenerife

As with the previous examples, it is customary to tip during private charters in Tenerife. The captain, sailor or crew member involved will be exclusive to you during the private charter to provide a personalized service. Sometimes the sailor will also be a guide and not just responsible for the boat itself in Tenerife. In some cases, the sailor will also be responsible for a personal tour of the marine fauna or history of the area. Because of this customized service, it is common for clients to leave tips on private boats in the Canary Islands. 

How much should you tip on private charters in Tenerife? That depends on you; it is optional and of course depends on your budget and the level of service you received on board. Normally the crew is grateful for any tip starting from 6% for normal Tenerife boat rentals and 4% for the Tenerife luxury yacht charters.

Tourism activities

The guides are the people who are there present during the activities, but the tourism industry involves many other people who you do not see directly, just like us. Our Club Canary team will also be happy to receive tips if they did an excellent job. How much do you tip in Tenerife? As previously said, a 10% is usually okay, but if you want to leave less or more, you are also more than welcome.