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💎 Affordable Luxury
👥 Up to 12 people.
📍 Departs: Puerto de Mogán.

Gran Canaria Yacht Charters: Experience the Sea in Luxury

Discover Gran Canaria with Club Canary’s yacht charter. Enjoy refreshments, snacks, and meals. Our multilingual crew is ready to help. Snorkel, relax, or soak in the sun on our yacht. We offer transport from south Gran Canaria. Start your sea adventure from Puerto de Mogán with us.

🎯 Value Voyage
👥 Up to 6 people.
📍 Departs: Puerto Deportivo.

Private Boat Hire Gran Canaria: Ocean Fun with Club Canary

Explore Gran Canaria’s beautiful waters on a private boat trip. Enjoy drinks, snacks, and great sea views. Our friendly, multilingual crew is here to help. Swim, relax, or see dolphins with us. We offer easy hotel pickups and meals on long trips. Join for a memorable journey.

💍 Say Yes Setting
👥 Up to 10 people.
📍 Departs: Puerto de Mogán.

Gran Canaria Private Boat: Beautiful Sunset Views with Club Canary

Join Club Canary on a VIP sunset cruise. Sail on calm waters and witness a vibrant sunset, all while sipping drinks and enjoying food. The 3-hour journey offers stunning views of Gran Canaria’s coast. Return under the stars and make lasting memories. Perfect for special events or relaxed evenings. Experience a unique sunset with us.

😎 Chill Catamarans
👥 Up to 6 people.
📍 Departs: Arguineguín.

Day Boat Hire Gran Canaria

Experience freedom with Club Canary’s self-drive boats. No license? No worries! Captain stylish mini catamarans, designed for adventure and comfort. From premium sound to hassle-free fuel, navigate Gran Canaria’s stunning waters. Book today for an unforgettable sea rendezvous.

👨‍✈️ Sailor's Top Pick
👥 Up to 8 people.
📍 Departs: Puerto de Mogán.

Boat Hire Gran Canaria: Fun Sailing Trips

Join Club Canary for a fun boat trip on the big blue sea. Enjoy drinks, food, and cool water activities. Our friendly crew helps make your day special. Book now and have a great sea adventure with us!

🍖 BBQ Vibes
👥 Up to 10 people.
📍 Departs: Puerto de Mogán.

Boat Hire Puerto de Mogán

Sail with Club Canary in Puerto de Mogán. Our private trips are great for groups and families. Enjoy drinks, snacks, and food on longer trips. With our captain, see dolphins or sunbathe. Choose from short to long adventures. Experience the best of Gran Canaria’s waters with us.


💍 Just the Way You Want It:

Celebrating a birthday? Thinking of a wedding proposal on the sea? Or just looking for a calm boat ride? Whatever it is, let us know. We're here to make it special for you.

💰 Easy Payment Options:

You can either pay a deposit first and the rest later, or cover the full amount right away. It's up to you!

⚓ We Sail, Not Just Talk:

Some companies just talk about boat rentals, but our local Canary team actually sails! Every year, we have fun team trips on yachts to really know what we're offering.

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Gran Canaria Day Charters

If you’re looking for an unparalleled sailing experience around the Canary Islands, our yacht holiday charter options await below. Dive in and start your dream journey!

Dream of sailing around the Canary Islands, sleeping under the stars, and waking up to the gentle waves? A yacht charter holiday with Club Canary can make that dream come true!

How It Works:

  1. Personal Consultation: Reach out to us to discuss your dream yacht holiday. Our experts will guide you through the available options and help tailor an experience just for you.

  2. Planning Ahead: Due to the bespoke nature of these holidays, we advise booking well in advance. This ensures we can secure the best yacht and crew for your chosen dates.

  3. Experienced Crew Availability: Your safety and comfort are paramount. We’ll arrange for an experienced crew to be available for your charter, ensuring a seamless and luxurious sailing experience.

A Few Things to Note:

  • Yacht charter holidays are truly special, offering a unique experience of the Canary Islands. However, they require a bit more preparation than typical excursions. The end result? A once-in-a-lifetime journey tailored just for you.

  • While we strive to provide a hassle-free booking experience, the intricate nature of these holidays means we’ll need a bit of time to arrange all the details. But trust us, the extra effort is worth the unparalleled experience!

Set sail on an unforgettable adventure with Club Canary. Contact us to start planning your yacht charter holiday!

🔄 Flexible Bookings!

Book your boat charter without worries. Need to change or cancel? We’ve got you covered, usually at no extra cost. Check the policy on the boat charter you pick for full details.