Supporting Dog Shelter Tenerife: A Guide to Animal Rescue Efforts on the Island

Dog shelters in Tenerife

Many people from all over the world are moving to Tenerife to start their dream life on this island. Lots of these people are animal lovers and decide to take a faithful companion into their life. Unfortunately, this does not always end well. Because it often happens that people who live abroad are forced by unexpected circumstances to travel back to their birth country. Certainly the covid situation has obliged many animal owners to do this. And sadly not everyone is able to take their beloved dog or cat with them. Thankfully, in Tenerife we have dog shelters that can receive these dogs and cats in emergencies. Although there are several dog shelters in Tenerife, we have written below about our visit we made to the K9 sanctuary.

Puppy of K9 dog shelter tenerife

K9 dog rescue in Tenerife

The dog shelter was formed in 1993 and is situated in a wonderful isolated spot in the south of Tenerife near the town of San Miguel. K9 sanctuary is a bit remote, but it can be easily reached by car. In case you don’t have a car, you can ask through the K9 facebook community if you can drive along with someone. Visitors are welcome to the K9 Sanctuary of Tenerife every day from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm. There are also two lovely walking routes in the surrounding area that guests can enjoy with the sanctuary’s dogs. Walking with the dogs is a wonderful activity for both the visitors and the dogs, but it is important to arrive on time, as this activity is only available from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Road to animal shelter K9 in Tenerife

Dogs for adoption in Tenerife

K9 in Tenerife always has sweet dogs waiting to be adopted. In this dog shelter you will find different breeds of dogs from young too old. Furthermore, K9 regularly has puppies available for adoption. On their website you can see which dogs and cats they have in their shelter.

Dog in animal shelter in Tenerife

4 Free things you can do to support K9 in Tenerife

These sweet dogs from K9 like to get attention. That is why you can always go to the animal shelter to cuddle the dogs or walk with them. It is no big effort, but you will make their day. K9 has a charity shop on the square of Alcala, here you can bring things that you no longer use to help the K9 dog shelter. During my visit to K9 I had the pleasure to meet some volunteers and received a small tour from Katarina. Coincidentally, a dog had just been adopted at K9 and the enthusiastic response of the volunteer team was priceless. You can immediately see that these volunteers do their work with a lot of love. Still, they can always use extra help from people with the same motivation. For those who are interested in volunteering to help in a dog shelter in Tenerife, you can apply to become a volunteer at K9.

Dog lying in his cage in the K9 dog shelter

Events that take place at K9

Older dogs are often not chosen so quickly, this is because most people prefer a playful young dog. However, sometimes you have people visiting K9 and asking especially for an older dog. These sweet people adopt the dog with the thought that the dog can spend its last days in a warm house. There are also some dogs in K9 who are very scared and protective. Katarina told me that occasionally people come to the shelter to get to know this particular dog. After a while they have formed an unbreakable bond with each other. Subsequently, the dog becomes adopted by his good companion to start a new chapter of life.

Make a donation to K9

All costs for shelter, food and medical expenses are covered by donations. Donations are therefore of the utmost importance for K9 to continue to receive the dogs and give them the care they deserve. If you could spare a little, you could help the animal shelter K9 enormously. Making a donation can be arranged at K9 itself or through the link below that will lead you to the website of K9.

k9 dogs tenerife
Cats from K9 animal shelter