Sunrise and Sunset Tenerife: Unveiling the Best Times and Spots for Spectacular Views

Tenerife sunrise and sunset times

The average day in Tenerife consists of 12 hours and 29 minutes of daylight. The table beneath shows you the average time of the day for each month when the sun sets and the sun rises. You can also find the direction from where the sun rises and sets in Tenerife. For instance, the table indicates that in Tenerife the sun rises between the northeast and southeast and then sets again between the southwest and northwest. It is good to be aware that the table below shows the average for each month, if you want to find out the exact information for each day, we advise you to use this page.

When will the clocks be adjusted in Tenerife

On Sunday 27 October 2024 at 02:00 the clock will be moved back by 1 hour, with the result that the next day the sunset will take place 1 hour earlier. On Sunday 31 March 2024 at 01:00 am the clock in Tenerife will be moved forward 1 hour, which means that the next day the sunset will take place 1 hour later.

Tenerife sunrise and sunset chart

Tenerife   JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec
Sunrise Avg 07:5507:4107:1507:3507:1607:0807:1807:3407:5008:0507:2807:48
Sunset Avg 18:3118:5419:1320:3120:4821:0321:0120:4120:0919:3518:1418:13
Sunrise location113℃103℃92℃78℃68℃63℃65℃75℃86℃99℃110℃115℃
Sunset location248℃256℃267℃282℃293℃297℃294℃286℃273℃260℃247℃244℃

Tenerife best places to watch the sunset

There are a lot of beautiful places in Tenerife to watch the sunset, however Club Canary has made an absolute top 5 list just for you.

  • The 5th place is an easy guess and that’s watching the sunset from one of the beautiful beaches in Tenerife.
  • The number 4 position on the list is watching the sunset from the village of Los Gigantes which is known for its magnificent cliffs on which you’ll see the light of the sun slowly fading away.
  • On number 3 we have an extremely daring way of watching the sunset, that is during the Teide quad biking trip
  • Then number 2 is an excursion where you will see the sunset from the volcano El Teide. Above the clouds, you can enjoy a glass of cava to make the most of the sunset. Afterwards, this romantic experience continues with dinner in a restaurant followed by stargazing in the national park of El Teide. 
  • The winner of the top 5 is the Tenerife sunset cruise on which you will first go whale watching before stopping in a beautiful bay to have dinner. After you have eaten we cruise towards the sunset, this creates an unreal romantic moment, that’s why many people regularly book this excursion to be able to make an irresistible marriage proposal in Tenerife.

Most stunning sunrise of Spain

Unfortunately, I may have to disappoint some of you because the secret that Club Canary is going to reveal to you is not partying in one of Tenerife’s clubs until the sun rises. For this unique experience your journey begins in El Teide National Park where you will be amazed by the gorgeous bright stars that will light up the path to the most amazing sunrise in the whole of Spain. The walk to the top of Teide is not easy, but it is definitely worth it. With 3718 meters, El Teide is the highest point of Spain and therefore the best location in all of Spain to watch the sunrise. The top of El Teide can be reached in 2 different ways that you can uncover from our Tenerife free walking map.

sunset tenerife march
Girl lies in front of boat during sunset trip in Tenerife