Ultimate Guide to Los Gigantes: Top Things to Do in Tenerife’s Majestic Cliffs Area!

What to do during a vacation in Los Gigantes

Los Gigantes is a popular holiday destination on the west coast of Tenerife. The name Los Gigantes means: the giants. It owes its name to the gigantic cliffs that surround it, in the time of the Guanches the cliffs of Los Gigantes were also referred to as the wall of hell. Los Gigantes is only a 30-40 minute car drive from Tenerife’s south airport. In addition to admiring these magnificent cliffs that rise up to an altitude of 800 metres, there are many more things to do nowadays in Los Gigantes. More information on the subject can be found below.

The best beaches of Los Gigantes

In Los Gigantes you will find 2 beautiful beaches, one of which is right next to the harbour of Los Gigantes and its name is Playa de Los Gigantes. Although the black sand beach of Playa de Los Gigantes is not very spacious you will have a great view as you are very close to the magnificent cliffs of Los Gigantes! The other beach is named Playa de la Arena and is considered to be one of the most stunning black sand beaches in Tenerife. Near this popular beach in Los Gigantes you’ll find many restaurants, apartments and walking paths. A great walking idea in Los Gigantes is to walk from Playa de la Arena to Tenerife’s most mysterious natural swimming pool known as Charco del Tancón.

6 Fun things to do

There are plenty of things to do when staying in Los Gigantes. But it is also possible to visit Los Gigantes on an excursion that starts from Playa de Las Americas, Costa Adeje or Los Cristianos. This is available through a Tenerife whales and dolphins trips, quad tour or even via a spectacular Tenerife helicopter tour starting from Costa Adeje all the way to the cliffs of Los Gigantes.

Excursions starting from Los Gigantes

The Club Canary office and website offer a wide selection of excursions departing from Los Gigantes. Below you will find the top 3 most booked activities of tourists who stayed in Los Gigantes.

1: Siam Park is Tenerife’s most popular water park and cannot be ignored. You can reserve your Siam park tickets directly from the Club Canary website with a transfer service from Los Gigantes included! The bus that picks you up in Los Gigantes only leaves on Wednesdays and takes you to the entrance of Siam Park, which is located in Costa Adeje. After a wonderful day enjoying the many slides of Siam Park the bus will also take you back to Los Gigantes.

2: Most people say that you cannot leave Tenerife without having seen the volcano El Teide. This is because the national park of El Teide is astonishing. But did you also know how wonderful El Teide can be at night? Therefore on the number 2 position is the excursion: stargazing in Tenerife. This popular excursion will introduce you to El Teide in night under the guidance of an expert who will guide you in observing the stars and other planets using lasers and telescopes. Teide by night excursion also includes pick-up points in the Los Gigantes area.

3: Going on a jet ski in Tenerife is extremely popular especially in the Costa Adeje area. However, there is also a jet ski trip to Los Gigantes. Naturally, this is a great adventure as you cruise along the cliffs of Los Gigantes.

3 jet ski's near the cliffs of Los Gigantes

Boat excursions to Los Gigantes

Whale and dolphin watching is one of the best things to do in Tenerife. Because these wonderful animals can be admired all year round in the ocean areas close to the Canary Islands. If you want to hire a boat in Tenerife or go on a shared whale watching excursion, the most popular choice is to depart from the harbor of Costa Adeje. In case you want to go on a boat from Costa Adeje to Los Gigantes you will need at least 2 hours to get there, and then 2 hours to return back to Costa Adeje. A very popular whale watching trip to Los Gigantes is with the Freebird Catamaran. The Freebird offers a beautiful cruise on their catamaran where you will pass Los Gigantes and afterwards arrive in the magnificent bay of Masca for a break. But when you are looking for more privacy and luxury than the White Heaven boat departing from Puerto Colon is a great option to travel with towards Los Gigantes.

Nice walks in Los Gigantes area

Los Gigantes has a pleasant boulevard along the ocean with spectacular views where you can enjoy a lovely walk. While walking along this promenade of Los Gigantes you will find many shops, restaurants and cafes. A good idea is to plan your walk in Los Gigantes in such a way that you can end with a beautiful sunset. Club Canary has prepared a special report in which you can find the sunset times of Tenerife. When you want to take a long hike from Los Gigantes you can follow the Barranco del Santiago which leads you into a high located volcanic landscape. 

How is the nightlife in Los Gigantes

In Los Gigantes you will find Highland Paddy where you can regularly find live music, or where you can attend a karaoke night. However, if you want to experience the ultimate nightlife of Tenerife it’s wiser to come to Playa de Las Americas, because here you will find all sorts of different clubs to choose from. More information can be found on our blog which has been dedicated to the party scene of southern Tenerife. When you are looking to meet new people in Los Gigantes during the day, then the trendy Oasis swimming pool is definitely a good place for you to visit!