Black Friday in Tenerife

Black Friday deals in Tenerife

Black Friday is extremely popular in America and is known as the busiest shopping day of the year. This day stands for the beginning of Christmas shopping and many companies compete with special prices to get as many sales as possible. Like with Halloween and many other American traditions, the popularity of this shopping holiday is growing rapidly in Europe and on our beautiful island as well. In Tenerife you can expect an enormous amount of traffic during the period of Black Friday and shops such as MediaMarkt and Primark are usually completely packed with people.

Some great places to shop at during Black Friday in Tenerife

Black Friday starts on Friday which in 2022 will fall on November 25 and will end on Monday, also known as Cyber Monday when many websites offer special discounts as well. In Tenerife, there’s several shopping centers where you can certainly find some great Black Friday offers. Some popular shopping centers that usually participate in Black Friday activities are Siam Mall, El Corte Inglés, and Plaza del Duque. It is also smart to look at some Black Friday holiday deals to Tenerife. The Hard Rock Hotel in Tenerife for example has had some great deals during Black Friday in the past.

Shops to keep an eye on

There are always businesses that are more active with Black Friday offers than others. We’ve listed some of the bigger shops in Tenerife to keep an eye on down below.

Electronics shops

Black Friday is a very popular day for buying new electronics such as TVs and gaming consoles. Media Markt in Tenerife is very well known for its Black Friday deals but their competitor Worten is also a popular choice and you can definitely expect some great offers there as well.

Furniture shops

The furniture shops in Tenerife don’t stay behind with their Black Friday deals either. We know that stores such as Ikea and Conforama are definitely active participants in this popular holiday. However, it often happens that the Black Friday deals of these shops are listed on their website and not always in your local shops so make sure to check online as well.

Tours and tickets

If you’re looking for some fantastic excursions in Tenerife for a great price, Club Canary is the place for that! During Black Friday, Club Canary offers several promotions. Keep in mind that the tickets can be booked already 6 months in advance. Besides the best price guarantee, tickets can also be cancelled for free up to 48 hours before the scheduled departure of the excursion. We’ve already announced two amazing early deals as well: NYE Boat trip and the private Christmas boat trip which are definitely worth checking out. For more updates, follow Club Canary’s Facebook page.

Highly demanded tours

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  1. This year Black Friday will be celebrated as usual, but the shops will take appropriate COVID-19 measures to avoid big crowds in the shops. You can expect a queue in several shops so make sure to take this into account when you go shopping.


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