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Best zoos of Tenerife

Tenerife has three amazing zoos:

  1. Loro Parque: it is the best known zoo in Tenerife. There are more than 400 animal species in the whole park. There are restaurants, shops and a children’s leisure area.
  2. Jungle Park: here you can see many animals and experience numerous adventures. Families love this park and its animals and activities.
  3. Monkey Park: it is a small zoo where you can find different monkeys species. But you can also find other animals such as snakes or lizards.

Loro Parque zoo Tenerife

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Biggest zoo in Tenerife

The Loro Parque is the biggest zoo in Tenerife. Come to Loro Parque and admire the lions, penguins, aquarium, orcas show, and many other amazing animals.

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Tenerife zoo with killer whales

The Loro Parque is the only zoo in Tenerife with killer whales, also known as orcas. In this park you can see shows of sea lions, parrots, dolphins and killer whales. 

Zoo Tenerife south

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Jungle zoo Tenerife

The Jungle Park zoo is located in Tenerife south. In this park you can see many animals such as leopards and crocodiles. Moreover, there is an Adventure Park for children.

Tenerife zoo Los Cristianos

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Tenerife zoo Monkey Park

The Monkey Park is located in Los Cristianos, the south of Tenerife. Although the monkeys are the main attraction at this zoo, there are also turtles, parrots, iguanas…

Best zoo in Tenerife

As there are several zoos in Tenerife, maybe you have doubts and you don’t know which one to visit. Loro Parque is the best known zoo and has won the award for the best zoo in the world. This zoo is highly recommended. However, if you are looking for a cheaper zoo that can be seen in fewer hours, we recommend Jungle Park.

Tenerife zoos FAQ

Yes, in Tenerife there are three zoos: Loro Parque, Jungle Park and Monkey Park. 

Loro Parque can be considered ethical if we take into account their 5 principles: freedom from hunger and thirst; from discomfort through appropriate environment; from pain, injury, or disease; from fear and distress; and to express normal behaviour.

These principles are taken into account on a daily basis. In addition, Loro Parque always supports research and conservation of natural ecosystems.

Yes, you can take food into Loro Parque. Moreover, there is a picnic area in the park. There are also restaurants inside, if you prefer to order food.

Yes, Loro Parque still have killer whales and they do shows everyday.

Yes, Loro Parque is open in December and all year round.

At Loro Parque there are 400 species of animal. There is a large list of animals, but these are the ones that stand out the most:

  • Parrots, flamingos and other birds
  • Lions, bengal tigers, jaguar
  • Killer whales / orcas, dolphins, sea lions
  • Hippopotamus
  • Chimpanzees, gorillas, marmosets, tamarins, sloths
  • Penguins
  • Aquarium with aquatic species, sharks, corals, jellyfish
  • Red pandas 

No, there is not a free bus to Loro Parque. However, there is a free train in Puerto de la Cruz. Loro Parque also offer buses from the south area and Los Gigantes for an extra charge.

Loro Parque is 1 hour and 10 minutes far from Costa Adeje. Check the car route here.

Tenerife zoo animals

Many different animals can be seen in Tenerife’s zoos. The Loro Parque is where you can see the greatest variety of animal species, from bats to lions. In the Jungle Park  there are different birds species, big cats and penguins, between others. 

Tenerife zoo and water park

If you want to visit a Tenerife zoo and a water park, there are two different packages.  The first one is a ticket which includes the entrance to Loro Parque and Siam Park. On the other hand, there is a package to go to Jungle Park and Aqualand.  

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