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Tenerife Snorkeling with turtles

Club Canary offers an adventure focused on snorkeling with turtles in Tenerife, ensuring a respectful experience with these marine creatures. The chances of finding them are really high, calculated on average even 90%. To swim next to turtles and to come face to face with them is an unforgettable experience you can fulfill in Tenerife. Club Canary makes it easy for you to book your snorkel tour with just only a deposit. Additionally, Club Canary offers probably the most popular snorkeling tour in Tenerife, and the best part is that you can book it easily with just a deposit.

Swimming with turtles Tenerife

Swimming with turtles in Tenerife is a wonderful experience as long as it is conducted in a respectful manner. This snorkeling excursion in Tenerife is guided by a diving school. The goal is to admire these beautiful marine animals and not disturb them. The turtles you are likely to see are large wild ocean turtles that come daily to their favorites feeding location. If you want to swim close to the turtles you do need to be able to swim reasonably well and possibly have some Free diving skills .

Turtle watching

Should you not be a hero in free diving don’t worry you can still watch the Tenerife turtles. You can normally admire the turtles from a nice distance because they do not dive very deep, moreover they come up every 4 minutes to breathe. Be careful though, you should not touch the turtles, this can cause stress and it is said that bacteria on the hands can have bad impact on the health of the sea turtles. In addition, in this blog you will find 5 tips regarding how to swim in the best way with turtles.

Turtle safari Tenerife

A turtle snorkeling tour is also called a “turtle safari.” At Club Canary, we offer 3 different Tenerife turtle safaris. The 3 different options are explained below. Whichever Tenerife snorkeling excursion you choose it is standard that the total experience lasts about 90 minutes with 50 minutes of this being for snorkeling and 40 minutes for the boat trip. There will be about 9 people participating in the snorkeling tour (unless you choose the private trip). The boat we use to navigate to the snorkeling location is a Zodiac.

1) Tenerife basic snorkeling tour

This is the most economical excursion for snorkeling with turtles in Tenerife, including a boat trip. This snorkeling excursion is ideal for people who have their own wetsuit and have a good level of Freediving. You will still travel by boat with the rest of the group to the snorkeling location, but here you will snorkel on your own until we return. Note should people want to come along as spectators and not snorkel they should also select this option. Please note that since there is almost no supervision, this option is only available to those 18 and older.

2) Tenerife snorkel tour

This Tenerife turtle safari is the most popular choice among tourists. This is partly because the photos of your experience are included in the price. In addition, you will receive your entire necessary outfit upon arrival, and you will be accompanied by a guide while snorkeling. Please note that even though there is a guide with you, and this person can give you some tips but will need to divide their attention among the entire group. In case it is your first snorkeling experience and you are not a great swimmer it might be better to book the private snorkeling trip so you can get more time and attention from the guide.

3) Tenerife private snorkeling trip

This private snorkeling excursion, perfect for snorkeling with turtles in Tenerife, is ideal for those seeking something exclusive or desiring privacy. It’s also great for individuals needing extra guidance or more time to capture stunning underwater photos.

Snorkeling with turtles in Tenerife location

Snorkeling with turtles in Tenerife takes place at the caves of Palm Mar. This is a quiet place that is not normally accessible without means of transport. At this place, besides turtles, other animals often come to eat, such as colorful fish, rays, octopuses or squids in their natural habitat. But of these animals, the Tenerife turtles are the most in sight and therefore the easiest to spot. Club Canary has a partnership with the diving school Vibe Dive, based in Playa de las Américas. In addition to diving in Tenerife, the Vibe Dive Center also arranges these amazing snorkeling excursions in Tenerife. The multilingual team will provide you with all the necessary snorkeling equipment if needed. The staff at Vibe Dive are experienced divers with a love for the ocean, and therefore you can be sure that any snorkeling trip with turtles will be conducted respectfully and safely.

About the turtles

  • You can spot turtles in Tenerife throughout the year, making it a year-round turtle season! During our snorkeling trips, you have around a 90% chance of seeing them, based on our snorkel guides’ stats from over 350 trips in 2023.
  • The pleasant water temperature and nutrient-rich ocean keep the turtles close to Tenerife’s coast all year round. Typically, early afternoon or morning snorkeling offers the best conditions as the ocean is calmer.
  • As of now, we only have an 11:00 start time for snorkeling with turtles in Tenerife. However, keep in mind that weather can change things. Our guide or a Club Canary team member might reach out to adjust your departure time, ensuring the best conditions for your snorkeling adventure.

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