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Explore once-in-a-lifetime experiences with Club Canary Tenerife, your go-to for unique Canary Islands adventures. Prepare to dive into a selection of unmatched Tenerife boat trips and special excursion deals. Click on the images below to find our tour categories.

Tenerife Tour Agency: Unforgettable Journeys at Unbeatable Prices

Tap the image below to find Tenerife’s top activities. Get special deals from Club Canary, with up to 30% discount select adventures. Explore Tenerife offers and sign up for an exclusive discount code for extra savings. Start your adventure with the top tour agency Tenerife now.

Tenerife Tour Company: Exclusive Local Experiences

Explore six unique experiences with Club Canary, Tenerife’s top tour company. From vibrant culture to stunning landscapes, our curated excursions include a mix of Tenerife’s upcoming events, insights into Teide National Park, and exclusive stargazing at Teide. Click the photos to discover each category or book your unforgettable adventure.

Join the fun with Club Canary, your guide to Tenerife’s best events. From the famous Carnival to festive markets and shows, we make every moment special. Discover Tenerife’s events and book your adventure today.

See the stars like never before in Teide National Park with Club Canary. Enjoy group or private stargazing tours and learn why Teide is a magical place for star lovers. Start your stargazing journey with us.

Visit a local banana farm with Club Canary and see where Tenerife’s bananas grow. This affordable tour is great for families and anyone interested in local farming. Explore Tenerife’s banana farm with us.

Adventure in Teide National Park with Club Canary. Explore its beauty by bus, bike, quad, or even from the sky. We offer many ways to see Teide’s wonders. Join us to discover Teide National Park.

Swim with turtles in Tenerife’s clear waters on a responsible snorkeling trip with Club Canary. See turtles up close without harming them. This eco-friendly tour is perfect for ocean lovers. Book your snorkeling adventure now.

Learn to surf in Tenerife with Club Canary. We offer lessons for all surfing types and guide you to the best spots. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, our surfing lessons are designed for everyone. Catch your best wave with us.

Top 10 Must-Do Excursions in Tenerife

At Club Canary Tenerife, your go-to Tenerife tour company, we’re thrilled to share insights from our daily bookings, highlighting the trends among tourists seeking the ultimate Tenerife experience. While the visit to Siam Park is a universally acknowledged must-do, we, at Club Canary Tenerife, have curated a list focusing on the most booked and top-rated excursions that promise unforgettable adventures.

Here’s our exclusive guide, brought to you by Club Canary Tenerife, to the top 10 things to do in Tenerife:

1: The Atlantic Star Boat Trip: Set sail on the Atlantic Star, a charming boat that accommodates just 10 guests per trip, offering an intimate and serene sailing experience with the option to add a whale guarantee.

2: Jet Ski Safari Tenerife: Dive into excitement with our 2-hour Jet Ski safari. Unlike any other, this best-selling tour covers about 60 km, offering a thrilling exploration of Tenerife’s stunning coastline.

3: Quad Safari Tenerife: Discover the breathtaking landscapes of El Teide National Park in a guided Quad Safari. Note, this adventure focuses on the scenic routes without off-road riding, but the experience remains unparalleled.

4: La Gomera Day Trip: Explore the enchanting neighbor of Tenerife with a full-day trip to La Gomera. It’s a journey that captivates with its beauty and tranquility.

5: Teide Masca Tour: Perfect for first-time visitors, this popular island tour takes you to iconic locations like Teide and Masca, offering a comprehensive glimpse into the heart of Tenerife.

6: Tenerife Teide Tour: Ideal for families and couples, this bus tour focuses solely on the majestic Teide, offering a straightforward yet profound visit to the national park.

6: Parasailing Tenerife: Experience the thrill of flying with a parachute behind a boat, a favorite water sport that promises an adrenaline rush and spectacular views from above.

8: Mount Teide Stargazing Tour: Delve into the cosmos with our English-only stargazing excursion. Its popularity stems from the small group sizes, ensuring a personalized experience with minimal pick-up times.

9: Tenerife Fishing Trip: Join the excitement of big game fishing and the chance to catch a tuna. It’s an exhilarating adventure that makes Tenerife fishing trips a favorite among enthusiasts.

10: Buggy Safari Tenerife: Gear up for an off-road buggy adventure that’s as fun as it is unique. It’s a favorite for its thrilling routes and the joy of exploration it brings.

Dive into these adventures with us, your trusted tour agency in Tenerife, to truly experience the best of Tenerife. Whether it’s sailing, jet skiing, or exploring the natural wonders, each activity is chosen for its exceptional quality and guest satisfaction, ensuring that you’re in the best hands with your tour agency in Tenerife.

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Looking to plan your Tenerife excursions and activities with a personal touch? Club Canary Tenerife invites you to our office, open year-round from 08:00 to 16:00, welcoming customers starting at 09:30 when the Centro Comercial Plaza del Duque shopping center doors open. Find our Tenerife tour agency on the bottom floor, local B-35, ready to offer exclusive, luxury experiences tailored to your interests. Our staff are fluent in English and Spanish, with additional languages available upon request to ensure clear communication and exceptional customer service.

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Whether you’re seeking family-friendly trips, group activities, or unique things to do in Tenerife, our team at the tour agency in Tenerife is here to assist. The Plaza del Duque, a luxury shopping center in Costa Adeje, offers convenient parking with free access for the first hour, making it easy for visitors from nearby Playa de Las Américas and Los Cristianos to reach us—a tour agency in Tenerife—by a short taxi ride. Locals in Costa Adeje can easily find us on foot.

Ensuring Your Perfect Visit

To ensure we meet your specific needs, including language preferences for a smooth interaction, please confirm with us before your visit by sending us an email at, or reach out via live chat or WhatsApp. Our goal is to provide you with the perfect Tenerife adventure, combining comfort, luxury, and the best of local experiences.

Situated in a prime location, Club Canary, your trusted Tenerife tour company, is your go-to for planning unforgettable activities in Tenerife, from serene weather days out to exclusive luxury trips. As your premier Tenerife tour company, let us be part of your next Tenerife adventure — visit our office today and start exploring the best of what the island has to offer.

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Club Canary is your top tour agency choice in Tenerife, specializing in unforgettable experiences. Rooted deeply in the Canary Islands, our Tenerife-based team excels in delivering unique excursions that showcase the island’s best. Praised for clear policies and quick support, we boast a stellar 4.9 out of 5 stars from over 1100 reviews. Explore Tenerife with us and see why we’re the preferred choice for memorable journeys. Our office is in Costa Adeje, and we welcome you to visit. For directions, click here. Experience the best of Tenerife with Club Canary.

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