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Teide National Park Tenerife

Teide National Park temperature

The temperature at Teide National Park can vary depending on the altitude and time of year. At the base of the mountain, temperatures can reach around 25°C in the summer months, and around 5°C in the winter. The weather at the summit of Teide is lower and it even snows in winter.

Teide National Park cable car

There is a cable car in the Teide National Park to reach the summit. It is possible to book a Teide trip with cable car. The cable car provides stunning views of the surrounding landscape and allows visitors to reach an elevation of 3,555 meters to see the Teide volcano. The journey up the cable car takes around 8 minutes.

Costa Adeje to Teide National Park

The distance from Costa Adeje to Teide National Park is around 60 km (37 miles) and the journey by car takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes. The most common ways to visit Teide is by car or bus. It can be a guided tour that includes transportation and park tickets.

Teide observatory

Teide Observatory is one of the world's premier astronomical research centers. Tenerife stargazing is one of the most amazing things to do on the island.

Teide National Park tickets

Visit Teide National Park is free, but you can get tickets for a guided tour. If you want to take the cable car, you have to take another ticket.

Cañadas del Teide

Cañadas del Teide is an area in the Teide National Park. Cañadas del Teide is a big caldera of 17 km of diameter.

Tenerife Teide National Park

The Teide National Park is also known as a place of scientific interest and it is here where the Canarian Institude of Astrophysics is located.

Teide National Park parking

There are spacious areas to park at Teide National Park. There is a parking at the cable car station and in the Parador. These are the closest places to park.


Teide National Park is located in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. The park is situated in the center part of the island, and it's easily accessible by car or by public transport.

Teide National Park is well connected to the North and South of Tenerife. Therefore, there are different roads depending on your location:

  1. TF-21. If you are staying in the south (Costa Adeje, Las Américas, Los Crirstianos...), this road is the best option for you.
  2. TF-38. This road starts in the south-west part of the island. So, it is the easies way to do to Teide National Park when you stay in Los Gigantes.
  3. TF-24. This road is for people departing from the East, for example in La Laguna or Santa Cruz.
  4. TF-21. This road crosses from the south to the north of Tenerife. Therefore, if you are staying in the North (Puerto de la Cruz, for example), you can take this road.

There are several ways to get to Teide National Park, depending on your mode of transportation:

  1. By car: The park is easily accessible by car, and it's about an hour's drive on the road. 

  2. By bus: There are regular bus services from the main towns and resorts on Tenerife that run to the park (Lines 342 from Las Americas and 348 from Puerto de la Cruz).

  3. By guided tour: There are many guided tours available that include transportation to and from the park. The tour can be on a bus, quad, buggy, hiking, or even by helicopter.

It's important to note that the park's altitude can affect some visitors, so it's best to be prepared for changes in weather and to bring appropriate clothing and footwear.

The main reason why everyone wants to visit Teide National Park is because of the Teide volcano, as it is the highest mountain in Spain. However, there are many thing to do in Teide National Park:

  • Hiking: There are several trails that lead to the summit of Mount Teide, the park's main attraction, as well as other trails that lead to other points of interest in the park.

  • Stargazing: The park is one of the best places in Spain for stargazing due to its clear skies and lack of light pollution.

  • Wildlife watching: The park is home to a variety of wildlife, including the Teide violet, the Teide whitebeam, and the Teide Canary.

  • Cable car ride: You can take a cable car to the summit of Mount Teide, which offers spectacular views of the park and the surrounding areas.

  • Admiring the landscape: Teide National Park has a landscape that will make you think you're not on Earth.

  • Tours: From the most traditional tours like on bus, to the more exciting like paragliding or helicopter rides.

When you visit the Teide National Park, you can easily get to Teide cable car. There is a big station which you will see from the road. In addition, there is a parking area just in front of the cable car station.

More activities to do in Teide National Park

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