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Puerto Colon Costa Adeje

In Costa Adeje you will find the harbor Puerto Colon. From this port the best Tenerife whale watching tours, and Tenerife yacht charters depart. Below are some of the favorites picks.

Whale watching Costa Adeje

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Boat hire Costa Adeje

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Costa Adeje has been defined as a holiday paradise. Since it’s located in Tenerife, it has a dream temperature of 22 °C on average all year around. Costa Adeje has 4 km of beaches and It’s a busy area filled with luxury hotels, shops and restaurants.

Yes, Costa Adeje is very lively, being mainly a tourist area, there are plenty of restaurants, bars and clubs. Should you seek crowd you can easily do that as well as seek tranquility. In short it is a nice vacation destination suitable for everyone.

Costa Adeje is definitely good for families. The area is full of beaches and theme parks. Being a common family vacation destination, all hotels have playgrounds and special events for children. Normally, most large bookings will be handled by a personal agent. The agents are highly motivated to make sure tourists have the best time, and their goal is to make each person’s vacation as perfect as possible. Club Canary has a wide range of collaborations, and can therefore tailor certain activities to suit specific food requests, entertainment, decoration and much more.

Costa Adeje has 26.11 km of coastline. Depending on where you are staying, it can take up to 12 min by car. You can also get there by taxi, taxis in Tenerife cost around 1€/min. Public transport it’s also available but it would take more time (approximately 35 min) and time options are very limited.

Costa Adeje has 26.11 km of coastline. Depending on where you are staying, it takes a maximum of 15 minutes by car to get from Costa Adeje to Los Cristianos. You can also get there by cab, cabs in Tenerife cost around 1€/min. There is also public transportation, but it takes more time (about 35 min) and the options are very limited.

Costa Adeje is around 17 km away from the Tenerife South Airport, so it takes around 15 minutes by car to get there.

 A taxi from Tenerife South Airport to Costa Adeje costs between 25/35€.

The fastest route from Costa Adeje to Mount Teide, is the TF-1 towards Guia de Isora and then take the TF-38 exit towards Chio / Tamaimo / Los Gigantes / El Teide. It takes a total of about 1 hour and 7 minutes before you reach the national park. In case you are curious about different ways to visit Teide you can find all the Teide tours available here.

Popular locations in Costa Adeje

Costa Adeje market

There is a local market in Costa Adeje every Thursday and Saturday. Find the location here.

Costa Adeje golf

In Costa Adeje there is a golf course where you can rent the materials and practise.

Costa Adeje bus station

There is a bus station in Costa Adeje which is very well located. Just 10 minutes by walk to the closest beach.

Costa Adeje gym

If you are a person who likes to exercise, in Costa Adeje there are many gyms for you to keep on working out.

Costa Adeje luxury holidays

In Club Canary we can organize the perfect itineraries for you to have a luxury holidays.

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If you prefer to watch videos, check out this Costa Adeje activities videos.

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