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Events in Tenerife

Unique events on a boat


From 475€
13 Verified Reviews - 5.00
  • Departing from: Puerto Colon.
  • Available only 25.12 and 26.12.
  • 3 or 4 hours trip.
  • Special Christmas event.
  • Food and unlimited drinks.
  • Great for first time visitors.
  • Snorkelling gear.
  • Private boat for your group.
  • Temporary 10% online discount.
  • Book a date from 255€ deposit.

Christmas boat in Tenerife

Spend the Christmas day on a private boat in Tenerife. This private boat trip is ideal for people spending their holidays on the island as well as for residents.

Luxury Christmas dinner in Tenerife

On this boat, a delicious and luxury Christmas dinner will be served. In addition to this exquisite food, drinks are also included during this boat trip.

Tenerife holidays Christmas 2022

If you travel to Tenerife during your Christmas holidays, you have to celebrate it in the best possible way. A private Christmas boat will be a unique experience in your life.

From 1300€
51 Verified Reviews - 4.80
  • Starting time: 21:00.
  • Ends around 01:00.
  • 4 hours trip.
  • Only the 31st of December.
  • New Year’s Eve event.
  • Food and unlimited drinks.
  • Moonlight swim.
  • Best way to start the 2023.
  • Choose between different boats.
  • Great for first time visitors.
  • Discount code before September.
  • Book a date for 320€ deposit.

Tenerife new years eve holidays

If you are spending your holidays in Tenerife during the new years eve, this boat trip will be a great option for you. This is the year to spend the new years eve in a different way.

New years eve events Tenerife 2022

A private boat trip will be the ideal event to celebrate the new years eve in Tenerife. Toast to the new year with a glass of cava on a boat!

Tenerife new years eve 2022

Choose between three different boats to celebrate the new years eve in Tenerife. In addition, taste some delicious dishes during an unforgettable dinner.


From 689€
15 Verified Reviews - 5.0
  • Starting time: 16:00.
  • Ends around 20:00.
  • 4 hours trip.
  • Special halloween event.
  • Available only 30.10 and 31.10.
  • Food and unlimited drinks.
  • Snorkelling gear.
  • Private boat for your group.
  • Discount until the end of September.
  • Book a date for 149€ deposit.

Halloween party Tenerife 2022

Go to a Halloween party in Tenerife this year! Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate Halloween on a boat in Tenerife. Spend Halloween on a private boat with your group.

Private event in Halloween 2022 

If you are looking for a private event during Halloween, this private boat trip will be the best option. The boat will be decorated for the ocassion and you will taste some special food.

Thematic events

Events with different topics in Tenerife


From 695€
10 Verified Reviews - 5.00
  • Choose your departure time.
  • 3, 4.5 or 6 hours.
  • Mexican style party.
  • Experienced crew.
  • Mexican music.
  • Snorkelling gear.
  • Food and unlimited drinks.
  • Private & exclusive boat tour.
  • Up to 7 days free to cancel.
  • Book a date for 290€ deposit.

Mexican party in Tenerife

Enjoy a Mexican party in Tenerife with your group. In Tenerife is possible to rent the luxury Seaduction yacht to hold a Mexican style party.

Thematic boat in Tenerife

On this thematic boat is possible to have taste typical Mexican food while hearing some ‘Rancheras‘. At the same time, you will enjoy a fantastic day in the Tenerife sea.

Mexican boat party

Mexican parties are very fun and even more if they are on a boat! Moreover, it is possible to do snorkel during a stop in a beautiful bay. 

Activities for big groups

Private events for big groups

Oktoberfest Puerto de la Cruz

In Puerto de la Cruz there is a big event to celebrate the Oktoberfest. The official name is ‘Semana Bávara‘ and here you will find a lot of food, different music bands and of course beer!

Craft beer Tenerife

If you are a fanatic of beer and you come to Tenerife, we invite you to try the Dorada beer. In addition, if you want to find more information about beers in Tenerife, you can find it here.

Black Friday Tenerife 2022

This 2022 the Black Friday in Tenerife will start on November 25. It will last through the weekend until Monday. If you would like to read more information about the Black Friday, you can find it here.

Shows in Tenerife

Shows in the south of the island


From 50€
31 Verified Reviews - 4.67

Flamenco dancer

The main flamenco dancer in this show is Fran Chafino, a top flamenco dancer in Spain. Moreover, he is accompanied by six other dancers.

Flamenco guitar

The flamenco guitar is a common Spanish guitar, which is quite different to the classical guitar. During this show, you will notice its differences in the sound.

Flamenco dress

The flamenco dress is the traditional Andalusian dress. However it is recognized as the tradicional Spanish dress. In this show, the dancers will change their dresses several times during the performance.


From 50€
25 Verified Reviews - 4.50

Horses show in Tenerife

In this show in Tenerife, the horses also participate in the performance. This show also offer a Canarian dinner, with very typical products from Tenerife.

Traditional festivals in Tenerife

Transfer from the south

From 34€
0 Verified Reviews - 0
  • Pick-up time: around 18:00.
  • Carnival parade transfer.
  • Pick up & drop off.
  • Pick up from the south.
  • Pick up from Puerto de la Cruz.
  • Up to 24 hours free to cancel.
  • Book a date for 10€ deposit.

Tenerife Carnival 2023

The Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival 2023 will be held from 20 January to 23 February. The carnival has already been programmed, with the opening parade on 17 February. 

Who brings Christmas gifts in Spain?

The Three Kings are in charge of bringing presents to the children. The name of the Three Wise Men are Melchior, Gaspar and Balthasar. It is celebrated in the morning of the 6th of January. 

Where to see the Three Kings parade in Tenerife

The Three King parade can be seen in many different towns on the island. However, the most outstanding ones are in Adeje, Los Cristianos, Garachico and Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Summer events in Tenerife

Special events available only in summer

From 40€
9 Verified Reviews - 4.67

Siam Park at Night tickets

Siam Park at night is one of the most legendary experiences in summer in Tenerife. If you have already tried the Siam Park during the day, you should now try this option.

Siam Night 2022

The Siam Park during the night is in July and August. This park is opened from 20:00 to 00:00. It is 4 hours to enjoy the world’s best water park at night.

Farra World

From 50€

Sunblast festival

Farra World is in charge of organizing Sunblast festival. Sunblast is the best open bar festival in Tenerife. It is celebrated in August, at the end of the summer.

Music festivals in Tenerife

Sunblast is the most important music festival in Tenerife. However, Farra World organizes more festivals throughout the year, especially in summer.

Best events in Tenerife south

Club Canary offers the most exclusive events in Tenerife south. These events are mostly referred to special days, such as Christmas, NYE, Halloween… As well as thematic parties, including a Mexican boat party.

Private events Tenerife

Hold your private event in Tenerife in the best possible way. You can celebrate your special event in a pleasant environment. Being on an island, what better way to celebrate than by the sea?

Personalized events in Tenerife

Club Canary can help you to organize an event for a big group. For example, you celebrate your special day on a private catamaran or event reserve a hall with a private show exclusively for the group. 

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