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Sunset romantic trips available

From 120€ | Duration 30-90 minutes.
20 Verified Reviews - 4.81

What could be the best way to preserve amazing memories that will last a lifetime than with a professional photoshoot?

Book today a photoshoot for your vacation, proposal, honeymoon, family, friends or solo photoshoot session. Capture the fun, excitement and romance of your sunshine holiday in Tenerife.

With professional photography, you have the chance to memorise important and magical moments or occasions in your life. It will be something that connects and reminds you – people, places, feelings, and stories.

Our talented photographers can do it, just right here in your dream location. They can capture the moments exactly as they are!

There is no need to focus on posing and you do not need any previous modelling experience.

Whether you want photos with your biggest passion, the love of your life or your family or friends. The professional photographers will perfectly catch the feelings naturally and capture you as you are!

Choose your desired time and one of  the Tenerife photoshoot packages, and start selecting your outfit for the photo session. 

You will have a wonderful time at a great location and after the photoshoot is finished the photography team will begin to professionally edit your images to ensure only the very best photos possible.

From 25€ | Duration 30 - 150 minutes.
24 Verified Reviews - 4.64

The horse stables are located in Las Galletas, which is a 20-minute drive from Costa Adeje. The dressage of the horses is English, and you can choose between American or English saddles.

You can choose a daily guided horse riding trips start from 30 min till 2 hours. During the 2 hours long excursion, you can also walk with the horses along the beach.

This experience is a top thing for the couples as it is the most romantic horseback ride that could be arranged around the sunset time. 

All rides are guided on English or Spanish language. The horse ridings are specially designed to suit all levels. The riding trips can be organised for private groups, families or children with mixed riding abilities.  

The guide will always look after the most unexperienced riders and will try to make it to a great and unforgettable experience for everyone.

Horses, besides their grace and elegance, are known also for their great ability to mirror the feelings of a rider.

They are the most popular animals to use in animal therapy – hippo therapy – a type of therapy that allows people to be treated using a horseback riding.

Riding is very rewarding and beneficial for mental and physical health. It is good for animal lovers and especially for children.

Places worth visiting

From 65€ | 5 hours.
1 Verified Reviews - 5.00

If you are looking for the best boat party in Tenerife, it is right here! A whole day of partying, including the welcome party, a 3-hour boat party with unlimited drinks and the after-party. Enjoy a fantastic party with international people from all over the world and dance to some of the best House, RnB, Hip Hop, DnB, EDM, and Reggaeton songs played by two of our residents DJs.

From 17€ | Minimum of 12 minutes.
15 Verified Reviews - 4.29

From 270€ | Minimum of 6 people or more
0 Verified Reviews - 4.29
From 5€ | Entrance at 10:00 or 11:00
30 Verified Reviews - 4.67

Finca Las Margaritas is a banana plantation in Las Galletas. This banana farm is known as the most famous banana plantation on the Canary Islands.

The plantation is beautifully housed in greenhouses and is used for growing bananas with the other fruit trees such as: papaya, avocado, mango and many other fruit trees.  Also, it is just perfectly set up and for your use it includes a rest area, tastings, workshops, exhibition and shop with banana products.

If you book your admission tickets with Club Canary, your name will be added to the guest list. When you enter the farm, you will see your name on the blackboard of the entrance.

The Canarian banana is the only banana in the world with the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) seal. This award certifies and guarantees that the Canarian banana as a unique, origin and quality product.

Banana or ‘Plátano canario’ is known for its sweet flavour, soft texture and intense aroma. This bananas contain the high nutrient and minerals, C vitamin and lower caloric content.

Along with ‘plátano’, the ‘Gofio’ has been very famous and an important ingredient in Canarian cooking for a decade, and the Canarian emigrants have been spread it use to the Caribbean and the Western Sahara.

From 8€ | Open from 10:00 to 00:00
18 Verified Reviews - 4.93

This mini-golf course is called ‘Treasure Islands’ and it is located in the heart of Playa de las Américas. The golf course is completely Pirate themed and consists of 2 courses of 18 holes. It takes from 35 to 45 minutes to complete them.T

The Las Americas mini-golf course invites you to join a thrilling challenge. This is an easy sport to play and fun attraction. Everyone can handle it.

First you need to learn how to hit the ball, how to manoeuvre around the obstacles and at what angle to hold the club. Once this basic golfing rules are figured out and complete, playing a golf becomes about having fun.

The miniature golf course is truly able to offer enjoyment and excitement to all, and all experience levels are welcomed.

Mini golf is a great activity to do in Tenerife and is perfect for families and couples.

Note: when you reserve a slot, you can play both mini golf courses. 

A golf is all about challenges. Mini-golf courses are specially designed in a unique way, with wild and crazy obstacles and usually take multiple shots to get to the hole.

Don’t expect to score low. Speed and power matters. Before you hit always make some calculations, it’s a game that requires a great sense of attention, technique and coordination.

By playing a mini golf you can improve your sleep, reduce the weight and remove stress.

From 12€ | Delivery From 11:00 To 17:00
9 Verified Reviews - 5.00

Discover the Tenerife Island independently!

Hiring an E-bike in Tenerife to drive around is a great activity and definitely worth it. We offer bike rentals for individuals and for groups. Helmet and lock are included in the bike rental price, and also a child seat can be added.

The Bicycle reservation is always open between 11:00 and 15:00 and can be done by the Live Chat or in the Club Canary office.

The price includes bike delivery and collection for the following locations: Costa Adeje, La Caleta, Los Cristianos, Playa Paraíso and Playa de las Americas.

When the bike is delivered to you, all the necessary instructions of use will be provided, and as well as bit of help in setting up the bike perfectly to your preferences.

Cycling is an incredibly sociable activity. The bike riding enables all people to interact and feel more connected with each other due to a several hours of riding at a chosen intensity that enables easy to chat, and interrupted only by a cafe stop or when you spot a marvellous view.

The benefits of cycling – includes physical and mental health benefits, and improves coordination and navigational skills as well. It is almost guaranteed broadening of your horizons.

The bike rental service provides an excellent opportunity – take advantage of the beautiful routes and pathways.

Indoors Activities

From 15€ | Opening Time: 10:00 - 21:00
9 Verified Reviews - 5.00

The Aqua Club Termal is the luxury thermal leisure center in the south of Tenerife.

The Aqua spa invites you to enter a world of harmony and beauty, where everything is available to support your health, mental balance and well-being.

Here every guest can feel special, surrounded by attention and care. You will be pleasantly surprised by wide range of services offered to truly delight every visitor.

The spa offers to enjoy the extensive spa circuit with whirlpool baths, relaxation pool, toning pool, Turkish bath, shower temple, foot bath, sauna, Roman bath, flotation and relaxation area. 

It means you’re going to get a sophisticated relaxation, deeply nourishing spa procedures and an unforgettable experience on your holidays!

A spa retreat is an excellent time for digital detox, talk, reconnection or connection on a deeper level that you can share with yourself or someone close to you. A thermal spa will allow you to focus on what’s important to your relationship and give you a good chance to communicate without digital distractions.

Water treatments can stimulate the release of `hormones of happiness’ such as oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine, increasing the pleasure and provides an intense feeling of reward.

A relaxation in a thermal spa improves your blood circulation, effects on the condition of your skin and gives your body a boost of energy and vitality.

From 35€ | Duration 2.5 hours
11 Verified Reviews - 4.56

Airsoft is a combat simulation game similar to paintball, except that you will use very realistic replica guns and plastic bullets instead of paint bullets.

World Airsoft Tactical Centre Tenerife is known as one of the best indoor Airsoft playgrounds in Spain. The indoor facility has a total space of 2300 m².

Playing Airsoft is definitely one of the most exciting experiences you can try. There is also an Airsoft version for children. Book in advance and enjoy a free transfer service.

From 149€ | Duration aprox 2.5 hours
9 Verified Reviews - 5.00

Delicious dishes in your own kitchen. Improve your cooking skills and enjoy a pleasant dinner experience at your place that will always end with a tasting! 

Cooking classes at accommodation are taught by professionally trained chef. All the workshops are adapted for both amateur and professional cooks. Classes cover Spanish, Thai or High-end cuisine.

You can learn and practice basic cooking techniques, knife skills and dish decoration methods at a glance. It is a fun and engaging activity that is great for couples, families, friends and you can all enjoy it together.

This cooking experience is a truly undeniable benefit and advantage for your holiday in Tenerife.

Book the best activities in Tenerife

On this page you will find some of the most exciting recreational activities for all tastes. We offer photo shooting, horse riding trips, visits to a banana plantation and go karting.

All these are very popular activities to do in Tenerife and therefore you should book in advance!

If you are looking for other fun things to do on the island, then simply click on one of the categories below.


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